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We're not famous

Stats :

Length : 10:05
Size : 325Mb
Video : X264
Resolution: 1120x700

Music :

Dagoba - The Things Within
The Exies - My Goddess
Hoobastank - Out of Control
Julien K - Technical Difficulties (Transformers Soundtracks)

Frags By :

* Ben
* Bnz
* Cbi
* Chronos
* Cya
* Eden
* Esox
* Ext
* Godmasck
* Keyser
* Krypton
* Leito
* Morlock
* Nc3r
* Niko
* Phil
* PifPouf
* Qcki
* Ramnes
* Returner
* Snake
* Ykng

Frags aren't unbelievable but it's pleasant to look at :)

.avi in preparation

Primary : thx @ Naxid
Mirror1 : thx @ GotsiFinek :)
Mirror2 : MU
megaupload o_O
great frags, all the filler frags have been cut out since so many players had contributed for the movie.

config was too bright at the times and braundorf looked like it had green layer on top of it.

music was screaming for more sync but I liked it and it did have some sync.

good intro / outro, not too long, not copycatting

overall very enjoyable movie, mainly due to frags tho.
dling :)
IT HAVE JULIEN K IN IT <<<<<<33333
french skill :D
Nice rate x-D

After seeing r3, 0/10
hs sounds out of sync
mirror plx
rrr "The Exies - My Goddess" is in Just Spam It. Already looking forward for the whine on my movie. :<


ext's frags were teh bestest ;D
i dont anyone actually watched ur movie ;<
i guess so too. I havent finished it... -.-
thats not the point!

btw I dont think this is actually english so maybe i misunderstood you.
lol, i wasnt talkin about xD
anyway, thanx (though i downloaded the movie allready^^)
kisssmuxxx <3 :D
and you wont be
I Haven't seen this movie but the song of Hoobastank, called out of control, is overused in my opinion.
Sweden reflect-gaming Eden?
naxid plz own3D mirror =) i don't need any megaupload's toolbars
nice reso
lol, why megaupload ? there are so many free hosts and you have to choose the one from which you can't download ...
because i got a leet connection : up @10kb/s.

And don't know why, upload on own3d always bug :(
somehow i downloaded it and i have to say: it's really really nice movie, gratz ! :-)
Its not bugged because you never asked for a mirror ;)
You can only upload a movie stream as user, but ask me for a mirror instead of uploading to another source ,)
i have put shit frag in this vid but gg yoyo for your movie keep it up:)
idd, you fragged me :DDDD
nice movie but the sound suxx
well frags but music is crap spam...
kinda ugly aiming
German ben?
All players are from France, Belgium or Switzerland :)
exies and hoobastank were disadvantages of this movie, rest was rly nice, espiecially frags and intro :) good movie
waiting for .avi (:
maybe soon pifpouf :p
very nice movie ^^
Very nice movie ... N!Ko powa :p
welll... frags were great but theres just too much lowmed clans/mixes
great movie, the colours looked pretty weird though
you are not famous, but you still rox ass!

got never bored and i just couldnt close my mouth while watching this awesome frags :D

nice work
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