Codec x264/XviD Filesize 453.00 MiB Length 1312
Video available for download only


Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 13:12
File Size: 374 Mb
Release Date: Sunday April 8th 2007
Video Editing: Germany Hannes
Text Work: England eTerNal
Outro Camera Script: Scotland -Max-
Codec: x264
Frame Rate: 25 FPS
Resolution: 1280x720

* * *

Frag Highlights:

Belgium killa
Croatia aCoZz
Denmark gyzer
Estonia distance
Estonia Holz
Estonia kMZ
Estonia Night
Europe United-Colors
Finland decem
Finland weedy
Finland Xpaz
France emorej
Germany dce
Germany evil
Germany gambit
Germany seNti
Germany snoop
Germany urtier
Germany wipeout
Germany zadd
Hungary CS4f1
Netherlands rbnt
Netherlands Ronner
Netherlands teKoa
Slovenia illy-ya
Slovenia JaKaZc
Sweden eddie
Switzerland antic
Switzerland gifty
United Kingdom h20xygen
United Kingdom Munchies
United Kingdom syK

Outro Trickjump:

Finland HardyRah

* * *

Adobe AfterEffects
discreet Combustion
ETPro 3.2.5
Sony Vegas 6 and 7
Ultraviolet MovieMakingMod 0.5
Ultraviolet MovieMaker GOLD
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b

* * *
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Free own3D Download (100mbit) + Flash Stream Watch you...
Free own3D Download (100mbit) + Flash Stream Watch you...
Free own3D Download (100mbit) + Flash Stream Watch you...
Free own3D Download (100mbit) + Flash Stream Watch you...
I hate x264 movies, they are not running well on vlc ...
Free own3D Download (100mbit) + Flash Stream Watch you...
Free own3D Download (100mbit) + Flash Stream Watch you...

you need to take it easy :D
i dunno your prob ;)
all you do is pimp that site...
All iam doing is offering mirrors for free
would be nice if there was no dl rate limit :)
Register for free to get unlimited ;)

dling =)))
Hopefully uv productions wont become infamous for their not-up-to-hype movies. I dont think this movie, like decimated, lives up to the expectations.

As for the movie i wasnt overwhelmingly impressed:

Not much new, not that many creative cameras. I was expecting more creative cameras, transitions, syncing. You left me kinda cold there.

No special eyecandy here. I expected uberleet effects at the explosions or panzer rocket. Retouch is nice. The composition of individual parts could be better (in particular, the second part should be at the end, before the outro), and the fragflow isnt that fluent (decimated was better in this area). The gunpos looks nice.

Pretty much the best it could be, but i hate seeing same frags over again. And lol at JaKaZc :D

Looks nice, except for the fps blend, which could be a bit smoother.

Overall feeling after watching it:
I expected to be blown away by the amazing HD effects, and nice sync with not-yet-popular-but-good-music. What i got was an above average movie with great frags, nice quality, little sync, a few nice cameras, and a few nicely retouched scenes. Besides that, this movie doesnt offer a whole lot new.

It is a keeper, but still no revolution, which i, and prolly everyone who downloaded it, expected it to be.
second that mr
very naiz
Very slow.

Very bad aspect ration. Had to force 4:3 to watch it normally.

I had a lot of freezes during playback, had to rewind and play that moment again to fix that, never happened before.

Music didn't fit action, very bad choice in my opinion.

Nice config.

Pretty much standart editing.

Nice quality, but too much blur, really.

Good frags.

I want to say someting good about this movie, but I can't. :/
you already said the frags!
xvid version??
- too litle for a community movie
- 2 different configs used in movie (in Goldrush)
-+ Nice style of musics, but the one that u selected sux
- some frags
+ quality, motion blur
+ some nice cams
- effects, expected something rly new
- lots of time for make that movie
+ HD :D:D
- missing in-game sounds

Did u used discreet Combustion? cant notice

Movie looks too diferent compared to your screenshots.


Rip hannes brother.

