Codec X264 Filesize 731.00 MiB Length 1237

Chmpp - No Place To Hide

Title: No Place To Hide
Starring: Chmpp
Produced And Directed By blitZ
Type: Frag Movie
Duration: 12:37
File Size:722 MB (58 MB Per Minute)
Video Codec: MPEG-4 Part 14 (.Mp4)
Audio Codec: MPEG Layer-3 256 Kbps
Encoder: x264
Frame Rate: 33.33 FPS
Resolution: 1280x720
Release Date: 25/10/2009

My story:

after i released Crod's movie, i decided to make another big project, and someone pointed me to Chmpp.
I Know him as an amazing oldschool player, so i jumped on the opportunity.
So, it was around 4-5 Months ago, i started the project, but i took a 2 months break in vication time because of reallife issues
after it i came back and i started working on it again.
I got a few problems in the middle because of the break, such as program updates which forced me to change things and stuff so,
Im realy sorry for all the little mistakes i made over there and i found some after the rendering.
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy watching the oldschool frags afterall and please comment about the good/bad things you found out there
so ill can do better next time
Thanks chmpp for giving me some great demos :)
Sorry for my bad english


>seth0s< (Sorry forgot you inmovie):

Program Used:

Enemy Territory 2.60B + UVMod
Vegas Movie Studio Platinium 9.0
Camtrace 3D
Photoshop CS4 Extended

Stampede (Australia Soundtrack)
Amon Tobim - Always (21 OST)
Matrix Reloaded - Freeway Chase
Klaas - The Way (Hype Mix)
Kick It - (Pes 2008 Trailer)


After watching the final movie, i've noticed a few bugs/mistakes, and i already got some ideas to make the next movie better

* Some intro text @ Karsaih is missing
* Some maps such as Battery are overbrighted, ill have to work on my CFG
* When its overbright, its hard to read the pop ups
* Some sync mistakes
* Outro isnt so interesting

So, well, im sorry and please write me a comment about what do you think that i have to fix/change/add in my movie, i really want to skill up :)

Thanks for watching!

EDIT: Own3d is abit laggy, atlist for me

Uploading the movie for 2 different download sources, own3D Only till later tonight

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My Movie Config: Movie Config: http://rapidshare.com/files/298204172/autoexec.cfg.html

Next projects: Adeto + blitZ Mini Movie + TBA
Boring, ugly pupaps, quality kinda OK.

chmmp LoL

bet its fail!
chmpp instant win :P
cool size
Download link please.
I can mirror, np.
it will be great :) ill contact you soon
Megaupload link is up, if u can add HTTP source it will be great
poor moviemakers, they always have rl issues or broken hdds/pcs :[

edit: what a shitty movie, feel sorry for chmpp :D
Except Ensam Fraps Productions

most reliable moviemaker around
its quiet funny, ye
Good frags but everything else sucked, was there even any sync? :S
next time give just the demos (cut them with mediamanager) and upload them, thx
i swear to god if i see one more fucking movie where cams end before the scene i'm never watching any ET movies again
What about the whole airstrikes?
you either keep the cam moving or if you really need to, smooth out the stop so it's not sudden
Well, that's a nice point thx
Amen to that.
im not a moviemaker but noticed dat shit too!
bit weird to swear to someone who is made up..
Take this in account for next time imo:
Useless storyline.
Random, useless cams and some are badly executed.
Hardly no sync except panzershots.
Only-white popups suck (and they seemed to randomly disappear).
The music was just random. The overall soundtrack felt like some heterogeneous mix.
So I didn't really enjoy, and it's a shame because frags were good.
QuoteChmpp - No Place To Hide

are you saying that chmpp uses wallhack?
some cams were really shit like going into the wall at battery?
and the 1 at adler where he go's with the doc was very useless:p

- music wasn't good
- hitsounds part
- story :p
- demo still running couple seconds after what makes it boring because you think there will come more frags but it just stops

+ good quality
+ good frags
The intro was strange and bit boring, also some strange parts were a bit boring like a medic jumping with docs in adler, didn't get the point of that scene. Sometimes the hitsounds sounded buggy (at least in the radar scene vs jaka n other nabs)

Frags were pretty nice and because of them I give kinda high marks although there could have been better editing for these :/

Btw, The outro was good.

