Codec x264 Filesize 300.00 MiB Length 616

animal & tornis - The Movie

Movie Description:

this movie really isn't that good

Movie Information

Starring: tornis & animal
Editing: Fred Piho
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 6.15
File Size: 329 megs
Codecs: x264
Frame Rate: 30fps
Resolution: 1280x720

Songs used:

Skillet - Comatose - Whispers in the Dark
Venetian Snares - printf(shiver in eternal darkness); - Aqap
Paramore - Riot! - Misery Business


Primary - HQ x264 (MTM)
Mirror 1 - HQ x264 (own3d)
Mirror 2 - HQ x264 (nordan)
Mirror 3 - HQ youtube
mirror 4 - own3d HQ stream
Some more mirrors later on in the evening.


vader, kenyon, vegetable, dator, jeff, bliss, matt, ouch, smurftang, axcess, alea,
taaps, dabster, reaver, sight, ohzor4,
matz, fazz, lakaii, griim, rat, lazio, emerica, scyter, euruz, limbonic, bruzl4h, jacker, mayni,
fra, kaz, vila, rookie

fred, anim, newbje, nordaN, savage, jonas, NuggaN, slajdan, jocke, crajsor, LoTiX,
rat, nils, kiitos, wizzel, matz, fazz, lakaii, brot, vizZ, NxM, snuble, fini, kris, malmen, capten,
askungen, eddie, blaze, smutzig, eta, GlasS, hype, FaTaL, nonix, fra, hellgoat, lelle, rosa, Tites,
Bruzl4H, Limbonic, anox, PLU173, exquizit, jacker, H4nS, SuPrEmO, Icem4n, cl0ne, ChaMire, wukas, perfo,
Zenix, Rezta, xet, tyyrd, asmogan, vrael, kipo, lawei, encr, orDian, roYal, pulZa, oweN, Kuraigu,
GuNnEr, dodgeh, straf, FrAgOn, CS4f1, rbnt, Pr0mo, toit, gjerry, ag0n, razz, inflix, vaGgi, sacr, w3st,
muditza, miXer, sqzz, krisek, s0me, L1th, kakis, nudels, squall, weedy, faisst, spirea, funky, Iratou,
Fierro, gyzr, viol, phate, criatura, FaKy, senn, uf0l, ohzor4, lona, dodgeh, fast, arTis, rapture, spion,
day_, cheaSy, fl3x, DabSter, MTM, Prydz, mika, dio, k0wn, azatej, wiesiek, dizA, vizion, NoX, bLiz, silent, overboost,
stalker, vargen, kuken, jihadii, kaj, CrisLess, pesh, isEN, Gob@r, (the one and only), swehank, chmmp, chronic, ImBi, wakizashi,
drOws, dzeeta, kyp, deadeye, InterFace, vktr, sexyhot, con, eLc, reikkeri, zeni, abort, scav

thanks to: Animal & Tornis! Meez, Frop, MTM, superboyy, madscientist.

shoutouts to: arTer ja banjo, Zachary, mistii, MTM, Frop, superboyy, Meez, Owzo, Mayni, hvk, noedel, hentai,
loekino, maikel, banaan, jonas, INSTi, Panda, perfo
reserved, downloaded, 'review' coming soon

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if the mirror sucks feel free to blame me, but it should hold up (in theory)
My nerd scouter just broke.
all it does is count ftp/http connections and print the number!
Such a brilliant movie to be hobest!

The atmosphere combined with these songs was pretty catch! Kinda professional editing and outfit.

I loved especially the d'n'b part with some stunning editing!

Surely a keeper!

Will comment in 11 min.
Oh god not this song again.

Skillet - Comatose - Whispers in the Dark

Stop using such overused songs.
don't be so pessimistic, you'll live longer! :)
omg a shoutout :D! <3

well done m8, nice sync and creative editing on the tv and soldier part, music was also nice for a non rock listener, gratz :>
Doesn't matter I'll probaply die of aids or carfire in about 10 years.
wow, i'm impressed :o
rly good movie <3
Solid movie! :-)

Intro looked good and promising.

No idea why you kept in that effect at 1:27.

