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Ready Steady Go!

Colin McRae game series since always have been very popular for people, who like fast races, but CMR games never had suitable multiplayer. Most recent Colin Dirt delighted us with awesome graphics and physics. This inspired us to create short movie which presents possibilities of Codemasters most recent racing game. To conclude let me invite you to download section, where you can get our latest movie.


Technical Info:

Length: 4:13 min

Size: 157 Mb

Codec: x264

Resolution: 1280x720

Framerate: 30 FPS


Programs Used:

Adobe premiere pro 1.5
Adobe after effects 6.5
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Lightwave 8.2
Colin Dirt


Music Used:

Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go

worth dling?
dling ;f
<reserving comment space> wtflol? Downloading :D
amazing...really amazing...
dunno really waht to say since i have no idea what you have done yourself and what you had done by the game for you.

though the game looks pretty cool
i'd say its another great movie by Thoro-pictures, left us all in awe like many times before
and youre definitely being sarcastic
And you're definately the greatest. Hi2u btw, back from vacation!
I love it :)
Something different...very well done too, however it did get boring after 1 minute.
any frags there? :P
stream or gtfo
Nice was like a really cool frag movie without any frags ;D
stream or gtfo
the game is nice, it all looks nice, nice quality, but what is the point of the movie? :p
Showing crashs and the nice gfx :>
exkewz me

why the fuck did you make this? :<
i like it :D
I completed this game as it is the only one which provides fun and realism of driving car.

but nothing is perfect !

there is a lack of mud/water spalsh ( no water at all ) effects,which you can see in WRC on telly.
Your car becomes dirty at once stages /just from clean to dirty.
All above is to be found in older Mcrae's .
At the end of the day it doesn't rlly matter but it's so interesting
why game so perfect hasn't got that bit.

Let's take sega rally ... total crap but mentioned effects are even overused :D:D so I used to play them both to feed my rally hunger :D

cheers !
Like Baywatch, but with cars instead of babes.

And no Hoff.
Once again nais polish host -_-
This server is hosted in USA not in Poland.
Ment this one:!%20(hd).rar

But nvm, nice vid you made there :) Personally I would have wanted more effects synced with music since it's show off video. Still great job.
Domain is polish, but ftp is in hosted in USA :)
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