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Fragging on sunset Boulevard

After a total time of 7 months we are proud to present you the eTcC Fragmovie named Fragging on sunset Boulevard starring the eTcC Members rounded up by a funpart + bloopers.


Length - 20:45
Resolution - 800 x 480
Framerate - 25 FPS
Codec - H264
Bitrate - 3700 (High)
- 2700 (low)

Programs used

Enemy Territory 2.60, 2.60b
VirtualDub 1.6.16
Vegas 6.0a
3Ds Max
Adobe After Effects 6.5
Audity City 1.2.3
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Editor

High video quality downloadmirrors (586Mb):
- Primary
- Mirror1
- Mirror 2 ---> (super fast downloads + stream available) :-)

Low video quality downloadmirrors (418Mb):
- Mirror 3

- Mirror 4
Nice job ZeroJoker.
It sure took it sweet time to get it done, but it was worth it <3
Get a normal mirror pls :S

what is a "normal" mirror?

All mirrors lead you directly to the file and are runnning on super fast connections so i dont see your problem.

I get like 100 kb/s but my normal speed is like 700 kb/s
The primary mirror is slow, try the third one
I want the hq version :D
Nice job zero, loved watching it.Worth taking a look at.

I am a real star in the blooper part!
Yup Xe0n, standing on your own nade is so pro.
Gonna write a journal about it.
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Please add this mirror ! (FAST)
nice movie because it has in flames in it !
nice editing, some frags were nice only the quality sucks pretty much and the songs are a bit lame (some already used)...oh and to bad the cams were a bit lagy :<

daar deed ik aan mee!
nice movie to watch with nice editing and some good frags, only too bad they are against mostly unknown clans / mixes.

Bloopers and that panza massacre were great btw :>

your right about the quality, needa work on that for the next movie.

Well some clans are not that unkown. The only "mixed" that is in is against vegi, clown, so pretty highskilled players.

Thanks for your critics.

you should also think about the length of your next movie.
Nice job Zerojoker.
nicely done:D
nice movie =)
Quite a nice movie. But I think the quality of the frags are not that outstanding I mean just a multikill but in fragmovies I like to see monster kills. Besides that some parts was quite funny, but it was a bit to much fun over the whole movie.

Maybe this can help you if you're going to make a new project.

BTW: Overal 6,8.
Nice movie!

thanks for your critics.

Hey freedune, nice to see you back,
gonna keep your critics in my mind.

this et_ice scene is stolen by Snokens' BF Movie "Mine"
Nice movie. Good editing and nice frags.
wow, very nice. i was afraid it wasnt worth downloading, because the file is that big, but the movie was very entertaining. <3 bananaphone :)
great work!

thanks for your cirits :-).

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