The drum n' bass part felt so out of place, which was a shame since it was the best part.

Good sync, especially in the dnb section. I especially liked when the kills didn't sync with the big beat, but on the hi-hat instead. Nice work

A couple of nice cams.

Anti-climactic ending left me a little disappointed. I hate when there's random fade outs of songs because there's no more content to put in. It sounds much better if you edit it a bit to put the end of the song at the end of the video.

Music on either side of the dnb was lame.

Bad radar config - check the background.

Don't know why you used all those gradient colours for one part and standard for the rest. :S
needed more rifle frags

didnt enjoy smg frags that much, needed hitsounds and coulve been a bit faster, also useless editings ruined the movie a bit

overally good movie, you got some style for sure but some glow was still missing
k, cool.. can you tell me what you thought was useless? (besides 1.27) i did a fair amount of mood and lyric syncing, maybe you missed some. :P
Fred didn't want to use to much rifle so he just used some from anim :D w8 for riflenööbs
anim <3

owned link is wrong , movie stops at 1.40
Maybe it has not been finished at converting
Intro was kinda boring but well edited. The first song you used has been used way too much.

Goldrush and radar looked kinda gay with purple colors. Rest of the maps looked decent but not too great.

First song didn't have much sync. Although I liked the sniper thing you did.

I liked the part after the first song. It had alot of sync. But it didn't take very long.

I don't like the 3rd song. I was wondering why you didn't use those color layers after the first song. I remember you also did this with interlude (or whatever the name waS), first very dark part but after that "computer crash" or somehting you get a part without any layers.

The ending was very bad. Just a sudden ending. No outro or even a small shot saying that you atleast know that that is the ending.

Frags were ok. Some good some bad.

It's a decent movie but I expected allot more.
the dnb part was amazing, reminded me of electric pulse. rest was ok
good movie fredd ! anim and tornis, both of you are amazing multiclassers :)
tornis suck lol :D
lotto shoots can everybody do :>
he's the ultimate whiner xd
Du är bara sur för att jag missade din shoutout :D
nä visste inte ens det, men jag tror du ändå "missade"
This is my first truly honest and useful comment on a movie, so you better be proud of that.
First of all, I loved interlude. Although you claimed it to be unfinished, it felt more complete than most of the other movies posted here in recent months. It had nice pace combined with perfectly fitting editing, excellent quality and it was short enough not to bore or to have to repeat effects and editing segments used before. Although that movie was your first shot, you instantly claimed a top 5 rank of my favourite ET moviemakers.

To come to that movie, it was a pleasure to see a screencap sharing the style of interlude with your name above it. Of course I downloaded it no questions asked, ran the file, shut up and watched. The intro already made me hunger for more as the grungy, dark textwork promised to push the movie into the same direction as interlude (I'll just stick to that name as it was the name of the .avi), but when the music picked up pace I knew it wasn't going where I wanted it to go. I just can't help it but I can't seem to enjoy rock songs in ET movies. Although the movie ran choppy on my computer, I could see the editing going well with the song, making it decent to watch anyway.
Then the Venetian Snares part started. I sat right here and said to myself "Yeah, that's what I been waiting for". I didn't say it loudly, because that would make me look kinda stupid, but you get my drift. As expected, I was blown away. It was exactly what I wanted to see. It had the grungy look the intro made me anticipate, it had the matching industrial sound and perfect editing. It's a minute of raw power, sheer ET moviemaking brilliance that makes me want to start my own project even more.
Then, suddenly that Paramore song kicked in, the grungy look went away and I thought that was well executed change of style untill the girl's voice started and something started to feel wrong. Basically you left the "That's cool"-district for the "WOW that is amazing"-county drifting right into the vicinity of "Was that really necessary?". The atmosphere built up in the first two parts whipped away and left another two minutes of unsatisfying generic ET moviemaking. Stuff that we have seen a million times before and that all the people that are not the "I watch frag movies for the frags"-type a sick and tired of.

As a conclusion, there's a real lot that you could've done better. You could use similar styles of songs to create a matching soundtrack and you could have used the songs to create some sort of groing tension, only by placing the last part before the first.
Don't get me wrong, the movie is one of the best released over the past year, but well, that isn't too difficult either. Like I said many times before in this text, I love your style of making movies. I just wished you'd have kept it up one entire movie. The movie itself was worth watching, I wasn't bored at all but that'S mainly due to short runtime of it.

