magnus maior maximus

one day i went to dota media forums and saw like wtf everyone was making movies with windows moviemaker and so i thought i'd show them how pro i am and i did and here is the result greatest dota movie ever np4me took 2 hours
own3D stream plz :<
well barely anyone puts movies on youtube anyway :DDD
serious buzinezs
whut zeh fock? :/
lol a wc3 "fragmovie" :)
and what is dota? a wc3 map/mod? ^^ okay its "wc3 - dota"
This movie made me rewatch "The Bull got milked" and i enjoyed it so 10/10/10/10
WOW omfg..
its warcraft 3?
didn't understand anything what was happening but nice song
Not rly a game to make a movie of.
only pub frags?
no. frags from the best leagues of dota. merlini and loda are both one of the best players dota has ever had.
I like Merlinis crazy zeuz skillz
omfg so great !" 10/10
didnt understand shit but the song is nice.
omg no ET...waste of time.
narrowminded "oh a wc3 fragmovie lol" fags
even after reading the comments I decided to dl, the filesize wzas nice (wouldnt lie, if it was 400+~ then I may have cabcelled at 250kbs ;p)

it was terribly hard to follow as a non wc3 player, I generally worked out the guy you were following was the one who did something "fragmovie!!!11" where he killed the other, hero is it?, or something like that.

would have been better with shoutcasts- as much as I still wouldnt have had a clue what was going on it would have given it a better feel to the non-wc3 players.

think Ive heard that song in an et movie before cant remember which, but its nice.

overall 6/10
dota in general doesn't have shoutcasts cause there isn't a thing like ETTV there, only audio commentaries on some of the replays :(
ah shame :O)

it was a good effort, I watched a cnc game live once, with two SC and didnt have a clue ... =D

also watched another one, where it looks like the entire world when zoomed out, even looked like 4 teams. ;)
Game: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

oki now stfu =)
what was done by a videocopilot tut?

its a nice movie, but someone who hasnt played dota or wc3 in general wont have any idea whats going on
the shake / shittty depth of field @ the rexxar part and videocopilot has overall tought me to use AE, got used to the interface there by watching tutorials about random stuff :p
oh and i used some colorschemes / fades from videocopilot film magic pro ;)
simple and very well made effects, especially the glow'd shaking part (my favourite from far).

too bad a non-w3 player cant get why you took those frags and not another :[
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