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mAx Chapter 3

Almost two years since the release of the previous mAx movie comes the latest installment. With November 2004's mAx Chapter 1 and July 2005's mAx Chapter 2 being made by mAx himself, the responsibility of making the third chapter to complete the trilogy belongs to Ultraviolet Productions Founder -Max-.

Work began on a soundtrack in the closing months of 2006, one track of which would reflect some of the style of the previous movies, with mAx's love for hip-hop. When editing began around February, one ambition of -Max-'s was to bridge the gap between the content-orientated movies and editing-orientated movies. The comparisons between the likes of one4one Decimated and Souvenirs by Ganon, motivated -Max- to find a middle ground.

Since the frags were to remain important, it was decided to include in-game sounds, to give a better representation of the quality of the frags themselves, and to add some extra tension. However, with the level of editing that was required being so high, this was not possible. So instead -Max- has spent a lot of time adding sounds manually from the pak0.pk3 file. While a much more efficient solution, it required the sacrifices of several elements of what would be present otherwise. For example, the sound of opponents shooting back would simply be impossible to do to a high standard, though we've tried to make its absence as unnoticeable as possible.With the inclusion of multiple streams, the gamesounds are optional - not included in the second stream.

Movie Information

Starring: mAx
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 8:00
File Size: 329 megs
Editing: -Max-
Text: eTerNal
Codecs: x264/FAAC | XviD/LAME MP3
Frame Rate: 25 FPS/50 FPS
Resolution: 1280x720/720x400
overloaded ? isnt even opening :'(
dling :>
downloading \o/
gonna see it brb!
downloading \o>
This is gunna b good. I hope.

[e] better than zaigon

[e2] delete that sound after everykill MEDIC , HELFA MEDIC :D:D gets rather annoying if u listen to it ;p
nice frags.
better mirros please ;/
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nice no mirror is working
shitmirrors, corrupt files etc.
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I still think that mAx chapter 2 was your best movie over decimated and your chapter 3
that was made by mAx
ye the max chapter 1 was cool too
Guys when u have nearly 1000 views the servers try and cope but will crash due to the stress loads.

Hannes server crashed within 60seconds of release just as an example.
pls mirrors :S
Damn, I can't wait to see this. Chapter 2 was awesome. Still on the line :(
one suggestion; leave the crosshair out when using hitsounds throughout the whole movie
I hate fragmovies without crosshairs, but there's also a stream without in-game sounds so I think it was best to keep it in anyway.
choose the second audio track :)
the crosshair is still there, using hitsounds just makes it even more worthless
you are worthless
i'd like to see some proofs
sry got none :< but i like crosshair ^^
z0mfg learn 2 read the stream is without hitsound and not without xhair
you just don't get it...
Neither of you get it.

You said:

Quoteleave the crosshair out when using hitsounds throughout the whole movie

The second track has no hitsounds...so it would make no sense to remove the crosshair from the video, as there's only one video track which stays the same for both audio tracks.
Seems I should've expressed myself clearer; the crosshair should be left out no matter what, but especially when hitsounds are used. This gives (for me atleast) an opporturnity to view the movie from two points of view, the editing and visuals (no hitsounds) + the content and the skill of the player (hitsounds)

of course seeing the crosshair isn't really a big problem, i just find it somewhat disturbing. in other words, personal preference.
Then consider yourself in the vast minority of ET frag movie viewers who think this.
You don't have permission to access /hannes/mAx-Chapter-3-x264.rar on this server.

server will crash i guess :DDDD
It was ok, Max knows I am quite a big critic - espcially in ET movies so hopefully he wont take this personally, but it wasnt exciting like Zaigon.

This isnt meant as a critiscm of mAx the player, but he gets fragmovie frags (infact I think he had a bind for it some years ago), however that dosent make an entertaining fragmovie. Hearing the constant "ting ting ting" really detracted from the soundtrack inparticular and most of the frags were without consequence. mAx's frags are always great for the console and the stats but they're not always objective based and that really hurt this movie because the movie was never really going anywhere.

Technically it was brilliant, the picture quality, filesize, graphics were nice and the soundtrack was ok, even though it didnt allow much room for obvious (annihilation) syncing.

All in all it was very good for ET but way off the pace of Zaigon which is the only ET movie that can stand up to the RTCW movies.

