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Parodia Magnifica

Temporal Pictures latest recruits and famed Return to Castle Wolfenstein editors, Sweden Santabot and Sweden Drakh have completed the highly anticipated Parodia movie. Showcasing one of the definitive Enemy Territory teams in the games almost four year history, fans will finally be able to see some of their favourite players in action without having to connect to a server.

* * *

:: The Stars ::

Finland Saintt
Finland Raveneye
Finland mystic
Finland Xpaz
Finland jauhis
Finland Jafo
Finland Drc

* * *

Sweden Santabot and Sweden Drakh present

Parodia Magnifica

:: Movie Information ::

Codec: x264/XviD
x264 Resolution: 800x448
x264 Size: 481 Mb
XviD Resolution: 640x360
XviD Size: 441 Mb
Length: 19:35 mins
Framerate: 30 Frames Per Second
Project size: Approximately 150 Gb
Project time: 15 months (9 months of working time)

nice qual
it is AN enemy territory movie and intro music sucks, as if i am in mekka... 3rd song is bit overused and quality isnt that good prob cause of xvid or smth ... editing is "ok" and sync is nice 2 and cams are done well but there should've been a bit more variation in players not first only drc then only jafo and so on. I like the outro btw :D
it's 'Mecca'

Nice intro.
Nice frags.
Nice music.

Nice movie! :]

Good job!

Quote by ArachonVery nice movie, I was so much entertained that I didn't even notice that the movie was 20 minutes long.
Simply the best.
yeeeehoooooooo :)
prone skill w00t
great work, very nice
Great movie, best one ever seen. Good frags from everyone. Specially from raveneye and mystic ofc. 10/10
n1 one 10/10
downloading :]
loved it <3
jafo > * (what is he doing now btw?)
rofl@saint/tekoa frag xD
n1@raveneye battery frag
unexpected to see myself as opening frag :p

colors are kinda "cold"
no crosshair and no You killed text suck :p
impact mirror not working?
Good music.Nice ratio / synch / editing.
Colors were little bit boring but overral config good.
One of the best ET movie's ever and 720p >* :)
x264 or xvid? which should I download ? :)

lohl @imapct fttp ... 37 kb/s = 4h of downloading
hyva soomi !!
Can I download this movie with FlashFXP some how? I download in 8kb/s with the browser ´-`
a must-have..for sure
very nice movie 8) Drc ownage ;)
Simply the best ET-movie i've ever seen.
If santabot made it it should be uber nice. =)
no fake 6man kills in it i hope :D
Like the intro and frags but music sucks it makes the movie boring and were the fuck is the crosshair...
mirrors still slow?
awesome movie!! 9/10 :)

Mirror + Flashstream
orly, downloading
i personally like it but there is one thing that really hurts...
why do you make it so colorless?
same like giftymovie2...
extremly colorless
thats the only thing i dislike
Nice saving it up for 13/3/07 (leet day)
In xfire 4 i'd like ignore option.
same here :S

i almost fall asleep but that prolly after a hard day at work
It looks like im watching black/white television.
First song im in a arabic country and then the second song im in a techno club where from the song has allready been used 3x.
good but not great
Probably the best et movie there is. I LOVED the config unlike many, only braundorf scene wasnt looking too well, everything else was just perfect eye candy. The camera @ battery on xpaz airstrike and later artillery frag was just incredible :P Such a simple fade away camera but it looked great. The only thing i disliked was that there was no "you killed blabla" msg. 9.5/10 if not 10/10!
bad cfg [cold (c) fuzz], lacking "you killed ..." txt+xhair & too much slowing @ normal frags

ubernice frags
since i'm killed in this movie, i consider it as the great one!
that s the reason they made it !1!1!1!1 :p
one of the best movies out there imo!
would be the best if it had some kind of CROSSHAIR!?
Its annoying for alot of ppl if u dont include it and mainly for ppl that use cg_drawgun 0.. EXTERNAL XHAIR PLX AND RE-RENDER! :P

And whats wrong with the cfg? I liked it alot
Just too much grey. Every second frag in slowmotion makes the movie rly boring. I don't miss crosshair. Frags perfect (would be nice to hear some hitsounds tho).
why cant i play it on my media player classic? other .mkv work fine

great movie!
Great frags, really bad config.
nice to see smg/pistol multikills
lol @ people, many fanboys I guess... this movie is so overrated.
have no sound wtf ??
donno... very good, very nice, very skilled but in all boooring... donno why rly :(
nice frags, but the edit could be better :>

8/10 !
need more mystic frags...:P
I liked it..

