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The BuLL Got M1lked

The BuLL Got M1lked


Game: RTCW:Enemy Territory
Starring: BuLL & M1lk
Producer: M1lk
Released: 26-11-2007
Filesize: 349MB
Length: 13:31min
Resolution: 720x400
Codec: x264


Thanks to Satz for helping me with the codec.
Thanks to everyone hosting this file.
Thanks to all of you who've helped me in any way 8).


Ennio Morricone - Ecstacy Of Gold
Apocalyptica - Path 1
NERD - RockStar (Jason Nevins Remix)
The Prodigy - First Warning
Marz - Out the cage
Mashed & Tosspot
i got told by satz to hate that movie!

Ahm wow:

Quote<hannes> ZaK-
<ZaK-> ye?
<hannes> http://new.crossfire.nu/?x=movie&mode=item&id=448
<hannes> watch it
<hannes> kinda enjoyed it

rly i enjoyed nearly all of it. Here and there some cfg misstakes and maybe some leak of editing, but the music choice (eventho it has been used before but WHO cares) was brilliant.

God damn i liked the idea for the outro and ofc how you mixed the shoutcasts in.

Gj m1lk and yes i HATE that movie (at least i hope satz thinks that)
haha, i will love you for this! thank you :)
So your period has officially come to an end?
ofc, now that you are the bitching mm i can have a nice retirement!
i'm not bitching

every comment, good or bad, is written with respect (well, unless the mm is a complete idiot)
aaah, now i understand the bad comments at my clips...
u should of add 6 more seconds for a 13:37 time!
mmh i like it its quite funny!
saw the first frag and closed it.
This was one of the better movies in ET - It had my attention from start to finish, something that maybe 5 et movies have done before? So 6th best ET movie ever imo
now you will accept that t-shirt? ;P
Oh come on you've gotta admit Most Hated really was like scorsese and tarantino put together with jessica alba on top. I hear the director is making another movie, I cannot wait!
your sarcasm meter is going nuts xD

and i agree with the fanboyism!
I mean the fact that he even downloaded a movie that takes the complete piss out of him just shows the fanboyism here!
i agree... this really showed the big amount of love and warm feelings mr. Tosspot has for mr. Most Hated
And by not allowing the movie to be posted just shows how much mr. TosspoT craves the attention of mr. Most Hated!
its getting HOT in herre,so HOT, so take of all your clothes
i am getting so HOT, im gunna take my clothes OFF!!!!111
i think that was quite normal, i mean if you are banned from a site that TosspoT still should have banned the movie, he could have posted it on own3d.at and own-age.com
u totally got a point here Mr.
pansemuckl was the script writer
congratz :P


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» You do not t have the correct confirmation code. You are noauthorized to add a comment. SUCKS DONKEYBALLS!
so in other words, most hated is like cod4: take pills to enjoy it? :D
other 5 are?
which are the other movies in your top 5??

i guess:
- decimated
- esrael the movie
- winghaven 2nd nature
- parodia magnifica
- belgian day

Not one of those, sorry!
rly? so tell me which ones =) i'm always openminded for new things =D
Nothing special, you probably wud have guessed them next

r3, frag area 3, zaigon, welcome to et,
r3 is rly great ... that's right ... but the best movie in general about ET (to give ppl an impression why we play this game and love it ^^) is the documentary about Ati crossfire @ quakecon '06 imo
mystic in any movie = instagood!

die sind alle scheiße :DDDDDDDD

best movies i have ever seen

#1 jafo row
#2 max chapter 1
#3 max chapter 3
// dsky,dignitas
:D ... naja mir kommt nicht so sehr auf die frags und die effekt hascherei an ;) ... da muss dieses spezielle "ET feeling" rüberkommen xD
das war am besten im m1lk movie zu sehn :) ist derzeit mein lieblings one
dl ing :P

