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RTCW Competitive History: Trailer

This is a Trailer for my upcoming movieproject about RTCW history. It includes fotage of Quakecon, Clanbase and CAL events.
It is not supposed to represent the style, quality or content of the final movie.
The trailer got created to attract attention to my project and find more people interested in sending me demos or shoutcasts. Furthermore it has some decent content so that the trailer is overall enjoyable in my eyes.

I'm still looking for demos/shoutcasts for the movie, they should be preferably from official matches against known clans, also possible are just great frags. Any kind of support is welcome, so if you know someone who might have old stuff, for example someone from SSN, fpsradio, Xcast make sure to tell me ;)

Starring: NetherlandsRamzi, United States of AmericaNail, SwedenFette, United States of AmericaHollywood, EstoniaRene

Shoutcasts by Xcast, TSN, Radio iTG

Music: Hans Zimmer - The Contender Main Theme; performed by Teo

unimpressed, what did anyone help you with photoshop for?
Î can't do anything with photoshop :D
Full movie will have normal logos
nice idea, but i was expecting something like eurocup x movie

ugly config
ugly gunpos
frameblend looks nice
music should be energetic
Lol, thats a trailer, so for reference once again:

It is not supposed to represent the style, quality or content of the final movie.

I made this in the past some weeks in some hours when i had time, the final movie will be diffrent :)
why even bother releasing a trailer then? attention whore?
Well did you even read the description?
not until now. just dont be surprised if the final video gets trashed.
rtcw still alive?
depending on what you call alive...
i liked it alot :) nice trailer. made me wanna see full movie :)

Maybe a crosshair also :p But overall, a nice clip :) hope i dont have to wait long for the full release
Special thanks to HeRMe! for helping me with Photoshop and creating some logos for me!

This will apply for the final movie, not so much the trailer -.-
hehe, luckily you didnt see how i was planning the logos to be before i asked you :D
looks promosing
The cfg looked really wierd.. a combination of fov, gun pos and aspect ratio. But the idea is really nice, hope you come up with something great for the full movie.
That's probably cause i accidentally used a diffrent fov once (damn wolfcam doesnt use the config i put into there).

And well i wasnt sure what aspect ratio to take. Doesnt look really weird to me, is it really THAT bad?
i think its an awesome idea
i hope some of the old rtcw heroes can supply some of their demos to give you stuff to work with
imo talk to tosspot about getting replays- i think he has the best contacts
didn't like the config but i'm really looking forward to see the final
nice trailer liked it :)
nice trailer, looking forward to it
cfg ugly rly :)

But I enjoyd it
very nice ideas rly ;)
and good music for it and shout for me

btw can you give me name os this song:D?

get better quality:D fix colors

but 10/10 ;)
name of the song is in the description, you can dll it here: http://www.hans-zimmer.com/fr/media/contender/the_contender_arthen_version.mp3
eu/nordic mirrors
the song didnt fit at all
What do you need specifically and I will try to find it for u
all your rtcw casts in .mp3 <333
its a very nice idea, wish u good luck
I would like to see fullmovie :) but one thing ... that trailer was 1min 9sec long and size 58.1mb :S
That's cause I have problems with megui :X
And for the trailer i thought this 10Mb that I might have more, would not make a big diffrence, for the full movie compression will be better hopefully.
Great idea, I'm really looking forward to the movie.

(Just don't screw up the aspect ratio like in this trailer. =P)
Gj, waiting for more!
Good work, looking forward to this. :)
nice trailer :)! awaiting the full movie :D
nice nice.. looking forward to the movie
RTCW best game ever and also looking forward for the movie
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