To sum it all up, and for the lazy readers the usual pros and cons:

++ The Venetian Snares part: once again sheer brilliance
+: Quality: Not too outstanding to have proper quality these days, but this one is really decent
+: Frags: barely any "Why is this one in"-moments
+/--: Music: It has good attempts and I'm certain many people will like it, I just didn't feel satisfied with the lack of continuity of style

Hope that makes it into the reviews section, I spent a shitload of time on that one >:D
Fuck me is that long.
indeed it is, thanks for watching. my next project will be unique, not the generic et movie - i promise! even though there's not much audience for it (thats why i went this direction with the movie)
I fear that my movie, if ever released won't be appreciated by the wider public, either. :(
lulz as if youre making a movie @_@
If I only had the demos :(
I knew it, but tbh, I would like to see another movie of zE you! I can gief you demos of me :D:D:D:DDD::D
I have a good project and such, but that stupid fagget is too stupid to uplaod these fucking demos so I can fucking look them through and make a fucking movie of it :(
share the name of the fagget pl0x!
r.... You should know who it is by now. BUT DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD ITS SUPERSECRET!
the #spaces r.... ?

The one that already has a semimovie, ye
would actually like to see that movie come out some day. btwtbh i need demos/project too so feel free to inform me.
Well done fred the veneterian snares song part is really cool.
well, i dont expect that much since animal is featured in it
I feel I have to post some negative criticism since fredd always gives negative comments to what ever I do. Frags were quite boring. Editing was almost nice, but too much useless screen shakes and fastforwards. MUSIC WAS TERRIBLE.
Because your movies are shite lol
I think I should of posted this movie under a fake alias and gotten 50% more positive comments. I've pissed off too many people (mostly retards) on crossfire. :D
Not me >:D Will you be my friend?
sure, best friends forever
You'll get used to it.
finally fredd, downloading

[e] perfect, that breakbeat(?) song was nicely synced :D

+ quality
+ colors (but why did you use 2 on goldrush?) :o
+/- frags
+ sync
+ config (thouse big arty strikes were kinda choppy for me tho)
- 50mb/min >:D

8.5/10 , gj
nice config
I'm not much of a movie watcher but considering it's anim I did download it. I really enjoyed the music and I liked the editing and especially the fast paced frags. You did really well and I'm glad I watched it!

ps: ;( got killed 4 times in that movie and no shoutout from anim, so gay.
Why do you consider yourself Canadian by the way? Did you live there?
I'm Belgian nowadays.
Of course, but as your name reads RandomCanadian I was led to assume that you spent some time in Canada, and now I ask you of what nature your possible time in Canada was because I myself am interested in going there after finishing school =)
50% Canadian (mom), but never been in Canada so I cant tell you. Ask anim or some others tho in . All I know/seen is that it's worth the trip and I'm planning to make it whenever I have the time/money :)
You're such a tease!
downloading, its going to be good ofc fredd owns at movie making.
really awesome stuff

too bad u made it a little bit too dark... in so many actions u cant see the enemy, that gets killed...

another bad aspect was the missing end... u cut off the song somewhere in the middle and that was it...

if you had ended it in a more creative way, it would have been my personal favourite
i thought the ending was nice, not just a random end.. it represents the mood i felt when i finished the movie. :P
ye i know how it feels, if motivation passes away when working on a movie
actually you did something completely new, too bad it was just so short
Nice movie. Nice colors but first song too used. Well done
Nice movie.
nice, fredd owns
good movie but wtf @ 01:27 ?
Thanks for the shoutout, too bad I couldn't read most of the names on the stream (was too lazy to download :D). Well editing was good, frags weren't WOWAMAZINGOUTSTANDING, but that's just my opinion.
There is a xvid @ mirror 3
Comments sounds promising, dling
didn't really like it
good and very creative movie after some time
p.s: you killed gunz.deadmAn in fm - be proud!!1 + [CIR] lol
It's really noticeable that you have something, which is missing in the majority of the ET movies - style! The editing is nice, but it could be much more for me, especially because you use it in a great way.