Plus you used the most sacred of songs! Just like nobody should be allowed use Maryln Manson - Seisure of Power from Annihilation, nobody should be allowed to use Overseer - Supermoves from mTw deep sea fishing!
zaigons frags wasnt realy impressive!!!
but they had consequence

then the Eurocup RTCW movie and the svper movie are the movies with the best content!! (i remember atm)
svper movie? you mean the vib one or did I miss something?
ye this one:!!
"obvious (annihilation) syncing"
Railgun + rockets would make obvious (annihilation) syncing a lot easier. :)

"Supermoves from mTw deep sea fishing"
And Infensus The Movie.
If I thought for a second that it was better in the iN movie, I wouldn't have used it.

It's demo (tricks) + mp3 in iN movie basically.

Still trying to track down deep sea fishing. I saw it back when I first chose the song and it didn't stop me then, though.

EDIT: Reason it didn't stop me then is probably because Deep Sea Fishing is terrible. Just rewatched it, and it's a different mix to the one I used anyway. :s
I must say that I totally disagree. This movie was the best FRAGmovie ever released in ET history and I hail this to the top5 even in all time favourites of wolfenstein movies.

I expect to see great frags if I download a fragmovie. I don't care wether the frags are made in rambo situations or in some other situations like covering a engineer or something, it's just the entertaining action movie I'd like to see, not documentary.

The ambience of this movie was far higher than most of these days movies, I guess thanks to the great editing and the absolutely stunning frags. It has been a long time since I immidiately afterwards watching started all over again, now I did it.

And awww, thanks for the ingame sounds. I think everyone should use them becouse they make the atmosphere go way up like in this case.

9/10 !
It's a top movie, but Zaigon, 141 decimated (if you skip the story parts :P) and fragarea 3 were more enjoyable.
I found decimated somehow boring, Zaigon was good but lacked awsome frags. Fragarea was also good but it just weren't the best..

Opinions are the best subjects to argue :)
I disagree, a fragmovie should be about frags, not about how someone falls down from the bridge in adlernest while carrying the objective, or how some stupid medic decides to revive his teammates while he could've just capped the objective and won.

I watch fragmovies for the frags, and insane aim.
And I don't think it 'hurt' the movie that it wasn't objective based.

But I guess this is all a matter of preference.

Tho I agree on the consequence thing.
and action movies should be 120 minutes of two guys shooting at each other while hiding behind an obsticle
with infinite ammo and instant reload*

EDIT: but with FG42's from like 100 meters away from eachother.

imagine one of em actually hittin the other in the first five minutes of the movie with a sten.
I Tottaly agree with u
awesome frags.
where is the xvid version ??
I was uploading a 50fps XviD version but it crashed when hannes server crashed a few minutes after release.
omfg.. bad luck =X
Very fucking nice.
I would be very grateful if people could download the torrents at our website and seed their already completed file to help out those in the queue. I'm seeding all alone.

id like to, but it says "queud" all the time. :(
120 are waitin :>
edit: n1 moviee
Very nice movie. I liked the Sparta-like atmosphere, the frags were nice too. However I wouldn't have put hit sounds during the entire movie, some frags were not worth it. In my opinion, hit sounds are made to highlight outstanding frags, putting them all along makes it boring.
Glad you enjoyed it. Btw, you can turn off the hitsounds by using the second stream. Dunno if you know that, so just thought I'd mention it.
wtf with links :o
i want to see!!!!!!!!!!!

edit: vry nice movie good job
Dlding, seems nice o/
1 You mAx-Chapter-3-x264-400p.rar 48:39min
finally downloading!
Edit. Fucking owns
i cant download them, can some1 give me a right mirror?

cant find a working link :<
torrent ling is working ^^ but everyone has like 1 kb/s limited upload
do you download mAx-Chapter-3-x264?
mAx Chapter 3 x264 720p
no dl for me :/
I'm sorry. Noone is helping me seed. I'm the only seeder. :(
i cant download the mAx Chapter 3 x264 720p version :[
Download via Torrent (right click save as)
download the torrent file and open it with torrent client program like http://www.utorrent.com/
and then wait till tomorrow and you will get the movie ...
ofc i did that but it says "Qeued" all the time :<
other people can download so that must be your problem. Try other torrentclient program
i hat to make a force start and now im downloading. :)
i'm currently downloading @6kb/s and uploading @60kb/s :/
I will when I DL'd it
great movie, as simple as that

gj -Max- and mAx :)
I don't like how timescale is changed just to achieve some sort of sync, it disrupts the flow imho (example: revive on Supply in the intro).

