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caej - Minimovie

Fragged by Finland caej
Edited by Poland west!


Length: 2:42
Size: 93,9 MB (HQ) and 63,7 MB (MQ)
Codecs: x264 (HQ) and XviD (MQ) / FAAC
Format: 720p25 (HQ) and 400p25 (MQ)


Juno Reactor - Teahouse (featuring Gocoo)
Juno Reactor - Komit

Programs used

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b with etpro 3.2.6
Adobe After Effects CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Sony Vegas 7.0

Some words from the author

This is my very first movie, hope you guys enjoy watching it :)
Constructive feedback is welcome!

Greets go to

madscientist, Frop, klejf, ag0n, everyone from #presage-et and everyone from silentium


The 1st and the 3rd links are for the HQ version, the 2nd one is for the MQ version
stream or gtfo
Pretty good mini-movie. Good job for a first anyway.

Some of the effects were pretty generic and the intro wasn't that imaginative, but I liked the picture in picture effect with the lowered opacity at around 0:25

Good quality, though there seemed to be some anti-aliasing issues. Not sure if that's to do with the encode, or if you added sharpen or whatever.

I liked the atmosphere on goldrush, supply looked a bit too plain in comparison though.

Cam at 1:15 could've used some work, maybe some roll could've been added or something. The glow at the start of the cam was far too much.

There was some sync here and there but the music felt more like background music to the video imo.

The effect just before 2:00 looked really bad imo. Is this the thing madscientist is working on? It just felt so out of place.

Why no fade out at the end? :(
Thanks for that.

About the AA thingy, I guess adding sharpen in vdub was a bad idea :D
How much did you add?
10 and deblocking threshold was set to -2 in x264
dunno why but without fade out it was good this time
pretty nice a bit dark though
nice, gj !
ladder terrorist -,-

good clip
cancer mongol
did you even know that ensam has cancer in his jaw :DDDDDDD
Thats news to me.
Expected a worst mini movie, but well done. You improved since last clip i saw.
Goldrush seems too much dark. Did you use dof in eye also? If yes, thats why it seems like "no aa/af" sometimes.
Nice effect at 1:12 :) The glow effect at gr wasnt that good also.

Wd. Keep working.
try to make it brighter or somth,gold was very dark and had pixels all over it :x
music was to loud i couldnt hear the hitsounds
solve the anti-aliasing problem
motion blur isnt smooth
pixels :( omg
OMG it's even darker than klejf's movie !!! But it's still quite good.
nice atmosphere on gr
was dark but i could still see whats going on so it's k
no AA bothered me, especially on the intro
DOF effect was badly done @ the end

nice minimovie, 7/10 :]
omg omg omg downloading!
You screwd up the dof. It was way to dark. But the rest was nice.
Nice one westi i liked it keep it going =)
hihi :) hi illumise
caej is a GOD!
Do not overrate. :)<3
nais host ~150 kb/s with 8Mb down -_-
i'll forgive coz it's caej's <3
same thoughts with -Max- but nice anyways =)
yea same thought as max when i didnt even read that shit
stream or gtfo
gonna watch this :p
gr was a bit too dark, other then that really good first movie, good job! ;)
mr. no it sucked and the game is shit. i think etmovies are fucking useless and the people making those are even more useless. hows it going?
hahaha ajde procitaj i razumi ovo ak si faca!
hope you die before me for the same reason
caej is a superhero!!
nice movie 8/10
deleted it after 30 sec never seen such a dark shit movie...
retard, dont blame the moviemakers, change your screensettings!
yea im going to fix my screen for some random shit movie...
i could see everything perfectly and i use the default settings
im using default settings too
i'd go to the eyedoctor then
ill bring lisa with me!

This might give u a hint on how ur screen should be calibrated but if ur in to photo or video editing this is useless cuz color calibration is nothing about taste it whats right and whats wrong. For real color calibration do u need serious tools.

And dont trust the default setting cuz often the colors and the contrast/brightness is pumped up way to much.
nice but to short
full movie in coming! (in 18months)
very ugly crosshair
fix that and it looks very nice
What were the black maps ? Couldnt see the maps only the players :O Or it was only 1 map ?
To much(high) fov(Field of view/Angle of view) the fov makes things far away aper further away and things that are close even closer if u often use it in the film industry to make a more intense scene or to capture a larger area. if u raise the value to much u get a way to intense scene and things start to look unrealistic.

Field of view/Angle of view (Swedish vidvinkel)
image: 450px-Sankt_jakobs_kirke_copenhagen_interior_wide_and_normal

and the Caej text in the beginning was not able to read if u dident know what stand there from the beginning.

and the depth-of-field blur was really ugly if you can configure that in image maybe u should try to add some AE blur.

but i like the CC very dramatic ^^ a bit to dark on goldrush.
Sorry for my horrible English but im very tiered right now
find 5 differences
great frags,great movie! This guy should play in eurocup!
Thats some nice stuff!
not worth of wathing!
se on niin pimee muuteski ettet näe mitää jos katot streamist!
gj caej!
and gj westi!
nice :!)
shit gamma @ gr .. 1
westi & caej <3333333
i rly enjoied this movie
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