Codec xvid Filesize 100.00 MiB Length 02:39




Created by: Miha "superboyy" Kokalj

Movie was created for crossfire movie competition.

Game: Quake 3
Genre: Frag highlights
Length: 2.00
Size: 97.8MB
Video: Xvid
Audio: Lame MP3


wrack/hossman - illy-ya
doom/red - superboyy
razor/id - mAx
klesk and sorlag - random public players


Chemical Brothers - Block Rocking Beats
Fat Boy Slim - Going Out of my Mind

Programs used:

Quake 3
Adobe After Effects 6.5
Photoshop CS

Special thanks:

auri - #moviemaking @ qnet
gg67 - #smireboule @ qnet
100mb for 2 minutes? LOL!

i'll consider making 3rd world country edition for all online gamers who are on dial up
Considering the 20±10 kb/s filefront is giving me and the fact I'm downloading since more than 1 hour, I would have been pleased...
oh, geez, this aint the 3rd world country edition? thought due to use of xvid ;(
also the download limits on the ftp you decided to choose for the movie makes me feel like real 3rd world countrier !
you sound like you're offering a ftp mirror
I surely would unless some fucker would've not deleted it and all the stuff on it without any warning.
ah ok, tnx anyway
a comment about the movie now that I've seen it!

+ Editing. Cool 3D effects and scene switching. scripted cams look smooth and cool aswell.
+ Music. I liked the actual music(everyone has its own taste so this is not so important) the sound sync was nice and finished all the way.
+ Config. looks like gq3 config which is great.
+ Quality. the quality is very high and sharp. high fps recording made the film look really smooth.

- Frags. Decent, but after seeing a lot of movies with a lot better frags, they were kinda dull. editing does make them very good looking though.
- Quality. 100mb for 2 minutes? surely quake with high fps recorded clips do need more mb/min to make it nearly lossless but there is always x264?

Definedly drops other trailers/movies from the board so far, will see if it will get you the headset though ;)
You are living in a 3rd world country mate xD

ja samo je res mal prevec za 2 min :x drugac pa upam da bo dobr :P
wow that's just...awesome
Compared to the other movies of this comp it's good. Comparing it to quake movies it's nothing special.
The 2 kill railshots were cool. That q3dm6 ra scene reminded me of "mortuality".
Mortuality <3 Awesome movie.
very nice movie!
High fps recording, sync, cams, nice music style. This is winner :}}}}}}}}
Quake3 movies > ET movies

really nice/original camera work !
I enjoyed it, but it could be half the size.

Good work, nice sync and flow.

By the way, there's a bug at 0:08 on the guy's face. Probably from the encode.
i think that's not a bug. just watch it in slow-motion and you will see it's illy-ya's face
weee first image found :P
fake imo! :))))
best one Ive seen so far. action packed not a "30 second intro - and not much else", outro was great.
filefront.. omfg
100mbit mirror added
Superboyy you promised that there will be promode frags >:/
I know that atleast you and mAx has good cpm-frags but where were they?
I'm really really very wery disappointed now :(

No points from me tbh, average movie with great quality tho.
nice edit and stuff but quality 3/10 cause lenght vs size is to big
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