Why it ends?:(
must be seen!
loved the boot-effect, right in the nuts xD
old lol!
rly nice guys
damn nice movie, love the outro <3
looks nice dling :)

edit : very nice movie :D i liked it from begin to end :) gj
enjoyed. Loved the outro. Frags (and the hitsounds) owns ;). Colors are _bad_ (same for quality and cfg)

gl hf @ cod4
Really nice movie ! :]
m1lk really really najz movie! loved it ;b
Dling. :)

edit: nice ftp.. takes only 3 minutes to download it.

edit2: Very nice fragmovie! One of the best imo :P Liked frags and Apocalyptica. :) I missed the "x was killed by z" texts but when I saw the font you used with them I was kinda happy. :D
Really nice movie!
stream or gtfo
nice movie, but it needs to have 6 more seconds :)
not amused

was pritty good after 11:50 tho
nice movie
but cfg was bit dark imho
nice movie :D:D:D:D
ownage frags
The dynamite is gonna be.... Bull what are u doing O_o

Classic! A rly good movie.
downloading. gotta say i always find it funny how after so many years people still don't know proper name of the game they play :)
wayyy too much glow ;<

apart from that it was a great movie, weird effects less, great & very simple cams, great frags & sync, awesome outro :P
e: hard jonges, ouwe pwnies 8]
i wanna see it but im at school >_<
Enjoyed it, some of m1lk's frag's are truly impressive!

Jackie's ventrilo thing is priceless!!
very nice movie! jackie <3 xD
+ nice frags
+ really nice composition and flow
+ well synced
+ outro
+ boot :)

- quality
- constant glow
- NERD - RockStar (Jason Nevins Remix)
- no muzzle flash
- ingame sound is a bit out of sync in some parts
- no popups, crosshair missing at at least one scene

Its a nice, light movie. The only real flaws i see in this movie are the quality and the glow effect, but frags, composition, flow and sync make up for that and more. GJ.
Love the kick and the Jackie part =) Nice movie
frags +
quality -
Average movie sexy outro 7.5/10
ugly quality, some good frags and some bad frags. quite average
nice movie
great movie, nice work thx, keep it up
fcking loved it :P
rly nice movie, i enjoyed it, very original too
quality wasnt that great indeed but that didnt matter

great movie :D
nice moVie
enjoyed it
frags werent all impressive, but i like the atmosphere and music
nice one:D that vent chat was brilliant:P
any poker fragz from bull?
didnt like it, frags are nice
and -1 for You killed s3tup+pt AMOTE MESSIA
i definately cant agree to teh 9-10/10 comments :<

quality of it was average for me, both for video image quality and the edit- some moments rly lacked sync and were there just for the sake of being there

glow made the movie look rly bad tbh, the allmighty-outro i read about was just a +- copy of outro of ze allmighty (?) TLR fragvision studios - looked good, but its nothing really creative

dont misunderstand me, i dont consider teh movie as a total crap- its just not as good as i read from comments :[

some frags are awesome though :d

overall ~7/10 i guess, rather no more
ballie + melkje tesamen , must have !
lol jackie:D
lekker jackie
it was ok but not as good as i expected 8/10 but nice speed during the movie btw !
really nice movie, enjoyed it!
Very entertaining movie with good editing despite the below-average quality. =)
not as good as kamz movie (10/10), but ok (9/10), only downside was quality, could be better, but was n1ce anyway, got style and got drive in it, a keeper

LMAO @ 8:50, made me ROFLMAO irl
redo the movie, add 6 seconds!
Apocalyptica Path2! Best fragsong ever! But I had it first! Then I believe shewie used it. Gonna watch the movie now.

