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My Private War

My Private War starring xfrd

Creator: atemi
Starring: xfrd
Codec: x264
Resolution: 800x512
Size: 172 mb
Length: 7:07
Framerate: 30 Frames Per Second ( Recorded in ET with 300 fps )
Project time: 2 months
Songs used: Trust Company - Slave
Earshot - Wait
Thanks to altrnt for explaining me how to render/compress <33

I mainly made this movie due the fact that I wanted to learn some things about moviemaking.
Some self critizism:
- I recorded some frags to short, next movie I'll record the frags on the music not just randomly.
- The movie is a little bit too fast ( especially in the first song ), the second song is slower, but not slow enough imo :p
- Effects are not that special, but I'm sure that I know enough now too add effects better add the right time and at the right places.
- I don't like that all the frags are with hitsounds, makes it harder too sync better, but xfrd asked me to include hitsounds in all frags, so np. ( next movie will be without, or atleast with less hs sounds )
- In the 2nd frag from the first song you can see the nametags
But overall I think its not bad for a beginner ;) . Just watch it and give me some usefull critiziscm so I can work on it in my next movie.

The movie contains frags against clans like : Juust, Exit, S&G
but also against clans like : (old)dtekt, bestest and neegers
&the tosspot shoutcast isnot fake ;)

Oh and btw I can ensure you one thing, the frags are hs-only!

I hope you enjoy watching!

Cu, atemi.

ps. xfrd had no life, and he counted the headshots in the movie : 122 hs.
1st nice movie!
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pretty nice movie for a first time compliments ^^
thx atemi <3
Soms was de qualiteit van ingamesound niet zo goed , de kleuren konden iets beter net als het wapen maar over het algemeen een leuke movie :)!

jaja daarom lachde je om de 20 seconden
nice movie

+ music
+ quality
+ hitsounds

- editing

overall 8½/10
ff downloaden
ik hoop wel dat je s_khz 44 hebt gebruikt :p
Alleen bij de laatste frag, maar die klinkt juist verneukt qua hitsounds, denk dat mn soundcard het niet aankan 44 hz :p. Dus heb 22khz gebruikt :) .
oke chill
lekker weertje btw :D chill om bij het meer te zitten nu
k zie je vanzelf wel zitten, mn vriendin woont in die huizen meteen aant meer, dus np.
kom vanaf maar langs ik ga denk ik wel varen dan ligt mijn bootje er weer in xD
jo, vanavond ben ik er wel, ik zit meestal bij de wacht op jezus plek als je weet waar dat is, zo niet is ongeveer halverwege rondje meer daar voor dat bruggetje en dat chinese restaurant :p
we komen wel langsvaren, zit je dan met rigger en die troep? ( of met bart en zn emovriendinnetjes? )
wie zegt dat jij mee mag!? :D
ehm ik zit sowieso niet met emo's :D hangt er een beejte vanaf wie daar zitten maar ik denk dat je de meeste niet kent

btw nice movie, nice headshots en goede kwaliteit ook
vaar ook even langs mij aub
not again me :(
- Hitsounds sounded bad
- No muzzleflash
- No contrast adjusted?
- Too many bad vegas effects
- Intro & Outro

+ Some nice frags
+ Quality watchable after all

Not bad for first movie
Not bad for first movie :)

ik zit er ook in ! toen nog zonder met hacks
Nice work. Nice player.
earshot sounds like sperm
Good Job Atemi ;o)
not bad
nice frags xfrd, especially the one in goldrush at the main gate, i liked that one a lot:)
i said the same to him tbfh
Framerate: 30 Frames Per Second ( Recorded in ET with 300 fps )

You didnt record with 300fps, you've recorded with 333fps. That is the reason why you were unable to sync ingame sounds with video.
So what fps should I use to record then? ( To sync ingamesounds with the video? )
333 200 ... more that 200 is useless... but if u wanna record 300 , u are recording 333.. so u have to set 333 in vdub :D

my english pwns
less then 200 is useless :P
btw, tested TGA_HOOK and didnt work... its a bug imo :< i get some strange screens :X
Tbh, i like tga_merge no weighting blur the most, just use that :)
I blame alternate for explaining me wrongly :p.
Very nice xfrd... frags are not awesome (some 2 kills only) and are against a bit unkown guys.. but... ITS YOUR MOVIE MATE! so pwns <3 and congrats atemi too .. not bad for a 1st one <3<3<3<3
nice movie love the headies :)
Legendarisch, n1 :>
Really nice moviee =)) nice atemi
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That's my Oxy =D finally a big boy=P
i made your profile, np
<3 movie :)
not bad this xfRd guy
Well done Atemi.
vond em netjes effecten vond ik wel nice de meesten, al zijn er ofc wat min puntjes maar toch goeie movies.
Thank you guys for all the nice comments & critisizm !
i liked goldrush heades
fps abuse ftw!
[late response] He uses 100 fps ingame, so no fps abuse :p [/late comment]
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