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A belgian day

My 4th movie on ET

with frags from NC X , EC XIII , EC XII , EC XI

frags performed by Shewie & mika

format mp4

open with vlc if you got some problems
one of the best movies i ever seen, nicely done, that last part ''the sheep'' omfg hilarious
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just lovely the proning part and the sheep part where amazing
If it wasn't for the blurriness, the music would have ruined it anyway.
this was soo bad
Frags are ok and funneh so was the edit, but quality could have been much better. (I prefer freecams without "freecam" written.) Gj overall imo.

whats wrong with shewis 4th level ? :<

are you still working on it or this is the movie and you just cahnged the name?
hm... (n1)
very nice movie !

gg .
nice ideas and editing
quality and songs are not so good :[
gg hf
very very nice movie.
nice selection of music and some really nice tracking on some on the multi kills, and for comedy the Estonians proning beats it all :P
best movie i've seen so far =) play hard go prone for idle
nice movie shewii . nub frags but np ;D
I like it, well done. Quality couldve been better but still:)
Simply awesome! Love it! 100% atmosphere + Prison break theme at the beggining made me almost mad! :) Thrilling frags and so good music! Really one of the best movies i have ever seen respekt.

And that slaughter vs Czech Republic bendiT - unbelievable. If only they will reurn sometimes...

if you put quality better the movie is to big so its fine :) think of you limits belgium brothers :D
great one!
Best movie I've seen in a long time.

Congrats Shewie !
nice movie!
best movie ever /salute
<- kinda late but nvm
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