QuoteAll Actors @ the Zaigon Map
what map? didnt saw any Zaigon Map in the movie.
Please arni, go back to the normal download way, I can't download because I get a pop-up everytime it is my time to go and then I have to wait again and this goes on and on.
Parodia movie remains no1 et movie.
Thou this is a good movie (considering et movies only), good job.
That movie is overrated, not much/good editing and the use of different configs....
If you think it's overrated, fine, but overrated or not, it's still the best et movie.
it's a quite bad movie
best et movie ever is the eSrael movie

btw i know that you posted your comment far in the past but i dont care :O)
Hannes used more that one cfg on Gr too ;>
I hate x264 movies, they are not running well on vlc ...
zoomplayer ftw
hmmm. Kinda hard to decide what to think of this movie. Maybe it is just me but a fragmovie needs to arouse some feelings, and with this kinda monotonic music it just doesn't happen for me. The shoutcast parts were good in this but the regular fraggingparts remained kinda 'empty' for me. Editing, quality, config and all was nice but something was just missing for me, and mostly it was the feeling. 8.5/10
HMMM, I think I expected a bit more after seeing like ingame screenshots and teh duration of your work ^^
nIce :D
thx for giving Czech Republicczech flag next to aCoZz, didnt know he is czech:)
Forgot to change that in here. :P

Someone brought it to my attention last night on the newspost.
just for admin friends :)
It's a community movie. I think it should be seen by everyone.

I didn't make my own a sticky when this section started. :p
i know that point, but vagGi did a community movie too, and i didnt saw any sticky or a newspost ;>
If someone had suggested it, I might've.
i suggested now :) sticky it
Nope, Zaigon will only be sticky for a few days.
well something goes out of the comments so far and it is true... everybody was looking forward to the new and famous UV movie, but it didnt completely fillup the expectations...

first of all what i am always looking on are the transitions since hannes said something about "there is also another way, not always the standard vegas transitions (bfu vid had nice transitions) well i didnt see anything else, than vegas transitions which are standard but i think that is as important as you think my mines are :P

the quality is without a doubt awsome and a new benchmark for all upcoming movies.

also the content of the movie was dreamlike... you took only the best of the best, the special moments were also nice, loled at the evilpanza :P
only too short tbh... i expected a 18 - 20 mins movie full of amazing frags and moments...
perhaps some think that becomes boring, look at intelligent life or movies like that where only 3 players are filling nice 20 mins...

the music... well... basically i know every title from quake movies... =)
one was from unity which is what i call a perfect movie (and it is my favourite tbh), and some other trickjump movies...
it pulled down the action a little bit during the movie...
the outro music was just perfect...

i always like moments where shoutcasters cant hold it anymore and start to scream :D we saw a lot of em in the movie, which is a big plus =)

the cameraflys at the end... well... so many movies earn the flame "plz no emptymapflys"... n/c, the cam was definitly nice scripted but nothing special anymore...

all in all a new milestone imo but more scenes would have been very welcome =)
looks like the India hype of this movie turned this one into a flop..

wtf is up with the fast pointless cams and alot of them? and the sesame street music?

too many shoutcasts, seen that panzer on radar from Night about 20 times now

what zaigon map? i saw alot of screenshots of some impressive stuff, was led to believe there would be some storyline involving a sniper on a roof :/

i really don't get what took u so long to make this movie, usually the most time consuming parts of a movie are involved in the editing, more specifically the syncing, and i don't "feel" much of that

sorry if i sound harsh but i expected this to be a really good movie

5/10 - just for frags + quality (although quality is not that hard when u use a final resolution like that)

p.s. nice of u to dedicate the movie to your younger brother :)
Quotei really don't get what took u so long to make this movie, usually the most time consuming parts of a movie are involved in the editing, more specifically the syncing, and i don't see much of that .

some people attend the university tbh
oh please, i know for a fact how long he has spent on this movie as i pretty much know every moviemaker in et
hmm i know him little but he told me that he had some hard exams to learn for and that were the breaks... as far as i know is he everything else than a lazy guy...
so plz care more...

in the description he mentioned that he had about 250 demos to watch...
have you ever made a movie m8?
take some time tbh
i know how long movies take, this movie was started after decimated which was a friggin long time ago but the excuse for "oh i had exams, so the movie will not be that good, despite the hype of it being so big, so please understand my situation" is poor, soz :<

end of the day, alot of people expected to see some amazing stuff and they will be disappointed (whatever real life issues he had), so don't expect any sympathy from people :/
Do you Mr. hYpe always whine & blame like that ? :) nothing personal , just fucking interested.
been there
downed that - very fast arni
done that
nice movie.

loved that moment when it all go wrong - in game -
with a nice song.

seems like a nice project
saw some tarantino editing skills as well
nicely done
and criticism is nice
needful to become better
in what you can do
I'm not sure what to make of this, it's obviously a very good movie that's got everything you'd want. All the usual stuff, good frags / good editing / funny 'out-takes' / decent soundtrack / etc.