Another quite nice thing is the quality, but it could be more colorful. The used touch let it look noble(no idea how to say it else :P).

Not much to say about the frags. They are solid, not less not more.

To come to the worst point...the music is a pure disaster. At least the first and last song. It completely destroys the style, flow and feeling, which Interlude had. Such stereotype charts-rock-boring bullshit songs... The music doesn't match to the content at all, next to the point of being shitty songs. I felt like looking a clip of Rammstein and listening to Britney Spears. Furthermore, the synchro wasn't that great.

The end was weird the first time I thought I didn't finish the download as it interrupted so suddenly.

All in all, very enjoyable. Get rid of shit music, invest more time for 1 movie, keep your style and I will masturbate on your movie some day.
i used such songs since people wanted them when i made interlude, now people want the opposite. :P next movie i'll do my own style for sure.
True. ^^ I just can speak for myself. It's not possible to satisfy every taste use the music you like. (Okay, don't, if you like the music used in this movie :D) The majority is just used to this standard shit. I wouldn't try to stick to the majority, I would try to be special.
I listen to everything besides trance tbh, and I do like these songs, well not the first..
movie freezes every 10 sec or so. Anyone else has this problem? And how can i fix it..
Have you done this tutorial already? I never had any problems, after it.
hmm, looks like to much work :( I never had this problem BEFORE
but maybe some day ill try and install that codec thingy
It's not much work. Believe me. Download the file....start the cmd...doesn't take more than 1 minute and you will get rid of this problem.
watch the xvid version mirror 3
very nice movie freed :)

really enjoyed watching!
Intro (if you can call it as one) was definitely well executed and soundsync was there throughout the whole movie. Music choices weren't quite the best possible - Whispers in the Dark has been used like a thousand + one times (no wonder, It's a great song) and I didn't really like that Venetian Snares song at all - but they worked well, partly thanks to the great editing.

Frags were not quite the top notch, but good stuff nevertheless, although due to messing around with velocity you couldn't see the "real nature" of some clips. Quality and configs I had nothing to complain about.

For the bad parts:

- Like said above n+1 times, the effect at 1.27 was disturbing.
- I was wondering why didn't you put the name of a player visible on every clip, especially when there was some fakenick action.
- That 4 man riflenade at radar CP was edited in kind of a chaotic way, couldn't really see clearly what happened there.
- The ending was like "wtf...?" I had to check if I had a broken download, it couldn't just end that way.

Maybe forgot something, but good job anyway. Enjoyed it.
The player names weren't visible for the vsnares bit, and cams.. right? unless I missed some clips accidentally :P
@ 2.40 at least, with tornis's frags.

Also, was expecting some mind blowing panzer shot at 3.05 due to the build-up styled editing there. Was disappointed with a single mg frag. :p
the fakenicker was me!!!"!¤!%
anew movie
thats actually worth 30min dl
Nice frags but moviemaker wasn't as good imo. With all comments, was expecting rly nice movie but made me sad now :(

+/ liked the sniper part at 2:30 and 3:20 tv part but it becomes boring after you do so long
+/ some other syncing is kind of nice

-/ colours were sucky and too dark. work on this please. reminds me of kjelf and ashkan sucky movies
-/ text was bad
-/ used songs.
-/ what the hell @ 1:27
-/ bad work of cams
-/ hate it when movies are making faster and slower all the time, you are thinking you are doing nice sync but you are just ruining the movie rly
-/ movie ended very stupidly

My advise to you is that you stop flaming other moviemakers and concentrate on your own movies because you are far from being a top moviemaker.
QuoteMy advise to you is that you stop flaming other moviemakers and concentrate on your own movies because you are far from being a top moviemaker.