Other than that (and the fact that I can't help thinking of Infensus the Movie during the 2nd song ;) it's a really nice movie. Real in-game sounds would have been nice, but at least the "fake" ones are well synced.

Nice editing/cameras and a good pace throughout the movie paired with excellent frags makes it very entertaining. :D
By 'fake' you just mean added manually right? Not that I added any extra headshots in...
Yeah, that's what I mean. :)
you got a better idea how to reach sync than with manipulating timescale? the only other way is by cutting (which cant only be done for one event or maybe more if you're lucky), or by adding cheap effects.
I don't have a better idea, what I'm saying is that maybe it's better not to sync everything if it doesn't fit. :)
well if you made a quake 3 movie you'd see that barely anything fits, and that timescaling is the only way to make an effect
Timescale tricks can be nice when used correctly, the thing I don't like is multiple abrupt changes mid clip (to mark a beat) which also affects camera movement speed. With a compensated (or fixed) camera it would be less annoying. :)

And no, it's not the only time to make an effect. =)
you made some avis to back that up?
How would an avi prove that that's my opinion? O_o
"And no, it's not the only time to make an effect. =)"

show me an avi where events in the game are synced with the music without changing the timescale
There are lots of clips in e.g. TV (Q3) where editing and camera movement is used to sync visuals (not necessarily "events" in game) with the music. (The same movie also succeeds in using timescale in a non annoying way. =)
i worked a lot with cameras (ET and Q3) and i can tell you that without changing the timescale of the recorded footage you cant get it to sync. i agree that oversyncing can be annoying (i remeber a q3 movie with 200 syncups in a minute or something, and it really sucked for the most part), but its no excuse to make a frags + mp3 movie.
someone get it on own3d.at
impossible to download
this dl system sucks
Will download 2morrow =)
Great movie!
+ frags
+ quality
+ has that hightech feeling :p
+ nice intro
+ nice text
+ nice passes between songs

+/- colors - it creates sort of a mood, but it eats up color range
+/- some sync
+/- old/reused music

- poor caming

I expected more sync and more cameras, and that alone reduces the "enjoyment" rating a great deal, at least for me. The last part with the nine inch nails should be a lot more spectacular (i'm guessing 300 inspired the colors as well), leaving the watcher hungry for another or 10 more replays of the movie.
There was me thinking I might've had too much cams. :-)

Thanks for the nice comments but I guess I just have to dispute there not being enough sync.
plz upload somewhere else-.-
- the music wasn't that good, the one @ 02:30 was good, should've kept music similar to mAx chapter 2.

- should've kept the gunsettings from mAx chapter 2

- i'd prefer a resolution similar to chapter 2..

- the crosshair was too big

- i would prefer the movie without the colors and the glow, but that's just me I guess

conclusion; chapter 2 was a lot better, but I guess this is a decent movie, pretty good frags and all.
nice to watch
<3 mAx style frags ^^
I liked, not sure which direction you were aiming for, either 300 or Sin City but it worked nicely. The music wasn't to my taste but the overbearing and constant head shot sounds meant I barely noticed!

I prefer this over Decimated to be honest, it's more fluent and the frags are of a higher standard, although it would have been nice to see which team mAx was playing for in some of the frags. But again that's a minor niggle in an otherwise fantastic movie.

Great job.
Need working links
Fast ftp plz
movie of the year

this one > zaigon
for sure
sad but true :(

i hate max and mAx for destroying 3!!!!! servers
you got self owned!
Switzerland ohzor4 ? O_O
bin doch letztens umgezogen
liked it.
i can't download :S
amazing, imo best movie ever. fantastic frags and good editing, really great job.
woah! great movie[ expected from mAx]... dunno how hes doin' this, all those ding ding ding "MEDIC!" ... but compared to mAx 2 its worse because of music...

ps. nice editing, this cfg rox
Great movie, great frags!

