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Souvenirs by Ganon

"This a very badly compressed and edited clip made by Ganon, for Ganon,
featuring Ganon (yes i have big ego). Don't expect nice AS, only top
opponents and 6 man kills in this small clip, there are just small
frags I liked whatever was the opponent. The music isn't a good
hardrock and there is no synchronization between music and the video.
Of course i didn't made a nice intro with 3D effects and smooth music
(too much work and too classical). But I did the effort to make a
scripted cam for the end of the movie (in fact I almost didn't do any
headshots during this final footage so I had to show it in freecam).
Don't worry the most important is there: backrapes and bodyshots."

Resolution: 800x600
Length: 2min57
Size: 161MB
Codec: Xvid
Frame rate: 40


Pendulum - Masochist
Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Pendulum - Slam


Vegas 5.0
Camtrace 3D
Great movie, which is orientated in the way all ET movies should be.
are u serious with this comment? If yes pls explain why every movie should be the way this movie is?

Would be interesting for me.
Every movie should have frags not uber editing which is pretty boring to watch imo :/

I commented it a little bit wrong. The main line was right - FRAGS !
there were frags but they werent special or something.. :x
hitsounds+headshots = bodyhittodeathlagging :P
But the frags weren't like some *khm* edited movies when every 2 man kill vs some clan which I will not mention was put in.
true, but a good movie is a movie which is synchronized with the sound and has good frags in it. this movie featured frags vs good clans, but the sorta best frags were made vs unknown clans :[
True, but my opinion is that a 4 man-kill against some kind of random clan ( when they shoot back ) is better then a 2 man kill against idle or whatever.
imo a 2 man frag is better then a 12 man spree where noone shots back ...
This is a good frag movie, but I'd hate for every ET movie to be this way.

Variation ftw!
Please delete this shit thanks.
The fact that opponents aren't Eurocup Skill doesn't mean they don't do you any damage. Therefore, multikills against them are cool to watch and not as easy as some of you claim.

I liked this movie, lekker hard.

lol agree, u got some EC experience yourself.. cause u talk like such a fucking pwner lol man

damn i love u.. u fucking pwner4life omGOT

kut farmer
Ganon <3
t'es un an trop tard avec ton comment
Regardless, if from all that standard to pick only Gurgaon Escort Service one of the focuses spread out, that would, in all honesty, be that of inventive sharp
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