Intro was useless 'n' boring, colors was too bright, especially sky and bright areas @ karsiah etc. Dont like the music. Anyway 5/10.
Didn't like 1st section, 2nd was ok, 3rd was good
Needed more hitsounds
Frag popups were a bit small
Karsiah text at start was just pointless, some cams were just random, adler docs & radar were pointless since he didn't "do" anything with them

Liked the frags and nice taking song from PES 2008 at end :o)
thx for the comment

Well, i can understand you about the adler cam, just had to do smth with this shitty music part, but the radar one was good enought IMO

Popups will be bigger next time indeed

Thx for writing it as advices unlike the others :)

btw about the hitsounds, it supposed to be a fieldop movie, and i add SMG panzers and rifles so, SMG isnt the main idea over here
still, hitsounds make movies more alive unless the music used really fits well with no hitsounds but in your case it didn't
i dont understand - is there such a thing as a guideline for fieldop movies? they dont allow hitsounds?
Hitsounds for airstrikes? i dont get it
???? No obviously... !?!? Hitsounds for the smg frags that dont have hitsounds
I see my name in shoutout list, wohooo, well done with movie!
No offence to anyone, but i like frags, colours were too bright imo and i couldnt really see ppl he was killing, but maybe im blind :-)
your not, I couldn't either :o)
Well done blitz :) you can see you put much effort in the movie <3 tnx for shoutout!
nice movie + nice frags
Quality is too oversaturated and glowy.
Can't see the popups at all. Also the last kill he made seems to go on top while it should be on bottom.
Cams stopped before scene ended and hardly followed the scene.
Storyline was useless.
No sync?
Music didn't fit.

Frags were good although some 1 man frags could've left out.
kinda boring :/ wtf at popups ;d
Too glowy and i didnt see anything from popups
Some strange scenes
Music little bit strange and no hitsounds

Frags were good
Intro and outro was imo good
Clear texts
Good idea

Keep up the good work and gl for next project

10/10 for the content
rifle frags, strike frags, smg frags, panzer frags, frags frags!
Needed Fixes:

- Reduce size of console text to 1px
- Reduce centre message time to 0.01ms
- Increase brightness, all walls are not eye burning white
- Increase sharpen, how can i see every detail on a rock if sharpen is only on 99%
- Make crosshair less visible

No offence but get the basics right next time :)
this movie just sucked hard...
no sync
the story ... and all that shit
as interesting as baboons asshair!
You put it nicely!
some frags were really good but some others had no business being in a fragmovie, you're a good player anyway chmpp
no business good sir
just dont make any more movies, ok?
cant even see who is getting killed or what is happening. not really good editing. Popus too small and console is too big, no sync etc. I'm sorry mate, but wasnt that good
sometimes u have popups, sometimes only killboard popups (no "u killed xxx"), sometimes no popups at all, sometimes u have crosshair and sometimes not. its too bright and too colorful (for my taste), popups are barely visible and seemed to be kinda "random" (i got feeling that sometimes popup appeared before he actually killed that guy). Kinda boring movie (not rly interesting music combined with almost no editing is movie-killer), those fragz deserved smth much better. Next time bring some consistency into ur movies (popups/crosshair everywhere or nowhere)
I would think twice about making a movie tutorial next. I think you need to try following some existing ones first.
Cant make a good movie when the fragger is a noob
+ old good content
+ some cams are nice
+ no story like i thought there would be after that intro

- bad sync on very syncable songs
- messed up popups
- burned light colors
- bad cutting job on some clips is not ok when you're not syncing
- random useless stuff like taking west radar parts with no follow up, or the camera on adler after they pick up the obj - yeah we know where to bring them, why not show in a few seconds that they captured?
Popups destroy the whole movie.

And there a lots of mistakes with the popups.

3:45 Killed with mp40 (and the popups shows a Thompson)

3:53 Killed with luger (and the popups shows a Thompson)

The are lots of more mistakes.
I don't have much time now to write something, but all i can say is that you got nice frags as expected.. killing the portuguese night brings some nostalgia :))
some great frags, some bad ones

didnt like the editing one bit
I don't know why most of the people say it sucked or it's shit.

well like everyone said popups are to small i must agree to that and that point with the ending cam i must agree aswell & that useless cams (...) but at all it isn't 5/10 it is more 6/10 // 7/10 .

Would like to see some different popups, you should change them at all and maybe change your colors a bit, they are to lighted.

Anyway it was a decent movie like i said, good luck in your next ;)

edit: yeye english :(
Well sure compared to some movies you and your german mates do it's a masterpiece, yet people simply write they didnt enjoy it -> it sucked. Can't see what's wrong with that.
lol you are german aswell!! and i'm still a padawan
we're all just padawan :C
Worst editing ever. Hitsounds on frags where max 1 headshot is shot from backrape. 3-man panzerfausts. RG frags from radar side. Why the fuck would anyone take frags like that into movie? Also what's the deal with slowmotion after every scene?

3 man pf is actually good frag... its not so easy to do it in a pcw... unless youre new wA winghaven, playing pf all the time
i do 3man pf shots all the time and i fucking suck and only play pf when im really bored
We're talking about (P)CWs!
yes i can read
we're talking about ET not rtcw
guess what, i play et aswell
yes [ET]twister
Eurocup, we come!
ET team is amazing &

Kyllä tossa oli enemmän niitä leffaan kelpaavia frägejä kuin sun säälittävällä ja ikuisella OC division uralla, vitun kura.
storyline is what did it for me
got bored after 3 minutes..
watched it till end so must be good

frags are very good, need more hitsounds + less bright so can see texts all the time
rcon stealer????
1st song was nice

also worst clip cutting I've ever seen
I didn't even got a "thank you"? downloading now.. !
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