Video available for download only

Team-Saphire trailler

Created by VIB Productions

Video Codec: x264 / XVID
Audio Codec: FAAC / MPEG Layer-3
Length: 2:59
Resolution: 1280*720 / 768*432
Recording framerate: 1000
Final framerate: 29.412

Programs used
Camtrace 3D
Macromedia Fireworks 8
Sony Vegas 7

Siddharta - Klinik (goodgarden remix)

Playback problems
If you experience playback problems read this:

mirrors :
1st - 720p x264 HQ
2nd - 720p xvid MQ
3rd - 768*432 xvid LQ
4th - own3d stream

Thanks to



15 KB/sec -.-
i'll add more mirrors later

use flashget for a high dl rate
liked it :]
nice one ogrec :)
lagged like hell with vlc
buy a new pc
no need, saw some of the movie and it seemed to be pretty boring
xAv and mess1e hahahahaaaaaaa

well i liked the trailer, but...the motion blur looks strange for 1v1 frags... dunno.. things looks blurry all time...color filters are nice btw

keep the good work
quality is good !
nice !
I like frags from xAv.
hitsounds seem out of sync for me
jup here we go again, I really thought i wouldnt even think about comment a movie, but this has to be done!

Just came home from university and got pm'd by my bitch max about that so called "trailer". Reading through everything i first was like wth 9.75 scores, this must be WOW! Ok sry to say it but when i saw the filesize and who did it, my eager to download this movie was going down. Max told me his opinion about it and forced me to download it so we can compare. (I wont tell you max's opinion, this is my opinion and not his).

Well where to start: Maybe with the Title:
Trailer? Guys we have had this discussion _A LOT_ so i won get into that any further. Its not a trailer, but yeah tbh i cant remember a decent trailer in et, oh yes the u5 trailer was very nice. But we never saw the full movie :/ (if it got rlsd pm pls <3)

Next part: Quality:
Ahm yes it do look good but tbh say thx to x264 and high, way too high bitrate.
If you take a second closer look to the image you'll see its just very bad picture quality!

Best seen @ the flares (the white shine around the lamps). Have a look @ 0.58 youll see what i mean. I wont bet on it but i guess you guys used r_ignorehwgamma 0! Hint set it to 1. If not you guys messed smth very badly up!

I wont comment frags since they are not that intresting for me :)

The text itself looked a bit boring, dno what it was, maybe the font or how u guys used it. Feels like i saw this kind of text like a 100 times before but cant tell where.

I wont comment on hitsounds either, cause craz did them and he knows that he messed em up <3

well i give this a 5.5 to 6.

Now go on bitch meh again <3
I'd expect to see better movies from a perfectionist like you :)
But thanks for constuctive criticism.
Do you know where I can get the rtcw-ingame font?
search my ftp space, there should be a pk3
Asuming you mean the zzz_hud_osp.pk3, that's not what I mean, I need it in ttf format, for adding the "you killed xxx" with photoshop you know.
search for a Gothic Media
It looks like a pk3 with tga files to me once again.
copperplate gothic bold
smth like that
my lovely of the most respected moviemakers in the moviemaking business.

you flame the movies quality but zaigon quality wasn't that good quality compared to this one.

well my question is:
If you give this sample a 5.5/6...what grade are you giving it to zaigon itself??

<3 Hannes ;)
first of all, this was my opinion, and tbh according to the rating, im right.

Second: if you call this HD ready, you are right like i said, but the picture quality suffers a lot compared to zaigon HD!

If you cannot live with that, not my fault but this is not good, nor bad!
QuoteIf you take a second closer look to the image you'll see its just very bad picture quality!

QuoteSecond: if you call this HD ready, you are right like i said, but the picture quality suffers a lot compared to zaigon HD!

Just took quick comparison shots from Zaigon's HD version and this "trailer". I tried to take about similar screenshots: both are from Radar (which has arguably the worst quality in this clip), both have relatively high motion of the camera (VIB a bit more, Zaigon a bit less), and both are about the same distance from the axis spawn. Both pictures have flares visible.

image: comparison

If you exclude the bad quality of the glows from flares mentioned above and compare these shots, I can't really see the superiority of Zaigon -- actually, it looks somewhat worse on certain areas, like on the foreground for example (which is about the center of the image in the original frames).

Zaigon's motion blur samples are also visible in the bottom of the picture. The samples can more clearly be seen in the original image. Original images can be found from:

I guess everyone can have their opinion about the quality or lack of it in the mentioned clips, but the difference is not, in my opinion, as great as you've let everyone understand.
thx for the comparism gaso, but as u said we agree on most points. About the quality you are talking about. The picture quality still lacks behind Zaigon from an overall view. But yup, its up to everybody to decide and im not gonna tell anybody what to think about a certain movie, im only saying what i think and how i see a movie. And this movie is not that good, noor that bad!

EDIT: having a close look to all your samples again, i cannot understand how you can compare them. The pictures does look so much worse from vib (no im not defending zaigon, just showed the pics around to get new comments to see if im totaly misstaken).
The only thing you are pointing out is the mblur at the buttom. Sry gaso this is no valid comparism.

Anyways thx.
Like mentioned above, I said it looks partially worse -- like on the foreground. However, I do agree that Zaigon's image looks sharp, but the contributing factors make this a double edged sword in my eyes.