Actually I just re-sized it too fullscreen, looked so much better, that and the massive amount of slomo was the only negative part.
great movie, loved the colour unlike some. probably would have expected better/more mystic frags, but it was all nice. good job
Great movie!
Jauhis u gotta gib more!
The frags were nice, but I expected more. The quality was very mediocre but the intro was sublime. It was a good movie, but regarding the team it featured disappointing.

- No crosshair
- Didn't like the unique colour technique
- Movie was too slow for the music used
- Overall quite boring, wasted alot of my precious time

Sorry, 5/10 (just for frags, quality and some editing used).

I think everyone downloaded this, skipped to mystic's frags and then closed.
Also, i am surprised that there are no amazing kills in this movie that you will always remember seen as it is parodia, kills like razz 9 man spree vs A+R, kris 6 man vs WoW, etc :/
+ Great Intro
+ good music mix (even not all is my taste)
+ of course frags
- less effects (hitsounds?)
- quality could be better
- crosshair missing

But it's still a great movie, I really didn't notice that the move is 20 minutes length.
wasn't a fan of the bobbing when crouch :<

really really really annoyed me, and yea a crosshair

but i enjoyed it, nice effects to sync with music aswell
A good movie, but not as good as it could have been, considering the team involved.
I am disappointed.
quality sux ass, slowmotion sux ass, only frags and outro were nice
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Santabot is not a first time movie maker and santabot is one heck of a movie maker in my opinion.
well this movie sucks, if he is that good he should try harder
That's a bit harsh :/
You haven't obviously seen any other santabot's movie?

I loved it
Good movie, nice frags and editing <3
+++ no crosshair
too long intro, to much cams, too much slowmotion, crappy quality, no crosshair, overall not too good imo, not worth to download
WTF wich codec i need to play that shit ??
The creativity in this film is severely lacking; it's the same damn thing with most of these films: take the score from some epic hollywood flick together with a slow-mo fly-through to make it seem epic somehow important; add settings that are completely annoying in-game to make it all more ... annoying? I'm thinking of no crosshair, bobbing, etc.

then there's the slow motion ... please.

I was hoping this was one of those fragmovies I could keep on my HD, but I was very disappointed and deleted it pronto. hardly surprising, though, as it's the same crap with these movies most of the time.

at least show some meager effort to innovate and create something new.
thats what i just said, only shorter :>
media player classic or VLC to those guys, who can't watch the x264 ver
it's okay without the intro, outro isn't my taste either.
Epic failure.
30% of the movie is boooring intro & outro, wich text is hard to read, wtf?.
- no crosshair in movie wich includes worlds best aimers - wtf?
Good frags, nub editing.
To be frank, I expected more from this movie. When I was downloading it I thought: 'sheesh, I'll see their great actions, at last! I've been playing this game for just about a year now so I wasn't able to watch them in their best times but this movie will show me, even a bit, what it really was!'

Yeah, and maybe I didn't get so much disappointed as it may seem by reading the previous sentence but it's just that... it could have been much, much better.

Firstly, I think that the whole movie is a bit too short for a fragmovie which contains actions of such players- I could even say that each parodia's player could have their own movie of that length- at least because of what I've heard about them.

Another thing is that I just miss the crosshair >[. I like it when it's all focused on this little round thing which allows you to kick some butts in this game.

And of course the thing that I wanted to see *or I'd better say- to hear* the most are all those hitsounds. In my opinion it's one of the best things in fragmovies- I just love this sound when you shoot one's head a few times and I don't think I have to say *but I will do it* that it's very nice when you see an action where the 'fragmovie hero' is killing his enemies with a bigger amount of headshots.

But it's worth seeing, I think- despite all these things. It's quite good- just could have been *much* better.
Great movie imo.
Nice spelling error in the beginning "An Enemy Territory Movie"
Amazing movie

just there was not enough "flash color"
I just dont get the no crosshair whine, et has spread, its not like the bulllets go where the corsshair is, and not even in best q3 movies (q3 is a game that has no spread) moviemakes used crosshair. Stop the whine, you only need crosshair when you're aiming, not spectating and without that crappy dot you can actually see helmets flying away...
cool no crosshair.. u made me watch it with my virtual crosshaid and get kickt by PB for multihack.. l8
Nice intro.
Nice frags.
Nice music.

Nice movie! :]

Good job!

