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56 seconds of jaN

A little Minimovie starring AustriajaN , frags only on Goldrush..
Flame, hate and critic is welcome :)

Song name: The Glitch Mob - Nalepa Monday Remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtnVduIY75Y

Oh I forgot, its not a hackermovie, all the frags are clean vs skilled opponents such as Speedlink, delinquentes, e-tardz and hartz5 :)

enjoyShoutout to: GermanystRay,GermanyYoujizz,Germanypredi,SwedenkNas,GermanytiM,FinlandMoff,Germanygeneziz:P,Polandspaki,GermanyAggro,GermanyEvilynn,Germanyannajr,Germanydrago (damit ich auch mal mein shoutout bekomm!),Germany stuns,DenmarkkoNe,NetherlandsbAnga (for giving me a BNC),FinlandJajja, and all I forgot ofc <3
this is not a movie this is just a shitty testclip :|. where are the hitsounds? he's shooting a lot of headshots right? and about that sniper headshot woooooooooooow!!!! wtf man serious waste more seconds in this testclip. no, this is not flame we all know you can't handle criticism.
testclip?:p aint a minimovie either
quality is oke, frags weren't special ( maybe because of there were no hitsounds )
minimovie and the first frag is 2 man >_<
quality made my VLC lag tho
Looks nice. :) The quality I mean.!
bad frags,no hitsounds and wtf is that sniper action at grush
Quotevs high opponents such as Speedlink, delinquentes, e-tardz and hartz5 :)



no, nice u edited the title :p

waste of time, again
I liked it - good quality but a "dodgy" player.
Don't be silly, dodgy implies there is a slight chance he doesn't cheat.
which one of those clans is high
stream or gtfo
Just delete this as well
miniminiminimovie aka testclip
Please edit "high" to "skilled". I mean skilled can mean anything but high should be reserved for those that have ~ECpocal potential
But that puts even more people in the 'Med+' category, and everyone from OC 3rd upwards is already there anyway :(
quality test? wtf is this
I liked it - good quality but a "dodgy" player.
feTT ! :D
pretty cool somehow
somehow ? :_D TITES MAN.. "NICE...TITES" :D <3
ok...NICE movie
Fairly decent quality imo, some hitsounds would've been nice. Not sure about if it deserves to be in the 'Movie' section though :P
the quality is nice and sharp, you should just try to get more out of it, because it has a lot of potential.

work more with color adjusting because as you can see it looks pretty dull and dark and goldrush is a map which can be very colorful and pretty.

and...i dont know, maybe you should do a custom center popups font (insert it with photoshop) or at least change it back to the standard one, because that one you used is just "not clear enough" if you know what i mean.
schön wie immer!:D
Did you create DoF in Vegas instead use Image-ET? I see borders between nonblurred and blurred background (On the right side of model). Instead work in Vegas try use Image-ET settings to adjust DoF (img_focustarget and img_focusdepth are very useful commans. img_focustarget is working like as b_demo_lookat but the DoF is focused on player, object etc.).
Major points for the quality.

However you lose them all by having Jan as the star of this "clip" and for the worst remix I've ever had the displeasure of listening to.
just doesn't seem worth the moviesection, you could've made a decent trailer or something of the frags I guess, I liked that you changed/fixed the gunmodel problem (something with the resolution i guess?=d), it makes your movies much nicer to watch since your quality is pretty good :P
i liked the intro.

but movies or whatever this is, suck without hitboxes
yea fraggs vs polaks should be disallowed
awesome quality! keep going
Woooow that sniper shot!!
Is it possible that I have seen this before (or at least some of these frags) or it's just another deja vu?
this movie only shows that zeto has no brain
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