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frEeze - Teleportation

Directed and Edited by:
Kamil 'SPAKI' Spaczynski ( Poland )

#wrapped-productions @ irc.quakenet.org

frEeze ( Estonia )


by Immediate Music

The Only
by Static X

Inside The Fire
by Disturbed

by 30 Seconds To Mars

//Programs Used:

#Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b
#Huffyuv v2.1.1
#Adobe After Effects CS3
#Adobe After Effects CS4
#Adobe Photoshop CS3
#Sony Vegas PRO 8.0a
#Smireboule Camtrace3D


Overall Length: 00:06:59:29
Weight: 417mb
Bitrate: 7000 for HQ (MKV)

//Special thanks:

Any extra hitsounds this time?

Nice highsens-aiming =]
This guy is way too laggy to make it feel smooth. I'm also still not convinced that DOF should be used in almost every scene, nor this radial blur thing which makes it hard to read the kill messages.

By the way, I love his "granades"! :XD
expected better,

some frags were nice, others not,

sometimes its hard to see who he killed, bad dof settings maybe?
Why you added no Hitsounds? ://7
I see you watched only 2-3mins of my movie. Thats poor.:(
Yee bcuz the first 2 mins sux so i closed it.
if u want to use hitsounds from time to time, make sure u do it with some hs fest frags... some where mostly body yet with hitsounds

thats my only objection... overall good movie
Prepare for hitsounds add fest
You're wrong my friend:)
music - didnt keep me in the movie (eventhought song choice wasnt bad at all), but thats just because intro and 2nd song was already used in for me well known&overwatched movies (khamoshi and 007 as bladee, both about irl friends, thats why i know them so good) so I had all the time in front of my eyes another movie basicly. But thats me, i am sure 90% of community doesnt even know there are such movie and other 9.999% doesnt care about them :)

sound - I dont like when there are mixed scenes with gamesounds and without them, use them everywhere/nowhere, make 2 sound tracks for example. On the other hand, I didnt catch any missynced sounds so thats a plus

general look - well, I dont think dof fits well in 1st person view, also blurred corners are not so nice when they are blurring popups. Anyway, it was watchable and quality was above decent I would say

fragz - nothing to say here, nice, fast, laggy, thats freeze :))

@5:13 - i was waiting whole movie to see me being fragged, and when it comes there is a fail with popups/center messages :((
@4:30 - syncing pistol to the rhytm of song is nice idea, but the way u did, it was just weird
@2:23 - in popups, it is supposed to be grenade not granade :) (E: actually, its everywhere, not just in this one action)
cant agree more
inappropriate dof
blurred out popups

rest ok
loled at the granades :D
stream of gtfo
good frags + lag

some nice cameras, transitions and editing moments

but not consistent
i somehow love the blurred corners :ooo
kai ! hi!
omg! i just saw your released movie - loled at the avatar stuff ;)
was a movie, as usual, i really enjoyed watching <3
nothing is more epic and sensual than

ghost in the shell - inner universe
need stream
put that into own3d or youtube plz
Pretty good movie, though I agree with Frop.
need stream my comp is 2 bad to play this :PPPPPP
Wow, a really good movie!
It's practically perfect as for the technical side - the quality is ideal, and so are colors and DOF/Motion Blur. The only thing that kept me away from giving you 10/10 in that matter is the slow motion. It felt choppy. You should've recorded with more FPS for sure. Also the fact that you took this effort and do your own custom popups/hitsounds is remarkable. But one thing - why the hell do you want to do the popups just to change the font? I mean, if I were you, I would SHOW the viewers that they are made by hand. For example, I'd change 'was killed' to 'was lagged' or sth like this. I'm just saying that you could have achieved the same thing with UVMoviemaker.

