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ET - Teenage mutant ninja bamsje

Creator: SnaG

Duration: 3:17

Codec: Xvid

Size: 151mb

movie with flagcaps & some defuses and other ninja thingys xd

Primary : megaupload
Mirror 2 : videos

sry for bad mirrors :(
I LOL'D N1 :)
teenage mutant jews
LMAO! wtf? I don't believe in that stupidity and blindness 8'D
bams is the most entertaining player I have ever played with :) and really nice editing by Snag tho I'd liked some more fast-paced music. :P going to let this be in my hd.
didn't enjoy it
Haha :D got great laughs
The first defuse was great haha
funny movie 8D
too much basic flag captures
Happens when you play against low+ enemies.
come on, when he was hiding @ braundorf side or supply door at the end before he knifed those guys, there's no way they were med\+, they were some lowskillers with a default config. the first clip in the movie, the eng didn't hear you dropping down. and the nadetrick @ supply side only works against low+ with no gameexperience :)
why the hell I would lie about this :E
idunno, the enemies just don't look med\+, any medskilled or med+ player would of noticed him or not let him through to the flag in the clips where they were looking straight at him.
skill is relative ;)
OMG Megaupload OMG
stoopp whine!
i must loled but your movement is ugly
snag :P

Not bad ,next mirror filefront?
lol at goat voice :D
Would be nicer if the scenes wouldn't be set up =(
Liked the b4 defuse.. but thats it
nice moves :D
first time i watched a movie with a smile:D well done:D
missä flashdown MISSÄ!?!?
ai no sit!!

(mä en oo kotona)
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