As far as I know a good movie maker is someone, who is able to make movies, which are liked/loved by the majority of the viewers. Obviously, Fredd is one of them.
I'm one of the friendlest moviemakers in the scene, I always help and usually go to extensive lenghts to help the people that ask something from me.. befuddles me how you can say that I flame other moviemakers all the time. Don't reply btw.
this movie couldn't have been any darker, around 4.xx it was viewable

oh and btw
image: img_426a3bdbcbabdace97244580b0847338
loved it in general, hated the soundtrack though :(
booring, too much raping.
Well I "can't" watch x264 but xvid is no problem, so test it.
haha, you a fan of paramore or just stumble on the song?

seemed to have two different movies stuck together, middle section was just out of place and although very well edited, I'm not sure the music will meet much appraisal
just stumbled on the song and liked it.. the middle section was "supposed" to be out of place, weird colors, weird song, etc..
so UBER nice
GOOD JOB fredd
with a not emo soundtrack this movie would ownz

Editing was very professional at some parts, gj fredd

(I bet tornis or the other client gave the shit music)
nono, i chose the music myself. :O
I just have a very open minded view of music, I almost listen to everything. I liked those songs when I put them into the movie (not the first song too much anymore :P)
Hahah then it would be far away from emo music... reggae is ze shit.
hehe, i had no idea what is your music taste. I just thought it wasnt the movimaker choice :p -was out of style for the movie-
Nice movie, good idea to put gradient on it. quality for me nice. Maybe if you more work on TV screen and make some distortion of screen to fit it into the corners and make some bulg effect on video screen, it would look more real :) -> only my opinion :)))

Overal nice, nice cams, shakes and so on 9/10

Have y ever made some frg movie ?
Wow, that is just horrible, the first part is not watchable at all.
I appreciate your opinion so.. care to explain?
Does it really need an explanation?

Umm...? It's not THAT dark :l I'd suggest you to adjust your monitor to so called normal settings :(
My monitor on 100% brightness and can't see shit. What am I doing wrong?
No idea, it's perfect for me. :?
To be fair it's better on some clips. But the vast majority of them have way too many colors and speed changes n shit. I felt nauseous at the end of this. :X
oh, i thought it was so bad that you couldn't tolerate watching it or something.. the thing is, the colors are perfect for me, and the people that i gave the preview mp4 of it to said nothing about it being too dark... so i really couldn't do much about it. maybe you can try adjusting your monitor brightness levels.
I didn't know creativity is up to the darkness.
Hmm, please tell me what's creative about the movie? The use of effects that make it impossible to watch?
Have to agree.. well it was good but previous comments LIE. :>(
it was good but you voted 1 1 1 1? thanks :|
I noticed how you bitch about how other people rate your movie so I tried it too xD
I bitch? I don't bitch, I expect reasonable comments from people when I put a lot of work into the movie. Obviously that's too much to ask "xD"
i see you lack proper social skills to actually communicate or discuss stuff with other people so good luck, weirdo
good luck for what?
good luck in life
Thanks. I also wish you the best of luck to stop cheating in a computer game. nerd
OMG THE INTRO +102398238274287

awesome dude first time i see a movie with sucha intro.
nice editing and stuff

nice frags tornis & animal
great movie really enjoyed it.. but now..

sleepy time

A lot of things to say for this short avi.

Let's begin by the beginning, the intro. It looked good and promising as -Max- said, no cams or frags as we can see in several other movies, a simply & efficient introduction. (7/10)

My point of view about your config: I appreciated it on some maps like goldrush, beautiful colors, clear movements but it was aweful on radar. I'm disappointed you didn't made the effort to correct that. (6/10)

Musics were ok, first one was good for a rock song. The second was a wink to Interlude, and it was a very good choice, I like these new type of sounds on fragmovies. You should have chose a better song for the 3rd part of your movie but nvm. (5.5/10)

Now the editing. As usual, you worked a lot on it, and I have to admit you made a good job, especially on Venetian Snares sequence. Bravo ! (8.5/10)

Finally, the frags, some were good, some were usual. Nothing special to say about them. No hitsounds on sequence, but that is your choice. Demos against good clans so it's ok. (6/10)

And the bad point, no outro, the movie finished like that: FLOP ! I thought it was a bug at the first time. I don't care if there's no movie details, greetings or whatever you want, but never end your movie so brutaly again please.

To conclude, I enjoyed watching it, but I won't keep it on my computer. You can do better, you make to much mistakes. You are a future good movie maker, I know it's hard and take time, but one day you'll probably be at the same level as Nonix or Nizou.