RLY nice movie, but damn ure lowsense milk :P
the glow sucked, some decent frags. kinda overhyped
really nice movie ;-D
n1 movie lol
rly nice movie, i enjoyed it!
in the end whole shit was pretty good...
Just if ET wasnt so boring
nigga-styled outro > all
NERD - RockStar (Jason Nevins Remix)

everyone is using this song after that clip: http://www.np4me.net/downloads/clips/et/clownstar.avi
lekker jackie!
yay - oChaos ftw
very nice movie :)
i added the owned.at mirror for the fans ;P
best movie ever.
intro with Morricone's song = 10.5 \10
creativity 10 \10
well done Milk.

<3 old Impact lineup :)
Its decent, not more.
Watched it and was disapointed. Frags were pretty good mainly but you couldnt see them so good with this so small resolution ever heard of 720p? compressing dont matter these days or filesize music was nice i liked 8/10
Why every movie should be 720p?
Its kind of pointless movie with fullscreen if its 720x480 etc and you have 1600x1200 as your desktop resolution
So we need to produce uxga-res movies only for you from now on
I think the movie has been under production longer than 720p has been pop.
Thats possible
that is true my friend
Okay then its just my mistake with not knowing enough

New mirror on 100/100mbps machine!
Watched this before release and still trying to form an opinion.

One very positive thing is that it wasn't boring, and of course the frags were obviously skilled.

The sync was ok but with more work it could've been better. There were beats in the music that could've used a frag on it but the frag happened just after it so it didn't look as good

The quality was decent for such a low res but since we're all used to high resolution these days, it's not as nice to watch. :P

Needs muzzle flash! :-)

I don't know if you've made movies before but if this is your first, it's a very good effort.
You just made yourself look silly. :-\
the guy in "19-01-2005.avi" sounds like Bruce Darnell
whaha jackie beeest :p
nice movie :) 9/10
nice job :D
nice movie and good frags bull and milk
rly nice movie!
loved the outro
very nice overall
A bit rough around the edges, but I enjoyed watching it. :)
I am glad u did!

i didnt feel bored watching it, so gj
rly dont like the ingame cfg it should be better
I really enjoyed it, it was interesting and entertaining; moviemakers and wannabes lately seem to pay much more attention to quality, config, were frags vs ultrahigh players and all that shit instead of making a movie interesting

I prefer a interesting movie with shit quality, bad config/colours or whatever and frags vs lowskilled or unknowns over boring supergoodlooking ones

and I'll watch this one rather than overhyped kamz's movie anyday

especially the credits.. =)
nice one-)

whos that dude @ 12:54? :-)
+ frags
+ first and third mp3
+ some ideas?
+ outro ;)

+/- colors = default

- glow ( too much)
- Resolution
- a bit of editing from max3;c
- cams ( Use camtrace plz;D)

Hahaha... FGS, I remember that match, I kept getting 1-man panzered by m1lk. I got so pissed :D
Thanks M1lk!

nice movie was worth to watch. awesome outro.. nice editing. not often movies are so impressive like this one was.


ervin s.
great movie, good editing xP
jackie <3
nice movie, enjoyed it :>
oke fanboys need BuLL CFG XD
love the pic @12:54 :D
Great music, good editing, good frags, and not the same as every other movie(not to different either). gz! :]
loved it ;D apocalyptica ftw!
Omg, you rly have a talent for moviemaking. Ok, mb you don't have the qualityskills yet (with that I mean config, x264 settings, etc...), but we rly need more moviemakers like you, aswell in the fragmoviescene as in the real movie scene, coz you rly got an eye for it m8, great job

I enjoyed every second of this movie, and the part where you stomped the field ops down actually made me cry from laughing so loudly that my sister and mother woke up :D

10 for everything m8, rly rly rly nice movie, certanly in my top5
this movie is just awsome. nice quality nice frags just nice
not too good, comments are better than movie, 7/10
crap movie!
just watched this again after a long time. cant believe what a low rating i gave it the first time through. good thing we have fusen :)
new links plz
yeah new links plz, it's boring to have 5 links all dead....
ill try and find some new ones
thanks a lot :)
It's shame to lost some good movies because of this kind of problems
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BuLL got M1lked
Nice movie