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mazamovie 5

ql + leftover et frags
mother of god
expect some sick lg
Words cannot describe how amazing this movie is.
2 first part was good, rest sucked :c
didnt watch yet, too bad its owned and not vimeo stream :/ anyway, expecting a good follower of the first 4 parts, hope I dont get disappointed :)

e: Im disappointed, mostly watched the ET part cause of frags, which were nice, but music too loud to hear hitsounds, ql doesnt really interest me since I dont play it, but I assume you own there as well..
awesome , loved it gg :)
I really watched the whole movie w t f.

nice frags :o)
Even without particular editing I loved the movie. How long have you been playing quake seriously now?
Hope you can make it to the top, GL!
for something like 18 months and thanks =)
maza progamer, straight outta #QL.ET

maza progamer, straight outta #QL.ET

ps. used to own this guy

pss. previous movies were better
psss. hes better now
only cause i quit as a winner!!
music sucked :l
says the bumtsibum-only-man
I feel offended.
great movie :)
Nice movie!
hate the music.. nice frags:)
cant please everyone :(
Looks like you're serious about QL. :) Gl mate, though I kinda miss pubbing with you. :(
hahaa! nice frags, as expected
Hope you have a success soon mate :)

nice movie!
great frags and music maza :)
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