I think different motion blurring methods have the biggest impact on the differences in image quality between these two clips. Zaigon's image looks sharp overall: this is probably contributed by the number of samples used for motion blurring in the repective clips. However, a still shot with no motion blur would also look pretty damn sharp, but it might not very good in motion.

And in my opinion, VIB's trailer looks better in motion than Zaigon, which is probably the most important thing overall. This is mainly due to Zaigon's clearly visible motion blur samples in high motion parts, which turn me off big time. Having said this, I don't think Zaigon looked bad in motion: this clip just somehow pleases my eye better.

Looking at the captured pictures again, I can see your case about the quality in the stills. Unfortunately making an objective comparison based on stills is difficult: taking two identical (or even similar) shots from two different movies is not an easy task. Now I just took a shot from VIB's worst scene and tried to find a matching scene from Zaigon...
so this is all about motion blur? so we do agree that Your comparism is useless and not correct since you do compare still images?

Well then there is nothing more to add. You do not like Zaigons mblur, it actually let u turn the movie off. But u do agree that the picture looks better or how u call it more sharpen.

So we do agree in this, motion blur is fucked up in Zaigon and thats how you wanted me to show im false when im saying that this trailer is just not as nice in picture quality as Zaigon's pic quality.

You did well in finding an equal bad image since u probably found the worst.

Overall you showed me that i need to improve in motion blur, but the overall picture quality in a FULL movie is still the best we have seen so far but its very very sad to know it wont be for long anymore :(
Quoteso this is all about motion blur?

Hmm... Not really. It's about the overall quality of a (moving) picture, I suppose.

Quoteso we do agree that Your comparism is useless and not correct since you do compare still images?

Incorrect would not be the word I'd use. Inaccurate would be closer. Useless? Well, it did create some conversation, but in general, most opinion-related arguments are somewhat useless...

QuoteBut u do agree that the picture looks better or how u call it more sharpen.

I think the wording used was "partially worse", which would render the other parts either on par with the image being compared, or, as you like to see it, better. Yes, I think it's sharp in certain parts, which is mainly due to use of different working methods. But as a set of moving pictures, I think this trailer works better than Zaigon. As stills, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Overall opinion of both movies' image? I'd pick this trailer.

QuoteSo we do agree in this, motion blur is fucked up in Zaigon

I wouldn't say it's fucked up, it worked fine 95% of the time. In this trailer it worked all the time, for me at least. Some people see it as too blurry, though.

QuoteOverall you showed me that i need to improve in motion blur, but the overall picture quality in a FULL movie is still the best we have seen so far

Don't agree on the quality part. But hey, opinions, everyone has one. :)
well u said the motion blur turned u off big time, now u say its fine in 95% of the mov ;)

anyways cheers, we had a nice and constructive discussion.

read u later m8
The parts that didn't work did influenced my opinion quite a bit. And 5% of a minute is 3 seconds, in 13 minutes that's 39 seconds of disturbing material... :p

Oh well, I agree, a good chat. Case closed with some good arguments on both sides.
stolen my music, nice :/
was probably used in superboyys movie before yours
Sheep, used in my RTCW movie 3 years ago :E
haha runix you didn't even play RtCW
well it's not copyright by mArt so ...
could you please change your login system? it sucks that i have to login every time i visit your website (no cookie or smth)

keep up the good work!
Well, we had the cookie system you allready know from other pages, but it`s still one of the most problems with hacking attacks, so we currently disabled it .)
mess1e = razu = hacker

danii = akku = hacker
rqmbo= ugly=cheater=kiddivoice
gex=arrow=speedie gonzales=super ronald mac donald

Next time search better host...
pretty cool
gay music, but the rest is nice.
such a great song and such a shit remix.
movie is very nice tho :)
I agree with hannes that it isn't a trailer or so...

I love the editing and stuff nicely done imo....
Music isn't good well good synching though...
I like the quality.....looks HD ready to me..though i would like to say the grain in the movie was kinda screwed...try to put some grain removel in your megui settings....
Love the motionblur 2 goodjob on that.

Goodluck for the final movie....i'm looking forward to it :)
I downloaded the x264 version but wtf @ mirror 3? wrong sizes dude :S??
i dont think there will be a full movie :)
Is thaz the only song in Slovenia?
shitty lag with vlc and song from superboyy movie
i saw a little unlagged bits and they didnt seem too exciting but n1 anyway
ffdshow + mpcplayer


lower quality version
nice for compressing xvid and x264 ;)
vikaz dont be so funneh, btw i did played so su i know you aint skilled :)
well done craz :)))
+ qualy
- frags
Love the cfg, anyone got it or smt which looks like this one?
you cant see the "config" in this clip, theres no raw footage anywhere. How can you say you love the config? O_O
i have exactly those configs, (except fov and cg_gun settings) and those doesnt look at all like in this movie.
good Trailer!!. but i think intro cam was "some" not good. wd VIB Productions :o) i'll wait for ur fullmovie ^^
First when i heard the music and saw how you made it fit together, I knew this will be a great trailer.. from editing part, but.. somehow when this guy started singing it ruined it a pit.. but its true that its never possible to please every1 with the music choise.. There was something knew in editing too, that made me more interested in watching this trailer... i hope ill be seeing something like that in the full movie :> holding out for a good movie..
i dont think there will ever be full movie :O) :p
Darnit.. you trying to fool me mate :D dont make me pissed! ^^
Liked it, 9/10
good work !

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