Thanks for the criticism.
tho I cant compare Nizou's fragmovies to overedited eye-candy ZLOLDROFLOMFG fragmovies (which i don't really like , except out of the way 1 , tho its one hell of a job he's putting lately :* Nonix)
Yes, I supposed we don't appreciate in the same way fragmovies, but I agree with your . And fuck you wallpapers.
very nice movie but only first music is nice for me :) 9/10
"Anim motivated me to finish recording", rapped you into doing it no doubt.

oMFGG...dunno why but i rly fucking like this movie =D

that's a masterpiece 4 me =)

gratz fredd great job
nice outro, rest was shit ;D

cool movie fredd, good frags tornis and anim <3
I really liked the intro, looks like it would be one of the real movie's.

The movie cfg wasn't the usual, at least for me. I'm do not watch every movie, so this was very juicy and new for me.

About the dn'b part I donnow, I didn't like it...

Hehe, joking :) Well there are some words for that in the dictionary, like brilliant or phenomenal. It's full Nonix's style, and I don't really think he could do it better.

The effect from 2:28 was awesome, the same from 3:03, that was great, too!

Also near to the end that music fits very well to the lüger/colt frags.

The only negative is that the movie suddenly ends what I don't like.

Also frags, editing and quality were good.

Overall: 9/10
You're right, now that I think of it, it shares some feature with Nonix' editting style, but Nonix is more into using wireframes and other, external material if you know what I mean like implementing text work and such. fredd basically only distorts the image giving the movie that specific look :)
yay, finally someone who noticed the pistol sync!
:ooo im pretty excited
simply rediculous that people like kot, jetro, mind, hupoo and raulio rate this movie so badly (prolly due to personal conflicts) :s

however, I really enjoyed watching the movie, everything has already been mentioned in the comments above.
but really one big minus for the ending. I wasn't paying attention to the time of the movie and suddenly it stopped with a cam fading away towards the blue sky ;<
well done freddi.
One of the best movies I've seen in a long time.
expected moar !
nice colors, maybe a little too dark but watchable

imo there is too many fast forwarding actions

and ending is so strange :x
ending was showing how oldschool tornis is z0mg
nice movie, thanks mate
nice movie ,pretty short thou :/
Some parts were too dark (I could barely see the players) and ending was really disappointing, otherwise an excellent movie. :)

A keeper!
Generally I find fragmovies quite boring these days - particularly ET fragmovies. In this movie I found my attention beginning to drift until I was awoken by the second half - I thought the trippy editing techniques were interesting and pretty unique.

Overall though, I found that it lacked colour/vibrancy, and was way way way too dark - I even tried changing my monitor settings but that didn't help. Despite that, I thought it was a good movie (from an editing standpoint), it's just a shame it was somewhat spoiled by the colours.
The intro started badly, in my opinion, the title was there just a bit too long - and the fades, or lack of them, just instant black screen for 0.5 seconds then the next frag instant pops on the screen didnt make the visuals there great.

The colour correction was not a correction, it made it worse - some bugs or bad editing moments gave entire black screens nearly.

The frags were nice, Animal carried the movie though with his stuff.

Overall I thought it was an ok movie, but not to my tastes, the dnb moment in the middle would have been better as an intro I think. the lack of outro or any real 'ending' leads me to believe this was quite an unfinished project.

there were no bugs including black screens... it was also far from unfinished. I worked very hard on it and polished it a lot, and put a lot of detail into it. The no-outro ending seemed like a good idea for me, when you make movies, you look at them very diffrently than a viewer seeing it for the first time.
indeed, thats why its always good to have a tester or two to view what you have done, to bypass anything you missed.

if it was not bugs, it was poor choices in some effects, screen went black around 1:30 for a second (could see the gun still slightly
yea, it was an effect. the world went black, but you could see the sky. if you meant 1.27
Saw it without the freezes :)

I must say I enjoyed it alot.
Nice synch nice frags, your both nice players it seems
The last song is a nice song, but just not for a fragmovie..
I missed an outro.. good movies dont end like this
Good work all

