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Jere - The Explosion

Jere - The Explosion

Made by Estonia dONTHAX
Starring Belgium Jere

Music used:
The Used - Pretty Handsome Awkward
N.E.R.D. - Rockstar (Original)

Resolution: 800x480

Release date: 01.12.2007

A little riflemovie. Also contains some SMG action.

Special thanks from Jere go to:

dONTHAX: for making my movie (finally :P) and being my fanboy :D
Flashy: for letting me be his fanboy and being a great clanleader!
Renegade: for being the best clanleader, motivator and understanding human being ever!
Tetten xD: for being a great real life friend :-)

Also 1st
You are not first, stop trying to cheat your way through the first poster race.. But I guess you cant help it, once a cheater, always a cheater.
3h3h3h3. I tried but I failed :((
QuoteN.E.R.D. - Rockstar (Original)

WHEN WILL THIS STOP??????????????++
it's not the remix by jason nevins
but its still basically the same song and the others movies were possibly an influence to why it was used in this movie
my care is big
I liked this mini movie (ofc when I'm starring in it !)

the music wasn't exactly of my taste though :)
Spirea u are on my future movie !!!!!! lol
Spirea u are on my future album !!!!!! lol

there are gonna be 5 songs singing about you in it
Noctiferia - Spirea is Highskilled ´? can't wait to hear it
waiting for feedback guys :<
no cams (would look so nice in rifle movie). again behind the wall frags that we dont see in any other way than from the popups. cheap effects. colors look kinda dull.

i guess its an ok movie with nice content. but not special in any way.
only the used pown on this movie :D!
i liked it Jere <3 with some nice rifle skills
used song, fail.
nice my mate :)
thank you :-) <3zor
Nice with fuskbugg mirror =D
Nice movie, didnt like the music that much though :p
It also isn't my style of music, piilu picked it, but I dont really cared about it.
Tough, I dont think it was that bad ;)

Thanks for your honest opinion any way :-) <3
i picked it because it had nice syncing options
I didnt say that I didnt liked the music, but its just not my style of music. It wasnt that bad, but it also wasnt that good :P. I just didnt rly cared :D.
nice frags
quality could be better.
little to short.

loved the mine kill at supply :D
nice frags mate ;)
I think piilu pulled put a good one.
rifle owner? :
nice frags and nice movie
idd to bad about the cam :(
but hey keep up the good work piilu11 and jere
nice vid donthax&jere gj
nice one dONTHAX!

#rainbow-production style ;o
Can't seem to find this video on own3D... :(((
Can you upload it again or give new link plz?

Jere FTW! :D
Can someone upload on YT ? :)
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