The intro was too plain. It needed some variation, some nice twitch or optical flares, or maybe some slight texture that would build the atmosphere, some Action Essentials maybe. The animation was nice, but the thing is the intro has to be INTERESTING! You did nothing to make it so, apart from the simple animation! Work on it a little bit more next time. Also, I'll give you some tips on how to remove the banding from your movies (they were really visible on the intro's background):
-Put a very little grain on the whole intro (or the BG only)
-Change the projects' color settings to 16/32bpc
-Use 4-color gradient with the very similar colors instead the normal 2 color gradient

As for the editing side. The flow was nice, you didn't overuse Twitch which is pretty hard (check my movies if you don't know what I mean : )). The slow-mo was kinda bugged but that's for the technical part, what I wanted to say is that you should GET RID OF these Windows Movie Maker-looking transitions, like, for example, layer rotation. It was really hurting me because these little things are taking the movie level down. I know that you tried to make the transitions differ from each other, but don't use these goddamn transitions. They just look bad and noobish.

I liked the cams alot. Apart from like 2 of them they were all really great and adrenaline rushing. Don't listen to drj3w. I see you were trying to kind of imitate Max' style, and that's not bad at all. To be honest, I'm full of jelaousy because you managed to imitate believably enough : ) Congratz

Overall, it would be one of the best ET movies so far if you avoided some silly, little mistakes which make the big difference (Noobish transitions, popups bug, and so on). If you put a little, little bit more of an effort to this movie you would get a masterpiece. It really needed a little bit of rotoscoping or motion tracking and some more particular effects that you would be able to define as the ones you've done on your own. Without these things you have a very good movie which is propably not going to be remembered for a long time. But I wish you the best.

i don't even know him
awful movie to be really honest :l
+ some nice cams
+ quality / colors

-horrible ingame sound quality
-blurred popups? why?
-expected a lot more fragwise too.
-lame music
Closed at 1:36, will watch later
you didnt miss much
smells good
but im not going to download it
Some of the frags didn't live up, I'm sure hes got some better ones :(
No, dont have any frags, usually nerding with fops.
both disturbed and static-x have over900 better songs :(
HOW FUCKING BAD IS THIS MOVIE? WTF? I obtained instant eyecancer after watching this movie.
RULES : stream or gtfo
stream or gtfo

spaki, next time please use better frags and the edit sucked as hell..
I dont have any better frags.
stream or gtfo

OT. freeze backstabber :DDD
cheater movie :PPPPPPP
Quality & frags were good, let down a bit by the music... the only thing I can say objectively is its overused. Liked the synced pistol bit, reminded me of that toxic clip & part in one of the filus movies, wish people would do it more but I guess its hard to do. :P
its not hard to do actually, everything u could (will) see in my movies is more-less easy (but as i said in my comment, i dont like the way he did it)
Nice cams, nice music, nice feel to the movie. I loved the quality, has to be one of the best I have seen. Frags were good but expected abit more e.g. from CB NC games.

Blurred popups was annoying, why would you implement that I do not know and should of been a better outro than just cutting off.
In before Fredd rage about pistol sync.
so i should watch it?
If you want to rage.
pls add steam....................
well done, liked it alot
+ some cams
+ some frags
+ quality
+ colors

- music (overused)
- granades :P

stream or gtfo?
rly liked it...
neeed owned link !
tommorow :)
ooo thx :) I stared uploading but now its useless:)
last movie was better imo
quality is really nice & cams too
music is really bad
frags good but shoutcast for 1 kill is shit
to sum-up its not bad ! :D
5/10 or 6/10 due to shit music :(
Music is bad because its overused or you just dont like rock music?
just don't like metal its not rock :x
":D" it is my friend ;) 2 of 3 was rock and only Disturbed one was rock-metal :p . That has to be a bad message for u but I'm going to make all of my movies in this style (i mean rock-music)
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo XD tbh so bad !!! take real rock u2 , oasis , and co not metal noobs !! or moving song or rap or rnb but not metal :p
now that was shit

you are crouching like a shit fuck
Explane me then what didnt you like?
funny to see how 2 guys are shooting just u and still u kill them both guess thats enough to say about ur crouch skill, u even beat mztik in crouching competition.

so now serious.. music wasnt the the best, some frags were rly nice, but tbh i expected more "high quality" frags from u :/ quality was decent, popups were fucked up imo

still one of the better movies :)
- overused music
- 2 much blur
- too much slowmotion shit with nades / pf
- grana..........
i got fragged twice, fml.
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