And Fredd, can you sent me the 2nd song? Thanks
for me it sounds very "fragmovie-like"
really nice
anim, the wild animal <3
you owned the shit out of them
liked it, not many movies where u can see that moviemaker was trying to do something. though i actually don't find that many effects make movie cool, as it seems for me some guys try to make an edit movie not a fragmovie. at least for me good frags always scale up some fancy edit shit but anyways it was kewl movie
started nice, continued poorly, then nice again, poor again etc
thought you can make sth better after the interlude, this movie got some nice ideas, but no pressure to polish all the details / sync (like colors in 1st/2nd/3rd part for example)

if you kept the good style for whole movie, it`d have been a 8-9 for me, with the suckparts (aka dnb or sync@1st song mostly) i voted 6`s, sorry but this movie doesnt deserve more
oh, it doesn't DESERVE over 6, but your movies deserve 10? (since you flamed everyone that voted under 9)
look who's talking, hes giving feedback and your flaming him? oh the irony

to bad your too retarded to add his feedback in the reviews section
only admins can add reviews, but good job on calling me retarded, moron.
doesnt change the fact your flaming him
i wouldn't call that flame, (ignored)
noone can FLAME ME
pretty good
personally i dont like etfragmovies except a very few .. but that movie is really nice : )
bad movie
I really liked the movie, wish it would have been a few minutes longer :p and diva-tornis without giving me a shoutout?!
Listan vore för lång för den här sidan om jag skulle nämna varenda jävel som jag haft lite kontakt med i spelandet, missade andra som jag spelat/snackat mer än med dej över internet också. Gott att du tyckte filmen var var bra dock.

shoutout to snook olol
Vad du tog åt dig, var ju menat med lite sarkasm men det förstod du säkert..
The intro was really nice and simple i really liked it.
I cant really make up my mind if i like the gradient colors or not. The other color correction was good but it wouldn't hurt with a little over all desaturation.
More individual color correction for each map like darker and more desaturated(less light less color) for the "night maps" and brighter more sunny day feeling for maps like supply but these are just a few ideas for a next movie.

Overall a really good movie above the average.

Edit: Roligt att se att ditt långa demo tittade kommer till nytta tornis. trist bara att jag inte har tid att göra nått vettigt av de.
Behöver rifle fragmovie sätt igång :D
har mycket ideer och tankar om vad man skulle kunna göra men motivationen dör när men cappar tar sån jävla tid och går så jävla sakta och så är det så obekvämt att spola i demos tar så mycket tid och energi. har ganska fullt upp håller på med en dokumentär planeras att bli klar nu till jul.
tornis has multikills????\

not bad movie, somehow reminded me of
ur cams caught my attention,how did u make them so slow?
the nade came for example,how did u slow it so much? :O
you can change the time how long it takes to finish the cam in camtrace, + slower timescale.. and you can use slowmotionion in vegas / ae afterwards
changing the ts doesnt make it slower,it's a bug in ET.ts changing changes the fps.
using vegas curves to make it slow sux cuz it looks bad :X
how do u make it slower @ ae?
there's no bug for me. I change the timescale in camtrace to say 0.3 and make the cam as fast as needed accordingly. In ae you use Time stretch / time remap
ah,u dont use image?
not when i'm camming
Gosh. Just record with double fps then and use your normal fps in VDub. Tadaa you'll have 50% speed reduction d'oh
Excellent Venetian Snares part,but compared with this, the rest was kinda "too normal" :<
You all seem to don't have style...

I liked the first Songs a lot! I'm going to buy their album =) I liked the colors a lot too, In my opinion the first part of the Frag Movie is the best. After all I would give this movie 8.5/10 because of some really shit Fragments (the second d part should be the last one) and Effects (1:27 was the worst effect I ever saw, seriously...)
nice movie, although the music made it unejoyable for me.
people seem to be emphasizing too much on the music.. it's not too diffrent from other fragmovie music after all. it was synced well and it wasn't country music or whatever.. just have an open mind. :)
well i rly liked the sync and everything about the movie. The music just sucked (imo), tastes are different. :)
terrible music but cant really downrate it cause of that but it looked really beautiful and saw some nice frags so ye guess 8/10
A+ fred anim and tornis
It's an effing European site, use fucking numbers to express marks given, canafag.
he was being sarcastic
+ for Skillet song
+ for keeping Interlude's style
+ frags
+ cams
+ sync etc

- colors/config @ radar
- r_zfar on radar!! :(

Watchable, and nice. 8/10 I like your style. ^^

btw. are you using Image ?:O
yep im using image
that'd work if i needed to slow only 1 scene,but if i need it for the whole movie :X
much more time and space
I don't know what to say.