max & mAx <3
max and mAx, they didnt do anything except killing 3 servers. thats no <33 thingy :(

i know :p
I had to wait for 50 minutes for my download (like everyone yesterday) but it was worth the waiting tbh!
Nice movie and great thing for uv's portfolio, keep up the good work!
get a 2nd mirror
Zaigon > this
patience is smth very nice
we're still waiting :D
wont happen this night, you can go to bed or download the torrent
good movie, nothing more
Nice quality
Nice frags
Some nice cam scenes
Some nice transitions, but not rly special
Nice syncs (I liked the one @ 2:30 ;D)

Overused music (imo)
Kind of like a mood, I guess you chose to make it like that, not my taste
Always the same text effect (letters fade one by one)
Overusing blur effect

Really good movie, but not my taste. 9/10
Really amazing movie.
Too many idle frags just like decimated, its nice to see more of a variety.
I like it more than the decimated.

quality/colors 9.5/10
I liked it, was unique. Only the 41 mb/minutes gives a -0.5.

music/sync 7.5/10
The music was good, same style that i would use if i would make a movie. The problem was only the frags wasn't so easy to sync with it. Hitsounds made this better because the watcher could bet something else instead.

edit/effects 9/10
Jeh this is not a Dignitas movie, this is a 'fragmovie'. So the way to show the frags were good but i am sorry i couldnt see the consol. Nothing speciel new but the movie is cool anyway (i liked the 'intro').

frags 9/10
I give 9 only for the fast actions and the strong opponent. I expected more killingsprees.

Overal 9+/10
I have to give a 9 because this movie really one of the best movies.

Well done max, dont listen the whine ! : P
I liked it but didnt love it, i enjoyed the new look colour effects on the clips, but the music wasn't really my taste so didnt get into it as much as i would have liked. I also felt the crosshair and frag text were pretty dire, compared to the high standard of presenation in other aspects of the movie.

i think the frag text needed to be alot more rounded font, as i found the boxish one pretty distracting.

and uv need a new intro animation :)
Thats coming next movie, now i have Motion 3 :P
want to buy mirror
This is without a doubt a great movie, but I didn't enjoy watching it too much.

There were too much flashes, cams and the config looked way too dramatical to me. Was missing at least some sort of console text aswell... This movie looked quite like an experiment in some aspects to me, so maybe you could've tried something interesting there. Just my personal opinion.

I DID like the fast-paced style, with loads of music changes (eventhough I didn't like the songs they somehow did fit in), the fact that it seemed to be being nearly perfectly made from the technical point of view and ofc the frags were great.

9/10 for general quality of the movie/content
7/10 for my personal opinion.

All in all very well done nevertheless.
Downloadet the movie via torrent in 4 hours and now its corrupt

gg -.-
Try ticking keep broken files when you click Extract to...
That happened to a lot of people with Decimated too. I'm surprised it hasn't happened more actually.
no need downloaded the movie from arni
I replaced the file -> now ready to seed
omg fucking nice one
n1 headshots n1 movie 8/10 total
other than a brief error in the gamesounds, I think this was a very nice movie to watch. although the look was very different to movies these days, it was very easy on the eyes and you could still make everything out (obviously some people will not like it, its all opinions in the end)

like it has been said, few of the frags were of much consequence- so gripped the viewer less - although of course they were great to watch. (the truck barrier section was probably the frags of most meaning)

very nice movie overall, great compression and the tracks were a decent listen aswell. gamesounds perhaps a bit quieter (I like them, but again, its personal preference)

well done, keep up the great movies and keep us noob moviemakers full of ideas.
best fragmovie so far in ET-History - no doubt
in my opinion much better then zaigon...
What a lovely slideshow.
use windows media player classic, worked for me atleast
Didn't work for me :-/
well first didnt work for me either, then i dl different one and it worked! :o
download xvid *600mb lol* or *400p x264*
QuoteI think the constant ingame sounds greatly limited how much could be done with regards to the editing. During the in-eye frags the sync wasn't really there.

This is what he said about aCoZz's movie and I think it applies quite well for this one as well. It created a somehow funny feeling remembering that comment and seeing him doing quite exactly the same. Not saying it was a bad decision or anything but after watching the movie with no ingame sounds, I didn't notice but some minor syncing here and there. However, with ingame sounds and that huge amount of headshots it didn't bother at all.

The content was mostly really great, the guy has a great aim and he's not afraid to use it. Those random single or double kills strongly present in the first two movies of the series were a minority this time and there were but a few clips of which I felt they weren't actually that special.

