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Style of Memories by Jacken

Just wanted to share, copied from his youtube description

Starring: Frostbite, St3rn, Abm, Renamed & jacken

Pretty cool PC fragmovie. This released last month, not too many people have seen it though, enjoy.

Jacken - This is my second fragmovie starring the team styleof which is more or less folded due to lack of interest , but we had some good times and some good frags so i thought i would make a movie from the demos, all frags may not be beast but i wanted everyone to be in it so i took what i had. I tried to go for a more minimalistic feeling then my last video where the focused was more on the effects. Anyway... im satisfied with the results and hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

Produced by: jacken
Length: 4:52
Avidemo: 200/300
Project size: ~200gb
Worktime: ~2months

check outro
frags + mp3 only and that intro-fragpart transition is hilarious :/
i dont like it ... bad kill-music sync ..
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