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Another mediocre(except those contents ofc) 2-weeks-project fragmovie(or frags on music) by mediocre moviemaker. :)

Creator: Korea, Republic of Agera

Germany calipt
Belarus Cypher
United States of America DaHanG
United States of America dkt
Netherlands draven
Russia evil
Netherlands gda
Ukraine hypnotic
Portugal Insan3
Sweden mAdix
Russia pavel_
United States of America rapha
Netherlands Sc00T
Sweden Spart1e
Germany twister
Netherlands Weird

United Kingdom Zoot
Germany calipt
United Kingdom Disrepute
United Kingdom nvc
United Kingdom vor
United Kingdom 2GD
United States of America rapha (:D)

Tiesto vs. tyDi feat. Sarah Howells -- Acting Maximal Crazy (Dashup)
Ost & Meyer -- Safari
Kyau & Albert vs. John Dahlback feat. Erik Hassle - One Last Love (Dashup)

(taken from Dash Berlin's Liveset of ASOT 550, Moscow)

Reallife footage by Russia (, Sweden flasklampan & official dreamhacktv
nice work as usual remind ;)
nice, Agera always delivers!
nice! final sequence was sweet :)
You're really too hard on yourself Agera. This was far from mediocre; probably the most entertaining QL movie I've seen. Good work, hope you keep making such awesome stuff, and thanks for the movie. :)
that was great tbh
yes twister crossfire represent
A nice video, you don't really need to put a lot of effort into the video when you get a lot of content and casts in! Good job.
yeah i still need to improve my moviemaking skillz though ;) thanks
nice remind cool vid
Tight, remember some of the frags. :)
quake best
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