25 fps combined with just some minor motion blur (had to search for it to see that it was there) made the movie kinda choppy. Waiting for a proper mirror for that 50 fps XviD! The quality was decent, though with a ratio this high it's kind of self-evident and with a bit more motion blur, it could've been even better. Though I don't know if this kind of a color theme brings any extra problems for encoding.

The config was nice and original colorwise, been thinking of doing something like this myself as well. The only thing that bothered me was that plain white sky of supplydepot, always makes me feel like puking.

Editing was nearly as good as it can be with this kind of a movie. The intro had a really nice idea and I liked it a lot, reminded me of that similar freecam flight session in Dignitas.ET Exposed. It shows that simple things really work if they've been done well, you don't need to have a 2 minute intro with too long scripted cams or some fancy storyline behind it. Also the cams in the movie were mostly really simple but they served their purpose and kinda kept the tension up for the whole movie. Have to agree with DabSter though about this "letters appearing one by one" thing, it just doesn't feel that fresh anymore. :)

Music choices suited well in. However, using Supermoves for about 100th time wasn't that original and this "I'm a rock star blablabla" song kinda made me feel disturbed. In general, the soundtrack felt very constant, all the songs were kinda of the same style and were well mixed together creating a smooth atmosphere.

All in all, apart from lacking a few things, a very enjoyable, intense and fast-paced movie. Could easily recommend this for anyone asking a good ET movie.

(Man, it took me ages to compose and write this comment.)
"This is what he said about aCoZz's movie and I think it applies quite well for this one as well. It created a somehow funny feeling remembering that comment and seeing him doing quite exactly the same."

How did it limit the editing? It makes no sense since I basically edited the entire movie first, then made all the ingame sounds

"after watching the movie with no ingame sounds, I didn't notice but some minor syncing here and there."

Going out of my mind at people saying there's only minor syncing. Please watch again or something :S

Thanks for the comment, though. :)
Ummh.. let me gather my thoughts.

QuoteHow did it limit the editing? It makes no sense since I basically edited the entire movie first, then made all the ingame sounds

I thought you did it like that. Otherwise it wouldn't have made sense to put in the ingame sounds separately. Also, I didn't actually refer to the limited editing there, but just for the plain fact of using ingame sounds. Like I said before, there's nothing wrong in using them if you know what you're doing. And like I mentioned, I had no complaints about editing (apart from those text thingys :p), just didn't notice that much syncing.

I watched the movie twice without ingame sounds, on a second time I really tried to concentrate in spotting every sync aspect there was. There's some syncing, but could've been more. Perhaps I didn't notice everything or perhaps I'm just being too harsh (blame the damn flu). Syncing smg stuff is always a bit two-sided, especially in ET where duels may take a long time. And don't take this as serious criticism since I really enjoyed the movie with ingame sounds, as it should be watched in my opinion, otherwise you'll lose an important part of the movie.
So just watch with ingame sounds? ;)
brilliant movie. keep up the good work!
Ok max, finally, i was able to download it and i cant say it in another way, simply brilliant.
I thought (and hoped for myself), finally something new & creative. I really really like the colours and the style you made that movie. Nice cams wich actually fits to the music and to the fragscenes. No doubt, the frags were sometimes really impressive.
The movie dont got this hype like zaigon, another point i like as well.

In your next project you shouldnt use this crappy hitsounds and try to release a high fps version for x264, too.

hmm, good movie but :
+ frags
+ editing
+ some cams
+ quality

- colors
- sync ( 6/10 )
- to much cams!!!
- ooolddd musiccc
- to much low timescale ...
But, nice job -Max- : >
Cant agree in all points with you, the colours are cool, and finally a new idea. And the cams are not 2 much and not 2 less for my taste.
Well on the one hand I have superboyy asking for more cams, and you saying there's too much. Can't please everyone I guess.

