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Adornit Halfbeat Trickjump Vol. 3

Enjoy some gammajumps in enemy territory trickjump done with the halfbeat style - please have also a look at the end of this video for my tj-teacher and for a friendly tj-server - jump you later

Resolution: 1024x768
FPS: 25

Edit by: bNoo
Jumps by: |Adornit|
Fucking Awesome
High @ trickjumo and low @ aim.
i expect some neji action inside

[e] nice, makemejump_b3 i've seen neji doing that backwards :D

nice music , kinda entertaining intro, nice jumps :O)
this 3rd in makemejump wasnt done backwards and especially not by neji :D (greatings to backwardsbunny, who deleated the videos) - but thx for the flowers so far - i still wait for the hater :O
no man , i mean i've seen it doing LIVE by neji on some TJ server like 2 years ago , he done it backwards , i saw that 100% sure

p.s i made a mistake , i've seen him doing 3rd one :P
Yeah man, i remember seeing neji on some tj servers doing crazy stuff a while back.

remember that strawhat guy aswell? ownage
Nie Movie :)
I liked the intro + the jumps and the music.
The only bad thing i noticed is the quality and that the movie is lagging sometimes a bit.

Overall i enjoyed watching ;)
nice jumps :)
I enjoyed watching it :)
i remember "whocares" aka strawhat halfbeating around :_D it was awesome
Sorry but gammas were kinda easy and don't give much challenge to complete =/. Nice try though.

:XD You're my man.
ei nuo ole pahoja hyppyjä :O)
love the msuic

whats the song name of first song (when that womans sing while medics drop med packs)
sylver - half as much (like the outro shows :D)
Its not a bad movie and intro is funny, but sooo boring to watch halfbeat movies.. halfbeat everywhere <_< do these jumps in strafe style.
I didn't download it but I enjoyed watching it.
how dump you are hupoo - this is a faked account from your little friend ///pale - and all know it

ps: finally the hater arrived, like i wrote yesterday - would be boring without guys like you
Excuses excuses. Pale hasn't played in 8 months. We all know deep in our hearts that you are the one in the video.
i'm not a big fan of vids of gammas since they're generally things i've seen done many times before, but nice vid anyway..i guess for people that don't jump much they're interesting to watch
Watchable. Trickjumping is something, where I will always suck in.
It's nice movie, bcoz of gamma jump's, but music just blow my head off. :-d
nice vid ;p
I don't get why people enjoy watching the 'gamma' jumps. \o looks so boring on a movie. :/
adorzi the movie :) a must see!! <3 u
ohh massion are you back? - missed you :D - lets meet soon <3
:XD nice adornit :^^

/pmove_5 IMO
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