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yokoo the movie

I present you my movie kindly made by Franceblade. I wanted a movie for my memories and also to show it to my children... It was released long time ago but some people conviced me to share it (hi).

This is mostly a 3v3 movie with frags of the passed 2 years. There are few old 6v6 frags when I was in sticked, famas,...
Be cool with Franceblade, it was his first time at movie making. I was rly disapointed about the quality drops caused by youtube so I might put a download link if enough people ask for it.

Big thanks again to people who helped us >> Raiven, Swanidius, Artstar
xiter movie yeas
Such awesomeness! ping ping ping
nice movie bro !
only the content is gr8.
nice one bro <3
Could have been a bit shorter

And used some roll on camtrace

made me want to get back playing 3v3 :d
liked it :D killed me tho :'(

btw? /bind mouse1 "+movedown ;+attack" ? :P
man when blade asked me for a title for the movie I was like "YOKOO POV CROUCH" xD
:D well I crouch myself quite a lot as-well but just noticed it like damn I think 9/10 kills were in crouche mode :D
I have some natural unhit abilities when I crouch so I feel more confident at hitting!
delivery the movie

not so bad though, enjoyed the frags. (adeto has a point though)
ik wist niet dat je nu al jaloers was op yokoo xD
no shoutout no opinion
In that case, I hope nobody ever gives you a shout out.
I like to see my name there 5/5

oh wait after watching movie where is it again?!?!?! GG
nice movie you nigga :)
insane gamer :)
Nice one you can hit with strafing if opponent happens to come from doorway! Well anyway what I was really supposed to say is that amount of crouching happens with players who can't control their movement+mouse correctly. Also ppl who use aimhelpers tend to crouch a lot also so they wouldnt fuck up the aimfov with their shitty movements. That being said well done nice movie a lot of headies pew pew pew awesome movie awesome music simply gaytastic. Goes to same categories than upload's awesome 3v3 movie of what he was so proud of. I would have quit ET already a long time ago if my playing style would be even near to be similar like yours. After seeing this I feel like not touching ET at all when normally fragmovies give a little spark to keep playing .______. Jesus. Get shrug back and yokoo would be ET's finest
you seem so upset, this gave me a giggle :)
ofc he is upset man, look at 7:22 on the movie, he got rekt without crouching
to be correct frags and multikills were mostly nice idd. just stated my opinion how much I give credits for his gamestyle. Just couldn't believe such a way could still work on this year: I mean when you crouch you are standing still which is pretty often insta death against better opponents if hitboxes and such are working :)
well if you are crouching and you get like the first headshot on the other he will get enough knockback and with a decent tracking its easy to finish the kill then without the other being able to tripple headshot you or something.
'if hitboxes and such are working'

They are not, welcome to ET :D
What a superly retarded comment. Of course hitboxes are mainly decent and then there are the worst scenarios. You seriously didn't get my point there and obviously you never would no matter how long we keep discussing about this so I'll just leave it here. And ye there was a lil truth what you said also.
This comment qualifies your insane knowledge of onlinevideogames.

Anyway.. good movie as any with bad aim after opponents first cornerstrafe(the aim before that is really nice).
basically a
image: Peter-Crouch-005
image: 119spdeliveryte1
Why are people so concerned about the crouching? It's clearly the better option in most of the situations I could be bothered watching.

It's a kind of hipstery thing to be mad about, really. :D I mean, butchji/Aza/Mztik/etc generally crouch a lot too (if not every duel) and they never got flak for it as far as I know!
3:17, get some crouch up ya
nice movie dude :)
That's pretty silly. :D

Can't deny I've never done that myself, though.
Going crouch and moving up is a totally different thing than pressing the crouch button like it was on toggle
anim getting rolled in another frag movie
that movies has been a special delivery for me
Quoteand also to show it to my children

you cant be serious
of course man, when they will be playing cod18 I will show them a real game once in their lifes
dat headshooooooooots
watched 2 minutes, then realised I am watching too much delivery doorway frags.. how many years does it take more for people to realise that every frag made in that shit map is shit aswell
PolandbAstek player of the fragmovie
FAMAS/Sticked/PHA ... only teams know to have clean players :)
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