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Tsu 2nd movie

Frags: France Tsu

Editing: France Tsu

Amon Amarth - Cry of the Black Birds
Wintersun - Beyond the Dark Sun

Size: 310 Mb

Length: 6:24 Min
n1 how people just give out bad ratings randomly

i added this movie because its a good one and some people might have not seen it yet
quality + content = 9,5
editing + creativity = 7
U know alot of movies.. Rly.. since u give that kind of rate to a med movie.. rofl... imo go download some q3 movies (specially from shaollin productions) and see the editing etc.... Anyway.. if u give 9.5 (in 10) for quality / content, what is the rate for zaigon, decimated?


edit: i didnt say that the movie is bad... i liked it.. 5 /10 (compression is bad... 6mins 3xx mb.. rofl)
sry i only know smth about et skills
so this is a good movie ;)
and the quality is very nice imo
editing + creativity is rly too high @ 7/10 maybe ...
but rest owns

the other movie u mentioned, was it the one with frags from all these random players ?
as i said u have to download some q3 movies (ex. mercurial , castor fiber) (go to and see )... Tsu movie is just a random et movie with nice frags..
dont like q3 movies, its boring since i dont like the game
decimated was boring imo... too much story, i like FRAGmovies
Mmm.. perfect is both.. a movie with a bit (ok.. not a bit.. lots !! ) of edit... q3 movies are ok.. never played q3 but i like the movies (and i like the "jump" movies ). Anyway try some cs/css/cod 1/2 movies .
you cant compare q3 to et quality wise those are two diffrent games and we all do know that it is much easier to compress q3 moves.

but the rest of your commet is right.

But yea pumu is an ET player, we are movie maker. Thats the diffrence.

So pumus vote is acceptable for him, but for me its just "lol" because yea 9,5 is a bit high.

never the less the movie was ok (as far as i remeber it from watching it ages ago)
When i wrote about q3, was an example of editing.. Usually all q3 movies have a nice edit / effects etc.. ET movies can have too but ppl dont synch / edit.. Im talking but i did that error in QkR - The terrible... i just think that a movie is better that a fragmovie (good edit / synch > all).

Anyway agree.. q3 is very different of Et... but.. they have better things such as q3 mme... etc
moviemod will have nice, rly nice stuff (next releases). But still we keep the recamming @ smireboule.
Hope so :DDDD a nice thing from q3mme is record more that 999 fps and more that 9999 tga's... we dont have it :'< gogo release it!
zaigon and decimated are worse than this in my opinion
i fully agree with you.
Decided to watch this again today after I saw your comment.

Taking into account Creativity, Editing, Content and Quality...I'd disagree. I'd be interested to hear your response, particularly making a case for this movie against Zaigon.
Think he's based his opinion based on frags, and i agree the frags in this are better than decimated, but it can't really be compared to zaigon since there's such a wide variety. Editing, quality etc. wise it's not close to either movie though
unban froy account so he could reply
I'm sure he's banned for a good reason. The ban lifts in 5 days. He can let me know on IRC if he wants.
good quality, nothing creative but was there anything creative in zaigon either? nice frags and good music + some decent freecams
oh, and the popups were much better in this one than in zaigon.

maybe decimated is better edited than this one, but I prefer this than zaigon.
Too slow for me and it's a old movie :s
But he frags me so it's a good movie :p
diddnt see this yet, downloading!
finally here, 1 of the best movies ever
must download

will maybe write a more detailed comment later
movie of the month :o
It's a repost?

Quality is superb.
only place I've seen it before this post was some french site where I couldn't understand a word but managed to dl this
Downloading !
nice frags, nice movie, bad music :(
Amon Amarth is the shit man!
Excelent movie! what a superb config you have there, the whole movie is so stable, i really like it. =] Dont like the music... but thats the personal taste xD
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I rly love your site.. is very good for us (the community)..

Keep it ***
<3 tsu

gonne watch it again, been a long time ^^
bestest music ever pls
nice movie but what a music
Pwn movie!
primary's dl speed is pretty good <3
I didn't like how u fragged n1ce on frostbite ladder. :P
Btw awesome quality, really nice job.
Does tsu play somewhere? I saw him a few times in CPM pub servers :O)
Tsu I'm your biggest fanboy!
+ qaulity
+ frags
+ music

- creativity
- few backrapes
Í really like it!

Seems need to forget about "motion blur" recording, or only for cams.
godlike music
godlike movie ;)
music didnt fit to the content.. little colorless, slow, boring, good frags, 6/10
music just sucks!!
rest is not bad!

but frags were really nice..

7.5 /10 overall
last song is heard in some other ET fragmovie so no 10/10 ;)
Best quality I've ever seen in ET FM, imo overall: 8,5/10.
I like it alot...
and fucking good quality. atm my favorite movie.<3
music sucks hard, but the movie itself looks so .. plastic(?) ... what's the trick ? .. i want to play like this!
me leik very mutsch
that kinda music fits in no fragmovie. its only suitable for torturing prisoners in guantanamo bay, or making those test if metal hurts the plants, while mozart makes them grow better.

quality is nice, content is great, edit is nonexistant, i guess you have to be a little creative to make a few cameras.

frags + mp3 is not a keeper for me
Actually the result of that test was, that metal/rock makes plants grow better.
i disliked the music
Nice 1 again TSU ;)
nice aim, but gibs = 0
(-) Music
(-) No synchronizing
(-) Not much special effects which the movie made boring.

(+) Quality, but sometimes it looks like you needed to record a frag in 2 shot's.
(+) Frag's with the 'vs-bar' was a nice idea
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