Hopefully if you keep watching you'll notice more and more sync because there is soooo much. :-(
idd, and it owns ^^ <3
thats why you voted 1 1 1 1 right.. jealous retard :D
funny how you can see movie ratings now and you can see that klejf, you and some other wnb moviemakers just vote 1 1 1 1 to all but their own movies but then suck up to the moviemaekrs they just voted 1
I've only seen the stream for now, but the music was zzz. At least use some fast music.
Impressive movie, i liked the cfg and even if it's not my taste of music i enjoyed it (especially at 2.30 <3) , dunno why but i expected more rampage and i was a bit disapointed by the frag (but anyway: they are awesome :p)
Great movie 8.5/10
torrent is 10 kB/s

i will let someone upload it to my ftp

thx to a jew who is seeding fastest
Very nice !
more mirrors please !
if anyone can upload this to my mirror (ftp), qry high5`lgsht

or upload to random place, like www.megashares.com
I have to say that I enjoyed watching this movie, colors, quality and so on were pretty awesome but I don't entirely agree with people saying "great frags" etc etc. Ofcourse the frags where nice (with a few outstanding ones aswell) but there also where a lot of 2 kills that weren't that great (on the demo) but thanks to some nice editing work seem amazing now. Overall this movie is still worth 8/10.
dl'ing LOL xD
nice fastpaced action and few rapefrags like alot of movies, gj
great movie
Downloading now
Great movie!

i liked the hitsounds, what a headshot machine :o
We did add a few more mirrors,

US mirros will follow in a few minutes!
thx to all who helped us out.

now that's what I call a fragmovie, simply awesome.
Rly nice movie, but is it my screen or is it a bit dark? :O
it is, but not that dark! You should see everything you need to see.
not bad,
frags were nice, especially the soundediting was something new.
quality was good but pritty dark although you were able to see most things...
all in all nice movie
Bling bling! Watched it at work.

Nicely tuned colours, I liked the outlook on most sequences. Only the really overdone glow here and there caught my eye. Otherwise, pretty.

Overall drive of the clip was really good. The short, jerky slowmo's used here and there bothered me a bit, though. Especially the ones with heavy slowing down and an abrupt start stand out: feels like the player is suddenly stuck in glue and can't move. :) Fast cams and some nice transitions weighed on the opposite end of the scale.

25 fps with very little motion blur felt quite choppy... Waiting for the 50 fps version. Adding hitsounds on an alternate audio track was a great idea in my opinion: I turned them off after a minute, but I think most competitive players want to keep them on.

All in all I think this clip was a good package, coherrent style throughout the movie. Visually really good, although a bit choppy with 25 fps. Short enough to watch without getting bored. Even the frags were pretty hardcore.

Good job.
Thanks for the input.

The 50fps version has Zero motion blur by the way...except resampling on the background maps of the running medic in the intro. It's the way 50fps should be imo. :-)
replying here so you'll get a "Terifire replied to your comment" message.

there appears to be a bloom effect, and i love bloom effect, did you add it with vegas or smth or is it something in the movieconfig/some addon?

also i disliked the muzzleflash with the colourlayout, in fact, i dislike muzzleflash period :D
Quotethere appears to be a bloom effect, and i love bloom effect, did you add it with vegas or smth or is it something in the movieconfig/some addon?

Magic Bullet Suite 2 Plugin

Quotealso i disliked the muzzleflash with the colourlayout, in fact, i dislike muzzleflash period :D

No muzzleflash in a fragmovie looks retarded, plus it would've been impossible to sync the sounds without the muzzleflash. It doesn't annoy me at all.
great movie in many ways, not my favorite kind of music tho.
editing of the sound was great, nice job on that.
the frags where great to, and so was the config.
the atmosphere was awesome, kind of a sparta like atmosphere.
but the colour overlay was a bit... it wasnt that much of a pleasure to watch for me.

Quality: 9/10
colours: 7/10
editing: 9/10
sound: 10/0
music: 8/10
frags mAx/10
config: 8/10

overal: 9/10
great job Max, didnt expect anything less from you :) 10/10
omg fanboy ...
the hate, the horror!!!!
the shiny skin, the horror!!!!
nigga plz ;P
great fragmovie but where is he playing atm
Didn't like it much. I don't say it was not good at all.
Overused glow and that music made me feel bored.