But...I don't know whether it's fair to put this on you but tbh I was expecting something special. Something completly different that'd blow me away. Sadly it doesn't do that, though it's well worth the download.

Favourite part was the soundtrack being played under the shoutcast - worked well.
It was okay, just ok nothing special.
A good clip. Didn't live up to the hype, though.

The vertically squished image and high FOV didn't work for me -- I don't like to see dwarfs getting shot! Upscaled it to 4:3 fullscreen after the first minute.

Editing was almost too fast at times: while trying to figure out who is playing against who, half of the frags might already have happened. Same with some gimmicks, like a nadecam in a scene where Holz gets the disarming T&F engies, had to watch it twice to see what's going on...

Anyway, OK movie in general.
Yes, you are right, it didn't live up to me :<
Holz get's what? I guess you need to take another look at that scene imo :D
What is exact name of melody that sounds like 007 james bond soundtrek? Thank you
LOloloLoOl fuck that sticky please -.-
fuck the sticky, admin abuse!!!!!!!!!
Many people who got samples said: "oh man its great", "awesome". when i watched it i didnt know why they said that.
no creativity and no really editing. content very nice, quality very nice. Sorry, but i would say it is not a "fragmovie", but "fragmachine". Only sometimes you can see editing. Good editing contains moments that makes onlooker suprise, an unexpected thing, so good that he can stop and watch again.

Sorry, it is my opinion that your movie is fragmachine.

For me 141 was better.
Could you define editing for me?
i dont understand your attack on me. I just wrote my opinion. You dont have to listen me but 141 movie and zaigon its like 10:3
It's funny because when I wrote my original reply to you I was going to type 'don't take this as a personal attack.'

I'm just interested in what you think editing is, if you think there's hardly any?
You saw Ruipperis sample, he edit good. Cams, effects. Not spare
I've seen it. I didn't think it was better than hannes' editing, but you still haven't answered the question. :-(
Editing is the process of preparing, images, or sound for presentation through correction, condensation, organization, and other modifications. Edited movie must be interesting, not boring. It should show things that you cant normally see in game.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, editor comes from the Latin phrase 'e ditus' which means "to put forward". The editor ludorum in Ancient Rome was the person who put on the games. The verb to edit is a back formation from editor.
Thanks! That copy/paste was so worth the wait. :-\
I do movies since 6 years. My brother studying movie making at school. Thrust me i know what i say.
whos your brother? steven spielberg? quentin tarantino? zack snyder? :oo
Agree with -Max- could you define editing..
because its not so good
I wonder what's the song that begins @ 02:55 :p
my tunatic says explosive by Bond
nice overal although some music was boring and bond-explosive has been used in fragarea by quaky afaik, overall it was oke but 141 movie > this one.
All in all I am a bit disappointed by this movie because I like it and on the other hand I dont like it...
What I really like:
+ quality & resolution (best movie so far)
+ some frags were just stunning although i expected alot more
+ config & colors
+ some cams
+ transitions (especially the one from gifty to ronner)
+ music (except the first and 2nd last one)
+ atmosphere
+ no intro

But there are also point I really think should have not been:
- frags... IMO a community movie should only have the best of the best and unique kills and not some random backrape action from xpaz e.g. these scenes also disturbed the flow of the movie for me
- music, the first and 2nd last song really made the movie a little bit "pseudo quake" to me while the frags are a too slow to produce a real quake feeling
- you used two different configs for goldrush
- what the hell do you thought when you made these annoying superfastlightspeed cameras? this is so fucking disgusting and disturbing the flow so much. I hope this is not going to be the new trend.
- sync, there were some minor synching things all the time but imo you could have made much more in this way, especially the 2nd song was VERY unused in this way imo
I <3 watching this movie.
Nice done.
It lagz sometimes , anyway waiting for xvid version ;<
-No syncing
-Nothing special in editing
-Too much cameras

+Frags ofc
+Cameras were nice, even there was too many of them
+Outro, hardyrah rox

Overrated but not bad for 2nd movie :)))

why is it sticky btw?
He is HardyRah!
Nice Movie :)

Keep Good Work"
The only thing which confused me is that you show sometimes the names of the fraggers and sometimes not.

