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bl1tz & wsk iNmotion

bl1tz & wsk iNmotion

an Enemy Territory movie
featuring scott "bl1tz" k. & manuel "wsk" o.

idea by bl1tz & wsk
moviemaking by wsk

This movie was produced during oct-nov 2008
Most demos are from 2008 (scrims and officials)

songs used in order of appearance:

(Band - title - genre)

Enter Shikari - intro - drum & bass
Pendulum - granite - drum & bass (bl1tz` choice)
The used - slit your own throat - punk/alternative
Section 8 - who are you to blame? - hardcore
Atreyu - bleeding mascara - posthardcore

unlike 80% of the ET moviemakers I won't claim that this movie isn't finished cause I lacked motivation or whatever. I just can't do better than this :P

It's more of a "demo with music movie", but I still had fun making it.
Hope you enjoy it anyway, thx for watching <3

shoutouts I forgot:
SQuid` & Zak-

(18:11:28) (sciondAAA) ncie video tbh :O
(18:12:05) (sciondAAA) eventough i never thought wsk would ever kill more then 2 players in a row... :)'
im gonna dl it just for the music listed, made me curious :d
and venerea reminds me of good old times with nfp :)
muzzleflash too bright to see half of the screen = :(
go bl1tz go! :D
cant be any goods since it includes blitz :\
lets see

edit1: blitz had only 1 or 2 good frags

edit2: wsk has some nice stuff in there :)

Frags were ok, quality too, but it was annoying to have differents cfgs (for example not always the "you killed ..." popup etc ...).
nice how ratings go down the more people watch it =D
cos sal is a retard
cant you just fuck off.
60 fps is too much for normal users...

i can only watch it in stream, lags too much
+ intro ( rly liked it )
+ quality was fine
+ most frags were ok/good but few ones, where you kill 4 guys within 30/40 secs are unnecessary and boring
+ music

- graphics on b4 somehow looked ugly for me
- you switched between mm_drawyourownfragsonly 1 and 0 sometimes ?!
- also i dont understand why popups are left side down on one frag :p

somehow the movie lagged for me a bit, dunno if it was my pc or the movie itself

after all i enjoyed watching, gj
Quote+ quality was fine

srsly...watch it again
it was at least fine for me to watch it :D
mhm, how you make your comment as a review:) i want mine as review to:D
I think you gotta be some sort of admin for that...
anyway, I liked both your reviews =)
It wasnt me, its been some admin who put it there.
i kinda liked the cfg but on some parts there was just too much gamma (for example on braundorf).

frags were good, editing was ok.

i liked the music until the metal part started :| cant see anything special about this song.

and also the extra scene doesnt seem funny or special to me :p
hoping to be there!


no idea why but this movie played like 10 fps when i turned it fullscreen

was watchable, didnt expect more so ye its okay
omg wiesiek
if this has got blitz in it then it's gonna be a epic fail :D
Blitz frags were terrible.
i liked it :) pretty nice config, only i didn't like it at bremen some nice frags good job! quality is nice
Some frags were too long and boring, but they deserve in the majority to be put in a fragmovie (hs sequence, team Russia frag), so that was ok. Not impressive, but still nice to look.
Granite is overused, and even if it's a great music, the first part is only watchable thanks to that track. Other musics sucked hard, there's no sync, editing was too simple, no creativity. Nevertheless, I appreciated the intro, you made the effort.

To conclude, I enjoyed watching it & didn't close it after 30 secondes, but I won't keep it in my computer.
I liked it. Don't whine about the frags, it's simply not possible to show blitzz's incredible game intelligence in a frag movie.
was pretty ok, nice movie overall :)
nice movie :)

+ the cfg and the quality

- tace got a shoutout and i didnt -_-
I rly liked it :) rly nice movieee

+ I have enjoyed the musics which were veryy nice
+frags, intro, editing

- maybe quality : S >
where my shoutout?
DLing :)
nice, but my pc cant run it x)
guess its about time for new pc then :P
idd, but thx for the stream <3
nice movie wsk :)

nice movie.

<3 blitz and wsk
the movie suck so badly! you should get banned for posting this movie! what a waste of time
watched it now :)

I was kinda impressed. The quality is really nice and the feeling is somehow different than in other movies. In the intro the "ghost imaging" worked kinda well alongside the reviving part. wsk frags were good and so were most of bl1tz' as well (just bit too much fast-forwarding there).
The config was otherwise nice but I kinda missed the "you killed ###" text, because it was a bit hard to follow the action in some occasions. The musics were suitable for this movie and not too overused. The hitsound parts were cool as well. And a big plus for the 60fps, this was prolly the smoothest fragmovie I ever seen!


And I hope the rumors about wsk quitting ET aren't true :(
well, thanks :)

the "you killed" text disapeared in the middle of the moviemaking process when my config got fucked... I noticed it after I have done lots of scenes and I didn't want to redo it all.

I can kinda understand why people "whine" about bl1tz' frags. We should have been more patient about that to find better. Bl1tz is a great aimer, but it only shows in 1-2 scenes in this movie...

The fps... The movie overall doesn't have a great quality (even though I think it's not bad, just nothing special), but the fps really made a big difference. Funny enough, it doesn't change much in the filesize (why ever that is...).

Thx for the nice review =)

oh yea, me quitting from ET hmm. I think it is kinda true. Ofc I still pub sometimes and I was thinking of looking for a backup spot somewhere :P
really nice guys, good job wsk....really like the music also...
Cool movie in general....nice to see i was right about scott getting no frags in iNmotion :p
thx =)

at first he told me "I got tons of good scenes from iNm time" but somehow he couldn't find them anymore...
too many demos too look at :<
good job wsk nice movie :P
10/10 i got greeted.
nice movie wsk, your work shows progress! :P thx for the shoutouts btw ;)
ur welcome <3
very nice movie indeed :O congrats - but got not greeted :( so minus one point in my book :P
Nice movie and nice last frags vs EU :D
Liked it. Good job :)
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