Good work keep it up :p
the nade frag on winghaven (radar) with the screaming made me laugh :D well done
rly nice movie nice qualy nice frags n stuff. There was only 1 thing that was annoying and that was the constant 'medic' whine of the opponents being killed.
expected more (10/10)

8/10 because of the dark cfg and the black fog around the center
Really nice movie 10/10 !
Good job 9/10 :)
This guy doesn't know what is body shot, well done, great movie. (:
Which 1 is best quality?
finally, a good fragmovie from Ultraviolet Productions
lold reading about the crashes :D

gets boring watching all those headshots :X
sounds good
Already on the website.
own3D not owned :)
but thx !
mhh... what to say i kinda liked the movie but im not a fan of much sync & stuff would have prefered chapter 2 style... however nicely done :)
Great job, altough I didn't like it too much.
The hitsounds sounded weird without gunsounds.
There are gunsounds...
Oh.. I didn't notice them then. Something was weird about the hitsounds though, they seemed like out of sync but they weren't really, something was wrong :P
I guess it's just the manual adding of them, it's kind of diffrent..
Great job again, anyways. I liked the new colorstyle, something diffrent atleast :)
wasnt that good. imo max makes better movies than ultaviolet!
Realy good lanfrags and "individual" skill !
Good editing too but just a little bit irritating to hear at every frag "medic". But that all, nothing special to add.

gg mAximilien le chaud I hope you the best.
Didn't liked the music (except last song). Configs were unique but maybe a bit too dark at some places. Nice editing and ownage frags. Great movie overall.
I really liked the movie. Cool graphics and awesome frags, very difficult to make versus highskillers. Keeper.
very nice frags, nice music and awesom quality ;]
only minus is the console kills, next time keep it on
way to dark, and that annoying ''need a medic'' all the time plz
agree with the medic part, but imo not dark. i liked the colorplay :P.
Jeh it's dark, but looks better than when colours burn your eyes out.
As I wrote before, great editing and all technical stuff.

but the frags was mediocre and not much was special.

ganon's souvernirs and BIGMAC on top still.
It was boring.
i just realized, the oasis frag around 7:30 i think he has one of those in every mAx chapter:P
Where is the XviD version ? :<
There's a torrent linked in the primary download.

I've also just finished mirroring all three (hosted in the states):

http://mirrormaid.yi.org/mAx-Chapter-3-XviD-50fps.rar (675MB)
http://mirrormaid.yi.org/mAx-Chapter-3-x264.rar (336MB)
http://mirrormaid.yi.org/mAx-Chapter-3-x264-400p.rar (243MB)
way to dark , just have a black screen with some gun fire in it...
Frag festival = something what FRAGmovie should be?

Another movies can be different, like Zaigon for example. (which was community movie instead of pure FRAGmovie.)
depends. i prefer fragMOVIEs
Me too. This was an attempt to be a FRAGMOVIE. :D
Hell on Earth. First of all i though you were hacking o_O so many headshots never thought that is possible
Thats real true skill !
Well there's just one thing I'm ashamed of. I've never heard of you nor seen you playing :S in which clan are you active or for which clans have you been playing ?

btw. Ultraviolaet productions always PWN !
best quality fragmovie i've ever seen.... n1

but frags are little bit boring :/
need xvid! :'(
i like your nickname!

its released on the website
need more different clans in there
to me it looks like he only had like 20 demos or smth and chose some "ok" frags of it
its a good movie, but not in the top5
denkst du mAx macht in jeder demo 50 fragmovie-frags? das macht vllt Allu wenn er aufn knopf drückt aber mehr auch nicht :<

die frags sind gut imo. besser als die anderen 10er-kills die 5 minuten dauern bis mal alle tot sind!
Why can I never watch those newest movies? :s
nice movie, i loved every moment of it

mAx is still an arrogant retard
this is the worst movie ever.

(16:28:47) (@^mAx) seriously, I'm arrogant, wtf
Nice moive, Only thing I didnt like was the that you dont't get to see the names of the killed players either long enough or in a list on for the 2 or 3 men kills.
my favorite ET movie at the moment
that cant possibly be max, that s why there is no console!
I saw the performer switching to dyna and a needle once, meaning it s someone else :p
enjoyed it, especially the 50fps version is "beautiful".
tbh this movie cant be worth waiting for 2 days for it :/ dl @ 3.7 kb second add mirrors :S
Very well done, Bravo.
it would be nice if they say the name of the songs special the 3ºsong.. btw 8 overall
mAx u rock! nice frags =)
.mkv /o\
Well Im kinda confused. Quality, effects are brilliant, but somehow I found it a bit boring, the colors were such shiny that it could hurt my eyes. I dont like the way how the sides were darked.
But, ofc good job.
i saw the ppls here wrote that this movie is best ever and the UV things are the best....

