Length 07:45

ET Spring Cup 2021 movie Group stage highlights [4K|60FPS]

Crobot - "Low Life"
grandson - Stigmata

Spring Cup playoffs upcoming schelude:

ET Spring Cup 2021 Schedule
UB - 1/8 Finals: Tuesday, 13th of April - Monday, 19th of April
UB - Quarter Finals + LB: Round 1: Tuesday, 20th of April - Monday, 26th of April
LB - Round 2: Tuesday, 27th of April - Monday, 3rd of May
UB - Semi Finals: Tuesday, 27th of April - Monday, 10th of May
LB - Round 3: Tuesday, 4th of May - Monday, 10th of May
LB - Round 4: Tuesday, 11th of May - Monday, 17th of May
UB - Final: Tuesday, 11th of May - Monday, 24th of May
LB - Semi Finals: Tuesday, 18th of May - Monday, 24th of May
LB - Final: Tuesday, 25th of May - Monday, 31st of May
Grand Final: Tuesday, 1st of June - Monday, 7th of June
Freaking awesome!!
Lovely vid Plaz!
Happy that we don't appear in it
I would like to first say that it's awesome - the quality and the frags are good.
The cam in the first half of it is really great and good use of it with the frags that were there.
I really enjoyed it and some really good frags in it!

If you were open to suggestions if you were ever interested in doing smth more (this isn't criticism, but just my personal opinion of how I'd like it better)
- keep the default ET font, because it's beautiful
- lower down on the contrast settings
- check out the HUD (dunno if intentional or not, but you can see parts of it in POV actions)
- white crosshair! :D!

Amazing effort and really, the use of the freecam in the first part of it was awesome!
- spazzy motion sickness inducing cams
- deep fried color correction
+ nice frags and quality
thx 4 the movie! gj , liked the idea of flying over the parts of any maps and add up the frags!
Well done, I liked :) Nice to see some familiar names still playing and TAG rolling!
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