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z3R0 - ET Movie

This is my first movie starring Mates "Germany/Polandz3R0" W, ex Highbot, Fear Factory (...) player.I've worked on this movie for a few months now and now it's finally finished.The frags are really old, but it was something special in the past. Enough has been said now. I'm glad to present you ... "z3R0 - ET Movie".

I hope you'll enjoy this movie.

Lengh: 07:35
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 304mb
Video Codec: x264
Directed by GermanymeNtal

Music used:
Through The Gates - Celldweller
Yellowcard - Way Away
Linkin Park - Session
Halo 3 OST - Never Forget
Great frags and a simple movie supporting them, me likes. :)
well done cheateruu^^
z3R0 <3
i pretty much miss hitsounds there , otherwise it was nice movie
Nice and simple, movie flied by whilst I watched it
Nice diversity of maps btw
sup with all these recent fragmovies/clips containing frags vs me? :\
you just piss everyone off with your lockerz. but nice interview anyways. np
Average movie, even if its your first movie you got enough knowledge to see what a movie need to have to be enjoyable. So why didn't you synced this movie more ? That overused linkin park song got enough interesting part to have an easy sync.
Work on your freecam, at 2:35 i guess you wanted to follow the grenade but it failed at the end :/
Change your gun position, the thompson looks like a toy.
On the outro the fueldump colours was nice, but adding this giant square on the middle ruined it.

Take more time to edit your movie, and watch what other people do, it's always an inspiration source. Waiting for the next one.

nice emo st
nice frags, editing.. well which editing?
intro was weak, outro aswell.
got earcancer from that bad quality linkin park song (also overused).
again a waste of content (which was the only high quality thing about this video), could have been much more better!
such a waste of nice frags :| basicly demo+mp3
expected more. Nice frags though.
demo + mp3

good frags, good quali
QuoteI've worked on this movie for a few months

more looks like a 1day shitmovie, basically demo+mp3.
no sync, no editing, boring and overused music, ugly font, blablabla etc.
3/10 just for decent frags and nonfraps quality
Solid. Especially, the intro song is pretty nice, no idea why u didn't use it for syncing?!

Too bad there is almost no sync in the movie, else it could have been a really good movie. If u had also added some effects, it could have been a really great movie. Still, good work, don't let it ruin by the haters.
2bad that i didnt catch almost any sync, songs were good (eventough that 1st one is LQ and second requires a lot more sync, i would say it requires fredd style of editing). It seems like one week movie :(
nice movie gj mental
kinda frags + mp3, no hitsounds :<
pretty nice frags, gj z3R0
really good frags rest is avarage
Overall 6.66

wat about "FEEL THE FRAGS"
good frags, nice quality, rest sucked cock. imo get better moviemaker next time.
belive me next movie gonna be sick, it was just not my style of frags to sync
looking forward to it :)
please stop whith those "ENJOY !" screens ...

Was an ok movie.
serieux j'ai envie de chier... tu prends des musiques tu fais rien dessus.

sinon sympa les frags
decent frags that is why i rated the movie so good the rest was nothing special
was good except for the overused music
nice, but why isn't hitsound hs...
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