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HR - The Movie

My very first Fragmovie starring SwedenTi+es and SwedenEkto

It's nothing special, and not really any editing :D
but i think i got a decent quali.

I hope you njoy it anyway.

I'm open for any critique ;)


The Glitch Mob - Nalepa Monday remix
Ska Punk Covers - Don't worry, Be Happy
Skillet - Rebirthing
Rise Against - Help is on the way

Thanks to h0s for motivation, for 2 days atleast ;)
furthermore to 7ele, for one cmd :D
and ofc to my beta-watchers, aka Ti+es, TheRock and schwede
nice urls bro
i entered them correct, dunno whats up there!
could have wen't more original on the music + thouse 3man arty/panzers pretty much useless and if you don't know how to properly use camtrace don't use it at all + movie looks choppy seeing arty/panzer blows

tites frags were nice

it was the hardest part, to get music ;)

i knew people gonna say the part with tites ;) but idc, i know hes alot better ;)

thx for opinion ;)
n1 movie ekto ;) <3
hahahhaha noob movie out :D
QuoteIt's nothing special, and not really any editing :D
but i think i got a decent quali.

:( still gonna watch it tho.
ruipperi mad, he has The Glitch Mob - Nalepa Monday remix in his art-movie also
wen is ruipperi ready own movie cool ?
nais lieber herr ekto :)
nicest last Headshot @end :D
who was that guy oh oh that was me huhahahahaha
well done ekto
"idiot #1 idiot #2" + the song

I lol'd

Not a bad movie at all :D
then rate it :D

so those dumbasses who rated 1/1/1/1 dont get too much influence :D

i mea its not the best movie ever made, but 1/1/1/1???

the scene was really funny, when tites and me played there :D
tbh, it needs few more 1/1/1/1 to equalize those 10/10/10/10 ...
10/10/10/10 yeah!
got killed in this movie :<
good movie :)
Sweden movie, no tornis....wat
Really enjoyed it mate!
finally some people seem to get what i wanted with the movie :D

thx <3
lol @ 1:17 :.( good movie anyway :)
nice :)... very smooth quality tbh
nice movie for a first time x)
thx, i might learn some tings from u, u seem to work hard with eujen for your movie :D gotta join u guys when i got time :D
sure, do it^^
"Skillet - Rebirthing"

Haven't watched the movie yet, but this song is really nice! I don't care it's been used in others before, cause it rocks <3

edit: enjoyable, nothing more, nothing less
lol @ delivery :DDDDD
well done for ur first project. like watching it although there are 2 many artillery kills in it imo (and those frags are just boring :P)

Creativity 7
Editing 7
Content 5
Quality 8

well done!
pretty good:P
Bra film :)
booring !
Found it rather boring tbh :/
nice, i miss you tites!
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