let me say my opinion

SHEWIE & GANON 2 is the best movie ever
and imo max chapter 2 was better
i realy dont like the new style of movies its look more and more holywood and less enjoyable ...i didnt like the music..and the frags not impress at all imo
for me its just more 8 minutes to decimated nothing change basicly still same point of view still same style of movie
i prefer the old movies with the crazy frags and the great music and even if they dont look like the super quality like max's movies they still more enjoyable

but still this movie look nice and max spend lot of time to make it so N1 max <3
"for me its just more 8 minutes to decimated nothing change basicly still same point of view still same style of movie"

If this were the case, I guess I could drop this movie into Decimated and it would still suit it right? Same point of view? Same style?

Where could I do that in Decimated? This movie is very far from Decimated...the music style is different, the colour filters are different, there's no story, the editing is better and the sync is better. In conclusion, it's not even similar to Decimated. The style is completely different. This is almost a solid fragfest. :-)
well decimated and this movie look same to me...i mean generaly.. if i could say who is better i say this but its still look like decimated
the music not that change ... its still fast (dunno how to say it like fluke - absurd style) and not pure rock or pure trance
and btw imo the sync in decimated were better :x
i saw that u try to do max movie like the movie 300
well...i dunno all UV things look same for me..
anyway i like the old fashion movies its not personal against u or UV i just like the old movies . u can call it demo+mp3 or 1 months making movies but i like it and when i see them i say
"what i great music"
"what an awesome frags"
and this is what everybody want to say (btw max frags not that good here just 3 all the time with lot of headshots)
even with med edditing movies can be succesfull and not always super edditing and super quality
just u to know my top 5 movies

shewie & ganon 2
max chapter 2
esrael movie
winghaven out of the way
shewie & ganon 1

their music & frags super awesome
and the edditing are nice

maybe i like them cuz they nostalgic for me :D
but amm i like superboy movie too even if its slovenian :D the music were so good
and crozz (retard) movie with linkin park
and mika's movie :D
infensus movie
gza fist movie

well..u get it..

but i think you can make the best movie ever just try to realy realy change everything in your style leave all the little details of the cameras in every min when someone jump or die.. or get gib and put some nice music even if its overused
but AGAIN this is only but only my opinion
<3 u max i going to see dragon ball z now
dlin the movie, just watched the flash stream

u accused me of no sync for frags, same here
the glow looks 10x more crappy than even cms glow, the vignette effect(darkening it on the corners) doesnt look too good, overall movie looks like u made it, and made shit on it- or its just my screen brown dirty
frags were nice, but too much 1-2man kills for me, no longer sprees

u accused me of using supermoves the crap way, dno how can i call it here, but fo sho not a nice one, also rest of musics were kinda old and ive heard them before in movies (1st infenus, shewie 3, sarna movie; 2nd in arik fragmovie by pliss (1st one i think), 3rd song dunno


its better than decimated, better than zaigon
but still average for me, i felt disappointed watching this :<
mAx > -max- imo :[

ill edit comment after watching a fullscreen version, 40% atm

dled, watched

looks better than in flash stream, but still </3 the lamps and the glow

intro was nice though
The mother of all ad hominem responses.

I can't help but think your desire to dislike this movie has caused you to not notice any sync. I guess I'd need to sit next to you and point everything out to you because that's just a stupid comment.

Struggling to recall what CMS means...

Perhaps your screen is 'brown dirty'....whatever that means...

If I told you you 'used supermoves the crap way' I'd be surprised, but again I think you're taking this personally and purposefully not wanting to enjoy this. It's used during tricks for iNfensus the movie, and it's demo + mp3 basically.

Don't know where you've gotten Shewie Level 3 from...no song in there is in this movie, but aside from that, I wouldn't have used it if I didn't think I used it better. It was used in mTw Deep Sea Fishing like 5 years ago...that's how old that song is in movies...but I wouldn't have used it if I didn't think I used it better.

I am not surprised you are disappointed in this movie because I don't think you wanted to like it, and it's obvious from your comment that you didn't want to, and you took all my comments about your movies personally.

So I'll sleep well tonight.
well done ! xD
low skilled, mr mAx u suck baby :p

really nice :) 8/10
easy best et movie ever
Motivates me every time.
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