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Sipperi the Movie 2

RtCW Movie by Sipperi, "sequel" to http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=movie&mode=item&id=898 !
Starring: myself and all my other personalities.

Gathered up some "cool" demos and as no-one wanted to make this piece of art I had to do the ultimate sacrifice and do it myself.
But due to lack of time and care its just pretty much firstpersonview-demo+mp3 with awesome music of course. So pretty much waste of awesome demos.
Anyway, dont excpect anything spectacular, just some random lotto raging and spamming.And yea yea the size is a bit fucked up, care HD's are cheap nowadays! 8)

Oh and I noticed that the brightness is a lot different when watching with different players so dunno hows it gonna look on yours. Looks as it should look with Media player classic here.

Have fun watching.
nice owning
You suck! to got damn slow mr.45!!!
[19:02:31] <@lelsson{> ffs
[19:02:53] <@lelsson{> why didnt you name it MR.45 Naders paradise
stream or gtfo
Best movie this month !
Ei vittu :D

En uskalla kattoa
+ pwning mrm
+ making rokkeri curse
+ gay ass music
= 10
Quote+ making rokkeri curse

hahahahah <3
FOR all guys crying stream : just watch on megavideo :DD

hahha Xd
best music ever
own3D.tv seems to hate me. uploaded it there same time with megaupload, still doesnt show it there.

edit: re-uploading.........
you just have to wait, it takes time :P
over 12 hours ? :P

anyway its there now :)
Ok, this was the first RTCW movie that I watched till the end, liked the music alot, good choice!
frags were nice also :) well done!
frags and music <3
hahaha awesome man:D
Really nice frags, quality and music! Shame that nobody wanted make your movie. =/
good music :D
Good job MR.45 :)
10/10 simply because it is RtCW!
10/10 because of Strafe Master Sipperi more like

fuck off dear.
komt er nog een movie van jou aan of wa?:O
Never! :)
10/10, a modern classic, avoid at your peril
good movie sipperi :)
omg! more luck fragging me plz :D
omgomg shit editing lolmfao >:EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE................ .
best music ever in fm

ive never played RTCW but you can pick up a mp40 automatically when ur a panza? see 3.55, switching from luger to mp40 without picking it ( u get it automatically).
^yep you can drop your gun on rtcw as a soldier or LT. and you can pick up any gun as soldier. its not automatic.

worstest movie evar

youre sleeping on the couch, with dusty. whole next week. and breakfast in bed for me.
awesome :D
Brilliant. Best saves I've seen in a frag movie.
good music, good strafe

rest was not so good :/

youre sleeping on the couch, with dusty and Sen. whole next week. and breakfast in bed for me.
olet paras
10/10 for Exalt at start.
LoL nice movie !! (en ois uskonu et ikinä sanon tätä, susta tuli mun uus rtcw idoli xDdddd)
I loved watching it! =)
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