This is simply the most amazing, most artistic, most catching and most impressing fragmovie I ever saw in my whole life.

Thanks for making my day!

Not a bad one. 7/10 GJ.
nice movie : ) 8/10
one of the nicest et movies i have seen
rly nice movie, although not music I would use
9/10 .... to short and no outro :D

drums and bass part > all . never seen that before,nothing impressed me more.
little bit too dark at the beginning and it ended kinda abruptly, but overall a good movie :)
Thought it was very good, great editing, good syncing and some nice originality and it had anim in it, what more could anyone want!? :D

Thought the config was fairly horrible and could do with an outro, id still say that was one of the best etmovies ive seen though, if not the best.

gj fredd
I almost never watch outros and I feel a lot of people skip them.. so I didn't do one.
Then you've got a reason for not doing one :D
good decision
Must be good cuz my favorite nub anim is in it!
Enjoyed the movie.

+/- Dark fragmovie, kinda like a sincity feel to it? but I felt that sometimes it was too dark, and couldn't see the player models, in particular the axis.
+ music was pretty good. That dnb part was great, and I enjoyed the syncing with the frags
+ decent frags, not too much spam going on too
- shit ending, I had to rewind to make sure it didn't skip or smth :D

One of your best movies out, but I see more potential, and thought you could have done a bit better :(

Very nice job! The rifle-moves were in my saggy eyes, stunning. (Not that the other frags we're bad though)
Nice creativity and somewhat deviant from the average fragmovies these days.

easily 8/10 even though the ending was.. a bit flat but thats the only negative thing I came up with atm.

Btw, plz 2 give songnames :D

Edit: watched it one more time and I noticed more of the sync with music and also the camera-to-in-eye-of-player switches.. briliant!
Songnames are in the description, thank you for watching. :P
lol, I tend to ignore such information ;)
then you would of ignored the outro too, if there had been one, i guess. :P
nah it was a fine ending, just that the music didn't rly suit.. it should have been something more abrubt :)
haha, i tried to make it the opposite
haha then success! ;) can't always love the same kisses!
I like this Video.
The Quality and the Music are great <3

All in all I <3 this Video.

Sounds didn't work for me, so it was a bit mild watch without them (heard there was a lot syncing as well!). Anyway the editing was fluent including some nice ideas. The quality was nostalgic. Frags were cool and many of those were 3+ men kill which was a positive thing. It was about good length and on average I enjoyed the movie well :)
Might want to watch the stream then to hear the audio, the HQ stream is pretty good, the regular stream has horrible audio quality though.
i really enjoyed it till 4.16 when that gay music started

nice editing and cool layers tho it didn't fit on some maps



It's a very nice looking movie, and also very good music, animals frags were good but tornis was just boring, nothing really special :/
i thought the frags were good for the movie, tornis has loads of frags so blame me i guess :P
really nice movie! the drum and bass part was just fuckin sick ;) loved it

nice syncing but somehow it didnt keep me interested. I guess that im too spoiled and i need hitsounds to really enjoy a fragmovie. And the frags werent that entertaining. Weird cuz i expected less rape frags in a tornis-animal movie :/

Also most of the music was abit too pop-ish for my taste, and not fast/aggresive enough for a fragmovie imo. It was also a tid dark.

Thumbs up for the nice syncing at times and the interlude and intro. I guess im just not feeling it for the rest.
Why a shoutout to me if we practically never even talked? :P
nice movie with good music and one of the best intro's
+ The best intro evah
+ Pretty nice playing with colors, especially grush and radar
+ Nice frags
+ Most effects

- No hitsounds!
- A little bit overedited

10/10 for me
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