Codec x264 Filesize 204.00 MiB Length 349

ska - absolute

starring (rozpierdalator): Polandska
editing (fachmistrz): Polandspankie

After 2 days of rendering and compressing, here we are! Another production from me! It defines a whole new level in my editing skills and I think it's the best I've done so far. It combines a lot of luger/colt frags with a touch of smg. No nades, no arty, just this astonishing aiming show-off! Let me hope that you'll enjoy it as much as I did while working on it.

Frags were performed in 2008-2010.

Thanks go to:
Israeldrj3w for priceless feedback (colors suck, change)
Portugalag0n for sharing his FTP disk space

Music used: RD - Face of God

Programs used:
-Adobe After Effects CS5
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Just amazing :o
nice, the last link has a 110 kb/s download speed :D
So fast isn't it?
first one is faster tho :D
well done
U start movie with a fail? First action where ska kills tards with colt and ur popups shows its MP40, yay!
oh, a little one :x
Chyba nie przepadacie za soba w branzy, co? :D
predzej on za mna: P
dlaczego? a w nie param sie ta 'branza' od jakiegos roku :P

moje oceny 8 9 10 9 :P
tak czy siak z tym failem ta produkcja jest 10000000x lepsza od twoich gowien
dokladnie :)
can't say its not good in terms of quality/colours and technical ability, but if i'm honest, I got really bored of just colt and luger frags, yeah they were nice, but I'd rather see more variety of frags in a movie.
I don't make movies ;s
Joking brobeans <3
boom boom boom, my boiii
I liked the few effects you used and also partly the editing, which however doesn't rly match the music at too many points, if you try to sync the hs, do it better :x
nice frags, but it got boring quickly; better sync and maybe some spamfrags and I would hv really liked it :) [add another player of different class is always good imo]
quality and colours looked kinda bad at some points in stream, didn't dl.
I actually synced the footage with the music, after adding the hitsound it suddenly started to sound a bit worse... I think I'm gonna upload a version w/o hitsounds
rly nicely done :)
perfect player, perfect fragmovie <3
really enjoyed watching this. nothing bad to say!
well done both fragger and editor :p
At the start , 3 luger frags but 3 popups say mp40 (easy to correct by checking it over)
Nice cams, effects, hitsounds and popups.
Didn't understand the part at 2min when we don't hear any music though.
Still nicely made "mini" movie
You can hear music at 2 mins, but it is very quiet. About first frag, yeah, maybe it's because kills were so unreal? :-)
was listening on my loud speakers with tv on, thats prolly why i didn't hear anything :P
nice gibbing
thought the same
goog movie :)
Enjoyed! really nice vis effects and editing, would have like a little more hs/music sync though.
Love pistol frags!

e: also you need to teach me how to do that intro. !
this is amazing actually
very nice job both
was good nice frags :)
Finally something to watch !

nice job
you have some interesting skills
good pistol aim :)

enjoyed the editing gj !
very nice
xD mp40 first action


too much shake imo + glitch ( disco color while transition )

nice frags

edit: different blood ( 1st part:gray & 2nd part: red :p )
too brightlight
nice frags, as exptected :)
Voted 8,8,6,7

Well done.
Great as expected. Quality is not the best ever, but it's good enough.. Great effects, great player, well done job!

Waiting for your next job spankie ;)
too bright
nice frags... but got boring, needs variety
decent quali
some sync, more plz
nice song

love it :P really good job 10/10
surprisingly good for 2 noname polaks
Quality could be bettered, frags not synced good enough, fake frags, some nice edits, cool pistol frags.

All in all little above average but nothing impressive.
First frag, pop-ups say its mp40 while we all see its luger.
that means he adds popups myself, not that the frags are fake. in fact like every GOOD movie from the last few years was with added popups.. :D he just made a mistake
I know:P I wasn't serious:D
Nice frags ;)
skilled pistolero :)
Nice movie !
Where is the time that moviefrags consisted of fragging 6+ players in a row without dying, one man luger frags sigh
We have decided with spankie tu cut the frags to show only best parts. Believe me, some of these frags had your 6+ killing spree!
XD wiedzialem ze bedzie ten frag na goldzie z 12tej ligi esla
Co by nie bylo, przydzwonilo!
tru az mi sie zachcialo pozamulac aktywnie w et, zainspirowales mnie XD
u mean movies like Ati_ Random Rifle?
awwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeee
some of the oldest fragmovies with those 'legends' like max, raziel etc filled their movies with 1mans and less than 6man frags.
Yes they did and it wasn't impressive back then either.
yeah, it wasn't impressive and they are like the most fanboy'd players in the game for 20 years now because their movies just weren't impressive at all.
Back then, it was sort of considered 'impressive'. A fragmovie was pretty impressive by itself already. At the moment, not really.
I like to see 1man frags so long as it's like 3hs or a sick spin and the opponent is highskilled/well-known. just personal taste I guess, but in like 50% of playermovies there were always 1man frags for the intro or something and it fits well imo.
Have to agree on that one, but that wasn't the case in this movie
Can't please everybody, I guess it was just not in your style. I only don't understand your complaining about 1 man pistol frags, it's just 10 seconds of the whole movie? Personally I prefer fragmovies with nice, fast frags. I don't care if somebody had 16 killing spree after walking around and killing for some time. I want to see part where he kills few guys in few seconds with nice headshots, short amazing action. Personal taste.
He's not normally like this, it's the roid-rage!
epic movie 10/10! :)
actually I clearly remember mAx chapter 2 being flamed quite hard on swertcw for the exact same reason :D
i miss that site :(
liked it, expected a bit better quality and bit more syncing, but gj overall :)
mogles dac tytul "ska - finished" :D

chuj propsuje bo dawno nie widzialem dobrego fragmovie
absolute to w sumie te same rejony leksykalne: )

slychac cos o EPce Menta, bo nie sledze?
jakies mixy wydaje na mixcloudzie i tyle :< chuj go wi
a Future Galusa zes slyszal?
malo slucham nowosci
gg Darekm8
didnt like the music, edits were nice overall, frags were good but got bored after 1.30 min.
quality was ok
overall pretty good
dat pistol
gg u evolved hide ur cheats better in this movie than in the 1st one.

somehorrible effects 1/10
Thanks for Your kind compliments.
kill by colt but in popups is by thompson
but gj
enjoyed watching it, but i didnt like the quality somehow, was too many pixelstuff for me
you should download it :o couldnt spot any pixels, just too bright at supply for example
ye might be, as i said, the rest was rly good :D
ok ye i gotta agree, wayyyyyyyyyyyy better!
yup, streams suck when it comes to 50FPS footage: )
Nice camera @ 2:36. Too much screeshakes for my taste and colors are slight overexposured. Overall nice movie. :)
Enjoyed watching it
hohoh spankie 8D
fucking nice :)))
good quality, decent edit, missed out on the details and the frags are kinda boring.
GJ spankie:)
sick frags
szczena mi opadla :) btw nice music :)
Umyl ! nice frags ska !
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