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Bad Memory (feat. Kevin)

Please watch in 4K resolution to trigger the better compression codec, thank you!

Fragmovie featuring Belgium Kevin
Edited by Switzerland DabSter

Contains frags only from GamesTV official EuroCup, SummerCup, NationsCup, Allstar events and crossfire LAN events, no practice demos.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Monolith [UMG]
K. Flay - Bad Memory [Atlantic Records]
Hidden Citizen - Paint It Black [Silver Side Productions]
Battle Tapes - Valkyrie [Polygon Records]
MISSIO - Sing To Me [RCA Records]

I didn't spend too much time with creative editing, just wanted it clean, synced & tight.
Shoutcast clips from koop and Merlinator and thanks to hannes, -Max-, ag0n, madscientist and kimi for their tools. And thanks to Kevin for his music track suggestions which I did not use.

image: bsxQ6pv
image: 60KIutj
image: DH0RG0I

Needless to say that his best frags were under the EDiT/Czar brand, a team so excellent , that they enabled him to perform these frags. Practicly just had to let the opponent run into the crosshair and click, legend dictates he didn't even had to move his mouse. I suggest to watch this in a similar way as your Porn experience. Skip to these parts
Will admit seeing the EDiT/Czar/Loaded frags made me very nostalgic at times.
QuotePracticly just had to let the opponent run into the crosshair and click, legend dictates he didn't even had to move his mouse.

Sounds like you are familar with an automatic aiming system

image: giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47kzo0fux7hbpbz89vgd4uqrup3dxn0yu2jkrdgcb1&rid=giphy
n-i-s-m-o , doesn't ring a bell, probably too much of a lowbob. Adios muchaho
Hi vila,

Thanks for getting in touch regarding your complaint. I will forward this to our #follow.complaints department who will be able to take this further. You will hopefully get a response in 3-5 working days.

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Enjoyed it a lot! Some good frags and split up properly showing the impact vs teams rather than just a cheeky 3 man as they run out on fullspawn. Hoping this is the first of many Dabster!a
everything is nice, just depth of field too high and I don't fancy the font
my pc cant handle 4K :(
did u use cut function to extract demos?
Yes, everything was done through your awesome website, wouldn't have been possible without it! ;)
nice, very glad to hear that
Nice frags, nice edit :) gj
DiscoMG <3
2 skilled and cool players !
WP guys ! ;)
very nostalgic frags, enjoyed watching :) Kevin smash

nice work Dabster!
Quality was great, music also decent but I would honestly complain a bit about the font, especially with the broken ascii in killfeed to announcer, but guess it doesnt matter

huge ++++ to hitsounds :)
Lol feels weird hearing myself in a movie.

Awesome frags, awesome movie!
gj both
I had no doubt that Dab would forget about his lovely sarcasm "And thanks to Kevin for his music track suggestions which I did not use." :XDD

I really enjoyed it! ..wp kev and nice work dab!
King Kevin
Nice frags Kev, enjoyed watching :)
Well done DabSter hero!
"thanks to hannes, -Max-, ag0n, madscientist and kimi for their tools."

Which tool did you use by -Max-?
I was wondering the same :P
Still waiting on your feedback from my quakecon 2003 rtcw movie!
hannes, (or ag0n) did a big folder with configs and settings, which contained a lot of Max's stuff.
Really nice frags / music and edit! Well played.
Amazing frogmovie as usual.
tyty gentlemen
quality frags, quality eiditing - very good movie :)
Haven't seen a good new movie since ages, wasn't expected anything else as good as this one would ever be released tbh
love the nostalgic old frags
Love it m8, stay strong
good pwnage
how nice it is when someone puts effort on the making ;_; <3

frags really gooooooooood also yes!
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