Codec x264 Filesize 300.00 MiB Length 11:15

Just Spam It

Game: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Length: 11:15
Size: 349MB
Resolution: HQ 1280x720 / LQ 856x480
Codec: HQ x264 / LQ XviD
Release Date: Monday January 1st 2008

Produced by: MTM-Studios
Directed and Edited by: DabSter
Content by: DabSter & ohzor4

Additonnal Information:
The project was started in August 2007 and regroups a highlight of frags from swiss player DabSter from NationsCup, Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3 and praccs, and from german rifle ohzora from NationsCup, EuroCup and praccs. This movie demanded alot of work, so we hpe you'll enjoy the next 11 minutes and 15 seconds. Low quality version is coming as soon as possible.

Music used:
X-Ray Dog - World's End 2nd Trailer Soundtrack
The Exies - My Goddess
Overseer - Skylight
Rise Against - Tip Tap Scales
Three Days Grace - Get Out Alive

Tosspot, Mashed & Flash

Software used:
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b
ETpro 3.2.6
UV Moviemaker Mod
Seismovision 3
Virtual Dub 1.7.0
Sony Vegas 7.0
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe After Effects 7.0
AD Sound Recorder
Smireboule Camtrace 3D

Special Thanks to:
MTM, vaGgi, Split for feedbacks and a nice collaboration.
Snake, for the huge help for the outro.
ReavEr, for.. nothing lol.
ohzor4, even tough his frags weren't special, for searching tunes and giving me feedbacks.
Hype, for helping when needed and adding a mirror.
ShAx, for helping me with some programs.
zillEh, for helping me with some programs.
Mashed, for searching some tunes aswell.
swine, for hosting the movie.
slifer, #webartdesign crew and jotadog for hosting the movie.
And everyone hosting the movie or who has helped me in any way.

Animal, Rapt6rr, conan, Iratou, Limbonic, speedy, immoo, Bruzl4h, rat, tornis, w3st, GuNnEr, gifty, Melkor, vegi, dooZie, wck, ram, aspa, donuts, ext, Snuble, on3md, arrow, butch (cze), marv, miXer, viol, emorej, momo, fra, kaz, maxuh, Colo, Xend, Elsen, freek, Bumeu, Eht, senvelt, pheex, douille, Zorn, xenium, jicao, Timon, Worm, Spiroze, Kevin, vila, ovie, diO, abort, Estaloth, kemar, Elmo, Ark, warN, v3XO, Rafiki, duKe, edison, ScaTmaN, Sheep, eVo, elessAr, Straf, Lady, Puu, hOMER, BuLL, insecure, snoop, Matias, Faky, DaNoNe, mNo, sexyhot, Arachon, Bulld0g and olBaa!

^romeo, conan, tAli, shmoe, nk3, swine, cOoles, kholic, jok3, anim, ReavEr, arrow, speedy, Scatman, butchji, snoop, drago, keran, wEAK, Limbonic, Bruzlah, Noorgrin, chosen, Sight, gzD, w3st, hentai, eva, confo, nevari, stiff, vEg, Viax, hatred, haZer, uN1x, duKe_, g0rg, Iratou, Xpaz, tornis, vaGgi, zerender, immoo!

Download information:
Primary: HQ
Mirror 2: HQ
Mirror 3: HQ
Mirror 4: HQ and stream
Mirror 5: LQ

own-age page
lol ;)
Got to work 60 h / week, not here every day ;)
Just a joke, don't worry :p
wie dieser kai immer wieder an mich denkt <3 :D

10/10 ;)
new Sky at supply = no go :(

cams were pretty odd and imo not needed

dont u guys get sick of doing cam intros? I mean every movie got that nowadays or?

anyways it was a watchable movie. gj
i think hannes is a pretty cool guy. eh shares my opinion and doesn't afraid of anything.
thats what everyone else is doing
everyone is voicing their opinions..
Of course, but contrary to many others I have the same opinion as hannes.
well sorry my mistake, maybe if you'd written your initial comment in better english then i would have understood :)
i think Delta is a pretty cool guy. eh fails at finding memes and doesn't afraid of anything.
i think crossfire is a pretty cool guy. eh fails at using memes and doesn't afraid of anything.
edit: i checked it, it is possible sry
Your cool ultraviolet "uberhaxglowingtextlogo" isn't cool either.
you say that to each clan with a logo?
hahaha, owned, it gets old fast indeed
somehow the first link doesnt work for me...
QuoteSize 56 MB

anyway, here come my comments to the movie:

-I liked the font from the titles (e.g. the intro text)
-The whole style of writing in intro (with the black bar etc)
-Good compression
-The commentators
-The transistions
-Watchable aim at the smg frags (mine would look terrible here because of my -5cm-360°-sens)
-There is some good syncing
-Good outro idea
-Overall good ideas for the content (e.g. on radar at main, showing the wall in the upper half of the screen)
-I got a shoutout!

-I personally didnt like the most of the music, but thats not your fault
-Syncing was more decent on your last project in my opinion
-I would have liked hearing more ingamesounds, but thats barely possible in a rifle / panzerfaust / Airstrike movie
-I didnt like the tank's colour and the tree in the outro
-Once (at least) the music is switching while a frag is running

-The colours are standard nowadays and they are hurting my eyes because i've seen them way too often now, but i fell in love with max' colours!

