Codec x264 Filesize 356.00 MiB Length 630
Video available for download only


Short movie of some unused demos I found on my harddisk plus some that I recorded a few weeks ago.

Nothing fancy but I hope you can enjoy it nonetheless!
Release: 21-11-2009
Length: 6:30
File Size: 356 Mb
VideoCodec: x264
AudioCodec: faac
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Resolution: 1280x720
The Proxy - Ready To Watching
The Bloody Beetroots - Fucked From Above 1985
Sound of Stereo - Heads Up!


fucking music gave me a headache
Nice but a bit dark!
- too dark
- offsync hitsounds

+ the appearance of goldrush
+ frags
I'll have to fix the hitsounds and reupload soon, it's kinda bugging me ;p
bit dark nice quality though, would of liked popups and hisounds are a bit off
Pretty nice
- too dark
- sync of the hitsounds
very very good frags, not my type of music though :[
laggy, bad frags, horrible music
lol music
Any ftp ?
online stream = shit quality
I like your movies with that music :_D.
nice movie =)
the music ruined it for me :/
cant imagine anything worse :D
What about the autistic gun position.
nice frags and colours, but u fucked up hitsounds =]
-too dark

+nice frags (as far as i could see :P)
makes me wonder, when you make a movie, you wan't opinions and critics about it, so it should be ace, top notch, best how you can do, you re-watch it like 10 times before uploading

how the fuck could you fuckup the hitsounds then?
lintu movie style
da ne pizdi:D jabqlmolodiglup
you still are
Well it's more like I start making a movie with good will, but after a while it gets annoying and I want to rush things / dont really care anymore ;P
megaupload or gtfo
ERROR: 404, Page not found.
Tried to fix hitsounds as good as possible, some where pretty much impossible dunno what the problem was but its close enough
Rather have no hitsounds then unsynced hitsounds :[

overall good movie :)
awesome music
Good frags, cfg and music

Hitsounds stilll seem quite badly off though.
wat de fuck is dat voor muziek :DDDD

Good frags & musics ;) (fuck off with your metal)

Pretty nice cfg too
i liked the previous movies, but this was just too many frags where you caught the opponent off guard with prefire/camp/rape. Rest wasnt too bad, leftover frags should have stayed leftover :p
You start going to clubs right ?
That frag vs H2k was just boring:D:DD

further some good frags, and shit quality ( new image )
hitsounds are fucked in the 2nd half
Awesome Jo0f
hitsounds are great
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