"cant agree more"
np: Megaherz - Schizophren

sorry das musste einfach mal raus :D wollte das schon soooo lange mal machen ^^ <3
liked it, it had smth special :)
the speciality was.. it was crappy?
Yea, it was ok. More than that actually.

The frags, apart from few clips which made me wonder of their existence in the movie, were the best ever (excluding Born to be lame) seen in ET movies with an amazing versatility.Great aiming from Drc, Jafo, jauhis and of course the one and only mystic, some major spam, not to mention nice rifling by Raveneye. I especially lol'd at the 5 man panzer by sAintt, after seeing so many self-vapos and stuff like that from him in ETTV. :p

Music was rather good, nicely mixed in the beginning, and suited well in. Apart from Ill Nino or whatever it was, it kinda killed the tension for me, at least a bit. Why, oh why does there have to be crap like this?! And Prodigy is/was... well... worn out. Disco Ensemble saved a lot tho, not to mention my intention to use it in my upcoming project(s)!

The config was a bit different, yeah, but it didn't bother me at least. Not much to complain about the quality, which could've been better tho. Crosshair and you killed -texts would've been a must to have. Anyway, visually the movie was great and exactly what we've seen from Santabot before, mentioning Eurocup X movie and David's Destination.

Have to agree on the fact that the length of the movie didn't bother me one second. This is how every fragmovie should be, 20 minutes filled with great action, reminded me of eSrael the movie. However, the intro was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY too long and actually during that was the only time I ever felt really bored while watching this. Or no, second one was the longish braundorf clip from Jafo, revives here and there and shooting around with Colt, would've needed some fast forwarding / skipping maybe.

All in all, one of the must have ET-movies, except for that one spelling mistake in the intro, unforgivable! :p
would've needed some fast forwarding...
worst way to cut something out (+ it brakes one of the movie rules, one that sais viewer shouldnt notice the cut)
Oh right.. that's why there hasn't been any fast forwarding in fragmovies ever before. We're not making Hollywood films here.
Nizou wrote "Other ppl do it so i should do ti too" :P
Mirror 4 ftw.
Ok, i rewatched it again, and i want to say that i like config, and no-crossair/killtext is only better

Ofc it was nice done but abit boring music very well synced but wasent good music >D
great frags, great movie : )
I have seen a lot of movie.
Now for me every details are importants!
When someone create a movie like this,he spend a lot of time to make it.
Look the details on flag @ 7:52sec, how the editors can't see it :/ ?
Are you saying he made that flag image? It's from that nazi skinpack which was used in the movie
where can i get the axis skins used in the movie?
A great movie wich actually has "Editing" not some stupid flashflashflahsbangbangflashflahs editing for the hole fucking time wich makes my head hurt like crazy.
A must see movie.
your movie had flashes:D
Have i said somewhere that i like my own movie? I said i didn't like the outcome of it at all.
Nice frags but I didn't like the editing, too much slow motion and it had almost no colours.The intro was well edited though.
Probably the best movie. :)
nice movie!
I didnt hear hitsounds :(
not that special :(

how did they manipulate that console and only showed the frags from the player ?
Imo santabot or who ever just wrote the text up there... Cause there were some humane mistakes and I doubt that console makes humane mistakes :P
best ET movie out there :)
like you just downloaded one ? ! download allstars , razz vs voilence , winghavens series , shewie levels , 141 decimated ? RGB ? :)
It's my opinion and yes, i've seen all of them, but this one is just better.
leik hi i want teh full movie @old 141 team ;< leiked the stuffy where they r introducin they'r team nd stuff.. nice music init they look leik batman, superman, spiderman, zorro, He-man, nd ofc.. the catwomen :d
This is the movie that is good when you need some relax, sit back in your chair and wanna enjoy what happening.
Personally, I like trance, techno and dance, but this is the best music selection I have ever seen in a fragmovie.
I can say nothing bad about the content, because we can see the best moments of one (if not) of the best teams in the history of Enemy Territory.
As I see, there are different type of fragmovies, and in this one the editors main goal was to make a lightsome movie.
In my opinion they made it success with using the color effects and slow motion, and on the whole they created a perfect feeling.
There are only few movies that I watch several times, but this is one of them. So congratulations, thanks for making this for us, and keep up the good work!
respect : D
need all teh Songs which are used in there(and not mentioned in the outro) plz someone list them :)
I need it too
fucking luv that intro + music :>
can watch this over and over again
Best frags and best sync
None of the mirrors work =(
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