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Mettle II - Teaser

I was bored of my main project so I did this clip last sunday with some scrap avis.

The Glitch Mob - A Dream Within A Dream
Massive Attack - Rising Son (Bassnectar Remix)
waiting for 'main project' then, just keep style of "Just Spam It" and i give insta 10/10
d&bst3r u still alive :D
gl in final one
nice like always ;)
cant be as good as the first one :)
moar moar
looking forward to it !
One of my fav moviemakers.

E: Didn't really like this but I'm sure the real thing will be better. Good luck.
I know who you are, I know where your from, I know where you sleep, I know what your doing right now.

I know you.
great movie nice quality +1
dabster <3 :)
ffs, was about to use that song :(
:X, try and use full potential of it though, not like this sort of frag+mp3 :D

E: Thanks to everyone for the kind words, I ll do my best not to disappoint the ones that like "my style".

Oh, think you're cool dab?
dave mad cuz dave gay?
i would change the gun fov and X and Y a bit
I fully agree.. but it's too late, image.exe kinda change the settings dunno why.
:( cg_gunx and cg_guny were the things to change :(
u already recorded all the footage?
ye movie's soon finished. Intro has my normal cg settings (done in 2009 without image.exe) and the rest has the fat cg_gun settings. :x thanks for your opinion though
woot, cant wait :]
nice! can't wait! it's not a teaser though ;) more like a minimovie

get the fck out
Cant wait!
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