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No Limit

Milit, the Rifle of the pourIX.
me 2 OLOL,

shouldnt you been studying ?!!!
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+nice riflefrags
+imo good music
+quali is ok , could been better

-green blood
definitly a nice movie.
last movie was nice :)))))
Im in it so

great movie :)
really like editing and stuff but quality is a little poor and font sucks.
becoms unexpected n1 :D
the download links @ ownage dosent work...

get more mirrors
link is ok now :)
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what's funny in it?
btw nice movie, n1 tricks but i dont like "in-game voice" part, like 20 secs of boring action and then 2 hs luger frag and end. beside that it is good movie
Liked it.

Nice and fast action with some suitable music and some cool tricks with rifle. Editing was fairly decent with some clever cams, just the motion blur could've been done better.
10/10 frags really nice =)
nice tricks.
Nice, I die twice in it :<
Why is everyone saying its a good movie but it gets only average votes? ;<

I find it rly great as I told you GG 400hz :], keep the good work on.
don't like the music a lot
many 2 man kills tho :x
Some really poor frags in it, but some really cool ones aswell (loved the radar frags), editing and quality was nothing special, synching was non-existent.
finally a new et movie @ xfire.

Nice music and nice map sounds (like the storm in radar :D )
Config and quality are ok.
Riflefrag and tricks are awesome

bad outro tbh.
liked all exept dark cfg
Really really boring movie...... the music was crap, frags were decent. Better luck next time =o[
didn't like it, some nice shots but music was way too slow
bs music
nice rifle hints :)
but the music suxx
ohnoez, he killd us!!!!
very nice movie, some original stuff, worth seeing - good rifle movie for a decent period of time
but didnt like the prodigy remix

nice frags
nice music
nice editing
quality could be a little bit better :D
Keep up the good work! You can really notice your progress...
movie sucked hard on all fronts tbh
no sync, crap music, frags vs low clans and over-sharpened picture made it unwatchable, as for me <3
still love milit vs xend, 10x better than this movie
your movie sucked way more than this.
dont remember what movie it was but the fragger was some polish skiller whos frags u had managed to spoil with that fucking shit movie
I guess u know what I am talking about :)
(+) Quality
(+) Original Music

(-) Frags :: Against mixes & Not that impressive
(-) Outro

The first song created a nice atmosphare, was nice to watch, the last 5 minutes got boring
1 of the 2 bestest rifle movie ( blindness & this) imo.
coz i saw new riflestyles & stuff (most of the other riflemovies are just random blindness remakes) quality could be better at least 9.5/10 :)
imo not good rifle movie, i have seen much better movies with rifles (anomalous solution, blindness...). And average rifle shots, not really as tricky as I expected from rifle movie.
Boring for me.
Milit vs Xend was much better. :(
(-) music

You suck Milit.
Whats the first song called?
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