Creativity 10/10
Editing 9/10
Content 9/10
Quality 8/10

Overall: 9.0


The more I listen to the music in the movie, the more i like it.
In fact the colours in this movie were even worse than usual imo.
def need better mirrors.
naxid save us :)
+ file is corrupts omFg
first of all
please stop raring it
nobody cares of screenshots in it...
i ve just had a prob with unraring it...
so plz stop that shit
now i can dl it again...
something is wrong with 1st link, and 2nd is too slow :X
"Directed and Edited by: DabSter"

"rl" idd... naab =D
shitty mirrors

EDTI: 1st links seems to be very good, but is it a low quality (only 278mb) ?
n1 DabSter <3
dling <3
Excellent intro, decent qualy, cool frags but i dislike some parts of the editing, some things were just not needed. Music was nothing special but not bad.
overall 8/10
So the rar file works now?
good job
well done but plz dont promote such a movie like the revolution when its not even completely uploaded and nobody can watch it :D
nice DabSter <3 mirror needed :)
this will be sexy
wenn's bei einem ohzor4 only movie geblieben wäre
da geb ich dir vollkommen recht
naja er hatte wohl nen egoboost nötig -.-
iwie schon :D jedenfalls wars net mit mir abgesprochen ^^
bzw es war die spracher von "3 frags oder so" ;p
aber er hat schon alle deine frags verwendet oder?
fehlt ein frag, den ich gern drin gesehen hätte..sonst ist die auswahl schon ok, hatte noch genug frags, aber das sind schon die besten (bis auf der frag gegen idle)
kannste mir gerne uploaden >:D, nach meinem bald kommenden movie möchte ich warscheinlich eine art mixmovie machen d.h ich werde dann viele nette leute suchen die mir 1-2 demos geben könnten ;p möchte halt alles mögliche drinnen haben
Yo ich geb dir welche :O
gehn auch [!!!] Hirntot demos?
so roflige public 6 mann nades und so ^^
mhhh eig eher nicht so..... aber ich kann dir aus na 6 man name gerne nen miniclip machen xD
danke ich bin selber moviemaker :DDD
mir fehlt nur wegen der uni grad bissi die zeit

aber ich bring in nächster zeit juICE & Noorgrin raus...
movie is prinzipiell schon fertig nur die animationen müssen noch ausgefeilt werden
ohh hab ich nicht gewusst :P
gl hf schonma ^.^
stream or gtfo
thanks both for shoutout <3

..watched it ...andddd as always... what u can see dab's nub airstrikes and ohzo's lotto rifles! :DD
nahhhhh.. liked it well done both :b

bb.. g2g @ book again ;[
nice movie

hoped for more useful cams tho (no one learned how to do good riflecams yet?)
no one learned how to do good riflecams yet?)

Please teach me in that
i already made a caming tutorial. maybe when i'm bored i'll make one especially for rifle and panzer shots.
would be cool cuz its important for me atm
pm me on irc and maybe i can give you some tips on an actual frag
exactly the same thought
Dling I love rifle movies so this must be good.
yay I'm in shoutout <3
Movie rox !!!
Really nice movie, though I hate spam. :(
there was one "Just spam it" movie, wasnt it? altought nice movie
rly enjoyed this movie!
nice to hear smthg like that :]
Really nice frags :)
music sux np
10/10 nice movie.
10/10 really nice movie, well done dabSt3r :)
nice movie
excelent intro and outro
Nice movie
Great movie =)
Frags were awesome.
Editing was great.
Quality wasn't bad, liked it
Just <3 the musics
So nice :)

well done
nice movie

DabSter <3
Mettle was better, but I liked this also
movie was definately worse than i expected :I

u didnt fix mettle`s weak sides like some ugly effects and sucking colors :<

frags owned rly but rest was average for me, u didnt pay too much attention to cams/sync also, which didnt help the movie ;f
colors were almost worse than in your clipoz ;D
depends which cleeps u mean :<
sry dabster, but somehow i didnt like it at all :(

anyway, thanks for the shoutout mate
nice movie, liked it
i like it! :P dabster!
I don't need Riflenoobs, i have that fragmovie ;)
expected more
i get owned too much in this movie..
movie must contain fake frags!!!
warmup frags thought.
oh yea I didnt precise that it was durin the game, not in warum up! ;P
sick good frags by ohz. rest of the movie wasn't as good as i expected it, unfortunately.
Nice cfg ;)
nice work !
nice movie
love <3

very nice movie :)
During the intro I thought this could be a good movie. Instead of keeping the standard you fell to mediocre crap in the actual movie part. Frags weren't that impressive (although there was some good ones :) and colors were kinda boring to watch. Annoying use of ingame sounds and emo-shit music wasn't into my taste. And hell, 2 mins outro? :/
few nice editing moments and awful music

1/1/1/1 for sure :/ bad movie
its ok, but i get a headache from the weird colors
I'd like it. Few nice camtraces but that techno music wasn't in my taste. And that colors were fucked up in my opinion, I mean they looks so normally ^_^

Overall: 7/10
movie stops in 7:23!
liked it, but the outro was too long
it was ok
rly nice movie
great dab'n'ohzo, nice to see beaver pwnage again :)
am I the only one who always has problems with "laggs" when watching et movies? :<
tried vlc player and media player classic
nope, thats why i posted a Low Quality link. :D
really enjoyed this movie, nice work!

nice work Dab & ohzor4. I enjoyed ;]
prolly yes :]
Like we said : beaver one day, beaver for ever !

GG Daren & ohzo

I miss you ! love
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