Codec x264 Filesize 609.00 MiB Length 1551
Video available for download only

Lucky Unskillness *reupp*

Lucky Unskillness

Length: 15:51 min
Size: 609 MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Framerate: 30
Codec: x264
Starring: c0bra
Editing: c0bra

Software used:
Adobe Media Encoder CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Enemy Territory
Seismovision 3
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0

Music used:
Bullet for my Valentine - End of Days
Bullet for my Valentine - Last to know
Machinae Supremacy - Gimme more (SID)
Marilyn Manson - Resident Evil Main Theme
Rise Against - Entertainment
Sonic Syndicate - Jack of Diamonds

Well, it's my first fragmovie I've ever made and I'm no prefessional moviemaker, so please aren't so severe with me (and my english -.-). There is no special editing like camflys or something else and no highskilled frags against high +++ enemies. It was just a project for me to collect all "good" frags from me in the last 2 years in a "little" movie, so it's like a fraghistory.

Beyond my inexperience, I've got heavy problems with my video editing software or better the internal encoding program called "Adobe Media Encoder CS4", so better don't use it ... or at least not with Windows XP, dunno it's running firmer on Vista or something else.

Well, all in all it's not perfect, but it's made by myself and I'm a little bit proud about it, so if you want
to watch it ...

Have Fun ;)

1. I know there is a creapy green tinge in this movie ... it looks better in the Adobe Premiere Preview -.-

2. Yes I know that I used overused music ;)

Thx to all, next will be better ;) ...
i dont get it

if you know that u will make it better in the next movie , why you dont make it at the start better
after movie is ready all effect maybe dont fit in or dont appear as planned... its huge work to remake it.
yea ofc i know that endeffect but ah nvm :D

just fail ^^

still jumping?
not really no.. sometimes for fun.. not searcing for anything new tho =X
pmcg lulz !
- music
- config

- Config isn't really good
- Needed hitsounds
- Some frag popups come up a bit slow
- Rewinding 1hs frags?

Decent 1st try
I've rewinded it because of the ugly hitboxes ... x)
thx 4 reup ;)
Only for you <3 :D
CONTENT is nice
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