Otherwise a very nice movie. Usually I am addicted in effects. But this movie just focusses on the important of ET and is not filled by "MEGAGREATFUCKINGCOLOREDTWINKLECAMSCRIPTED-effects". It's a very nice atmosphere. And thanks no metal shit. Well done.
nice movie hannes :)
watch it with media classic player and fix some good codecs.
omg i got killed there, but nice movie anyway, love the second song and the shoutcast part
The movie was a dissapoint from what i expected to see.

When i saw this a day later than it was released I started to download and was very excited and actually i was thinkng its going to be something very very nice( 10/10 ). But then when i watched it.. I was very dissapointed for the movie in that way that i was expecting A LOT more than that what it gave. doesnt mean its shit but not that 10/10 what i expected from it.(what the hype made me think)

I heard that it would have impossible sync.. It was that actually. I didnt like that sync because the song is like that (trance/psychedelic trance or w/e it is) I think that the syncing should be also good. But i was dissapointed when there was in some points just in next 1-2 seconds or before that some very good syncable sound, but it was not used. just synced on some not noticable little *bum* in the background.

Editing was quite a lot that sync but also the editing is how you the movie flows, "the feeling", transitions, video fx etc all effects and especcially how you show the frags(the main thing in this movie imo). I didnt see anything new in editing. and some cameras were just too fast. Also showing some frags more than two times was making the movie boring in some times(nights panzer @ adlernest). And i would like to see the popups in scripted cameras also to see whos fragging etc.. And im sad that the flow wasnt that good what i was hoping. (tho hannes was going to try to make that better?)
Its not that bad movie that these comments are saying but i try to touch on the negative things so you can correct those in next movies. (if you think same)

Quality? hell ye it was quality wise! I think encoding and knowing about it + coding are the best sides of this ultraviolet guy.

Content was maybe the maing thing of this movie. As it is "community movie" (still i dont like it to be sticky -,-)

Music was very nice in my opinion i just think that it could have been used (much) better as far as i know it was the most syncable musicgenre. :P Altho i think that this kinda music(psychedelic trance) this kinda music dont fit in ET mopvies in my opinion(or any other movies which have long killing sprees) Its more like Quake, UT etc which have a lot of cool singlefrags etc.

Overall i think its about 8-8.5 / 10 I was expecting more from this hyped movie but it is still better than the average movies. I think the hyope killed this movie. (and the n1 screenshots which hannes always showed ;>)
gosh, your such a wise man!
dont be cranky, it was a compliment
ok then. because hannes said that i dont know shit about moviemaking so thougt you said that on sarcas... but who cares about you. you dont know anything about moviemaking.
you just made ma sad man allthough your j/k !
It lagged all the time, so wtf is going on, i got the latest k-lite codec pack, got installed ffdshow and matroskaSplitter and i have tried to watch it with mpc and vlc player(got the latest version)
So people what kind of codecs i needed to watch it?
the files in the playback folder are known to get the movie workin on a 1600 mHz notebook
for the fuck sake make xvid version
still exporting... gonna take some time :)
great news :)
well thats great news for me :)
Nice movie!!! Good Job!!!!
i can watch this over and over again, i love the shoutcast parts
awesome movie!
Nice movie hannes :) I love it
i love the music!
second that :) especially from 3:00 to 5:44 what is the name of that song/instrumental melody - cant get it out of my system - anyone ?
one of the best movie i have ever seen
nice movie, nice quality, good aspect ratio, really sharp pictures. The thing i disliked the most was the music.
btw u might have added to the discription that its best watched on a widescreen lcd.
tbh it's best watched on an HDTV. :-p
nice quality and stuff but just frags sucks :/
nice movie! :)
For any additional info about the movie such as playlist and HD export status pls have a look @ my site (news Post)


THX for the great support and feedback <3
Is there an xvid version yet? I really hate having to pause and unpause these kind of fragmovies every 10 seconds.
nice movie
nice outro trickjump

All music by Juno reactor & Infected mushroom :s

like 3 tracks
then outro was Halo 2
and the Violin part was Bond
Best movie ever, realy enjoyed, great job!
does anybody know the name of the musik tracks ?
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