Codec x264 Filesize 302.00 MiB Length 458
Video available for download only

NuggaN the MinimoviE

removed crazy sharpen effect and reuploaded stream

Creator: Korea, Republic of ReMinD

Starring: Sweden NuggaN

BGM: Wolfgang Gartner - Fire Power (Original Mix)

Track 1 : hitsounds included
Track 2 : no hitsounds included

just an ordinary ET movie 2

Special Thanks to Sweden jocke

*edit: I know most people just watch the stream but the quality of stream is extremely bad so i highly recommend u all to download and watch this movie if you are patient enough. if you do, sharpen effect wouldnt hurt your eyes. thx

*edit2: thanks to Slarto for providing another mirror
the sharp effect killed the whole movie... Horrible :S
its uber bad encoded, and the same "effect" during the whole movie makes it booring :f
on the stream, true. didnt expect this would be happened.
trye that :|
how many hs in the entire movie ? D:
No stream available .

I liked it.
best frags I have ever seen!

slowmo ruined some frags, they may fit to some filus-movies with 2hs per frag-scene but not certainly here
nice frags, shit quality, shit music, editing was ok
NuggaN <33
Much headshots much sharpen
NuggaN din fuskarN
nice frags!
this is the whole movie.

didnt rly liked the thinks you mentioned though.
great frags;)
nice frags
nice config/editing
ok music

but unwatchable bullshit with all the timescale crap and the random hitsounds
does mirror 2 have hitsounds?

edit: dl'd cause stream quality was shit, pretty awesome movie imo

edit: thanks for dling. it wouldnt hurt your eyes but somehow quality of the stream isnt that good. :(
BGM: Wolfgang Gartner - Fire Power (Original Mix)
only frag in this movie is at 2:42
slowmo sync could of been better / more detailed at times, yeah it's hard with ET's firerate but not impossible

overall i enjoyed it i guess
i assume that those frags are nice but when it comes to editing n stuff, nothing special. couldnt edit some details cuz I'm running out of time. :(

anyway glad you enjoyed it.
good job :)
guys, if the quality of the stream is bugging you, take some time and download it instead.. it's way more smooth and good looking =)
Get some better mirrors.. I uploaded it here but I have no idea how long this ftp will exist

Too high framerate. Far too much I get pixelated and twitching video. :( Guess I have to fuck it up with re-encoding myself or watch the stream.
nice one nugganility ;) i was about to make one also but well....... my pc blewwwww ;(
Nice NuggaN great fragger not to mention he is one of the best strafers
Enjoyed gg
soft and efficient editing with an interesting music choice, maybe a little more sync and faster action could give a better result.
Colors were ok just disturbing at some moment.
Good quality but the file size justify it.
Content was average.

Waiting for your next project.

ps :Why didn't you made a single mp4 file with the hitsounds and no hitsounds tracks in it (like chapter 3) ?
no more project for me though. :p
why not ? :/
going to army very soon
too bad :(
hf @ army
Quoteps :Why didn't you made a single mp4 file with the hitsounds and no hitsounds tracks in it (like chapter 3) ?

maybe that 'stream 1,2' things made you confused. it has 2 tracks, I mean I did just like mAx chapter 3. in track 1, hitsounds are included. in track 2, no hitsounds. that was what i meant but it seems some people think Mirror 1 = hitsounds version and Mirror 2 = no hitsounds version. :s

and well, i can only hope it wouldnt be a waste of 2 years. but thanks. :]
Ye I did that mistake, but I still can't switch between the 2 tracks on your movie despite I can on chapter 3 ;P
sick fragz allstars nuggan<3
too loud ingame sounds
looked ugly @ stream
nice frags
too much slowmouououou
I think the music is awesome, I love that song.
The stream quality did look shit, but its much better when downloaded.
Frags are awesome.
And also, this movie would be kinda useless without the hitsounds :X
yeah, i know. maybe I just wanted to put another track in the movie xD
to many slowmotions,
liked the fact that you didnt sync the movie so much, some ppl just do it so much these days that it kinda ruins the frags, good frags btw , good quality after the download

overall: snyggt!
i enjoyed it, n1
Some nice ideas.

Way too much sharpen though (I downloaded the movie btw). It fucks up the text and makes lots of jagged edges.
nice mini movie remind enjoyed it! all the best <3
quality was worse than cancer
i dont like this kind of frags
awful quality ... sometimes it even hurts in your eyes.

frags were nice, plenty of headshots, but just random frags ...

musik ... matter of taste.
makes me wonder what do you mean by random frags
random frags = frags without real result ... not like in Zaigon ... they had an result.
well then 85% of movies do have useless frags
makes me wonder what do you mean by 'an result'
A cool fragmovie for me is = cool frags cause dyna defusing or obj capturing ...
d&b is now famous! nice movie
nice movie :)
really enjoyed it nice one

but somehow the hitsounds could be better ( i guess you know what i mean :P its a bit to loud ) and maybe without sharp next time

but it's still sick, nice editing and nice hitsound sync :D
fuck I got pistol ownd :(
Nice. Music and tetsuo getting owned makes it great alone, let alone the rest of the stuff!
:DD <3. You know you got blazed!
had to see it before i believed it :( dont think ive been owned that hard by someone else lol
Thats because you are the almighty tetsuo!
i dont like u nuggan, u keep fragging me in ur movie
mirror 3 is the no sharpen dL link?
Wow, didn't see this until today, really nicely made! :D

sup with the laptop?
Oh, my fan broke for some reason, and every time I played ET it would get really noisy. After I sent it to Apple for repairs they called me and told me they broke some optical cable or something. So now they have to order the parts so the repair is delayed for a few days.

No ET for more than a week now. >_<
amazing aim, as always.

didnt like the sync, but i liked the movie. gj
wow, despite the cool frags, the editing was just fucking awesome! why do all ther great editors come from Korea? loved it, but hated the dark pictures in the stream ...
I downloaded it. I found it interesting, different from normal movies

+ Timescale effects in some parts
+ Colors (maybe you use too much green but it's not that bad)
+m blur

- (megaupload link) Too much sharpen, sorry
- Time effects in some frags are boring.
- Short :< (i know its not ur fault but)

overall i think 9\10
well, I removed sharpen and reuploaded to stream but not to any other sites. I thought it just looks ok if you download it. even though you can still see some jagged edge or something.
I know this sounds counter productive and "trolly" but I won't watch the movie unless there's a stream, sorry.
actually, there is a stream.
Hmm, clicking stream above says "No stream available."

Do you have an alternative link?
Aha, ok, thanks!
More of this please!
btw whats this song?
looks like Justice. Any help plox?
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