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edit : 4oohz
frags : $!MooN (Rifle)

resolution: 1280x720 30fps

Frags from my old mate $!MooN, from the team Catharsis Bullet Zealot and WCK.
The frags are from the years 2007-2008.

We had a good time together in the team CBZ.

I salvation all former CBZ Bahamut, Jiind3, Azur, Qu @ ke, Cox, Chauvst, k2k ....

Thx, hf.
tu sais dja tout :p
It was nice in the beginning, but from there it just went downhill =( I enjoyed watching it though, well done
JE 400hz
decent movie, watchable
313 mb for 7 min 0_o

Anyway downloading, will comment in 16 min.
daft punk <3
med+ every night, where ? :o
Not bad


-weird music
no stream no win
decent movie
pretty good. although the editing was pretty sloppy, the cams made up for it.. although if you spent some time in after effects the movie could of probably been 2x as good
If only you know the time he spent on this movie :o
i can see that there was quite some time spent, thats why i said that if you spent a little extra on after effects it could of been 2x as good.
hmm ok sorry. I didn't understand well =)
enjoyed it...
nice simoon & mike ;)
decent, nothing special.
ma connexion a piscine
lold @ some frags
good frags or just suck frags u lold at?:p
i`d say its an average movie made of good frags against bad clanz :<

and i lold @ few rifles mostly, but the frags are rather good than bad
dident watch yet will dl tomorrow!
nice guy...
or not

but i like him

wp, i love you sal ch'ti
nice, i liked it
Bad enemies.
Im wondering atm how can you make 500 movies and dont improve anything... you seems exactly like when you started moviemaking. jezus christ!
Yeah I don't see much improvement either for someone who's made so many. :-\
But i believe he can improve! Seems he just dont want to improve :\
totally disagree. he has improved a lot
Watch his first one and watch this one
Didn't like it.

- quality was too bright
- terrible music (jumpstyle wtf? Welcome to 2006. You should be raped and killed for using that)
- Too much zoom effects.
- no blur

+/- frags were good but against bad opponents

+ Most cams were nicely done
jumpstyle? all i heard was psytrance
The song at 4:13 is deffinetly jumpstyle.
quite fitting for rifle i'd say
Might be so but I seriously hate jumpstyle music.
bonne video
in my case: when I browse crossfire and select the section "MOVIES" and I then see a movie with that picture, I am not very attracted because it looks kinds cheap. luckily the overall rating convinced me to download it, since it actually is a well-made fragmovie. gj
I want more opponents skilled !
good job, but music sux :/
This one was better than your last movies 400hz but there's still some things that keep it from being really nice.

Intro is still boring. It looks like you don't know yet how to make great cams. They are ok, but they don't reflect your capacities.
Musics were cool, not for every tastes, but since you could work on them, your choice was the right one.
Config was also correct, nothing special, just enough for the movie to look beautiful.
Editing was better than the last times, you tried to make some efforts on sync and effects.
Frags were watchable, but I expected more skilled demos from Simoon. Even if there are performs against good clans, some of them looks easy.

To conclude, the movie was enjoyable, but it didn't show the player and moviemaker total abilities.

Less movies, more work.

i liked it (not the movie but the shoutout) :DDDDDDDDDDD
Music sucked a bit
sinon ça claque :D
GJ mike
10+ for infected mushroom!
sea-moon and mike nice! downloading <3
hi2U bodybuilder :)
the bitch cant aim
Some nice cam (frostbite), synch was good but could be better during the second half of the movie.
Same contrast and ugly text like always :/
Quality was not rly good.
Intro + outro were too long compard to the rest of the movie.

You are in the good way to make something rly nice.
Why not trying something totaly different than your previous movies ?

Overall : 6/10
owned stream crashes at 5:43
shit cams
shit music
liked it a bit somehow :p

but now i hate you for using "suliman" and for not using its full potential :( (this song has much more of it than you showed!)
Can't help but just read MooN which reminds me of Goldmoon lol
Nice movie and very enjoyable riflefrags:---) Liked it!
You : 18 ( 18 June 1990 )
Me : 18 ( 15 June 1990 )

:D Me > you :)

Thanks for comment ;)
looooool np :-D
lol toi

Reviens sur WoW j'touche les 1983 de cote sur mon chassou et 1650 sur mon wawa OLOL.
Peux pas revenir, j'ai tout enlevé :-D
(1650 nul krkrkr)
Bah réinstalle!

J'ai besoin d'un bon healer pour mon fufu!
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