Codec x264 Filesize 465.00 MiB Length 753

blitZ + Adeto

Just a movie i made for both of us, not against top team, but i hope you'll enjoy watching

I Realy fucked up the movie this time with the fps/slowmotion mistake, hope you'll be able to "ignore" the lagging, sorry.

Madboojah - Under A Scottish Skirt
Eminem feat Nate Dogg - Till I Collapse
Chariot Of Fire





Program Used:

Enemy Territory 2.60B + UVMod
Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
Camtrace 3D
Photoshop CS4 Extended
awesome intro shit first song and why not recording with uvmoviemod?

awesome qualy, as always. slowmotion was bad, didnt liked the colors
Intro is very very cool :)
Quali is awesome

Last 2 actions also great^^
+ some frags
+ epic INTRO

- hitsounds
- some amazing camtrace

Intro was ok, 1st song is shit, don't get why you put random hs with k43/garand with no kills, quality is nice, decent movie
well, i like to watch random/funny hs parts, maybe it was unnecessary :\
well I have moments of getting 5-10hs on a group of 4 but don't get the kills, I wouldn't put it in a movie
this part wasnt about the fragging, it was about the lucky HSs
Why release if something's fucked? Couldn't you just fix it?
i saw the problem only after i made half of the movie, i preferred to release the movie with this mistake, ill do better on the next movie
Nice one , lol'd at radar.
I liked the intro but you still make the same mistakes as before.

Oversaturated colors and too dark
Most cams end before scene ends
Lack of sync
i changed the quality, i like that darkness.. maybe i still have to work on it, i did better with the cam part this time :| atlist i tried.. and about the sync, well, u cant compare it to chmpp's eventhought im not saying its perfect, maybe i still have to work harder on it
Just make cams generally longer. Even if the scene ended, just add another 2/3 second of cam behind it. That way you can always fade em out without ending.

There was a small bit of sync with the screenshots and some grenades but just try spending some more time to it.
im in the movie:D
i didn't like it. some scenes seemed to be over edited. some not edited enough. didn't like the music and the slow motion seemed weird. frags weren't that great either.

i liked your colors though!
ye, that lag was a bit annoying but it was watchable :P

kapaa 2 @ radar
thought same :D
really impressive blitz, especially the part until "rainbow production" therefore I shall forgive your absense yesterday.
omg adeto
............. sux! and again, no shoutout for mehhhhh
radar was nice :D
well nice adeto!
nice movie!
Ja to wylaczylem po minucie :P
Well done!
rofl'd at 2:27 :D .. gg blitz!
shout outs for haste but not for me? : <

e: downloading at the moment, will comment on later : )

The first song was utter shit, more over the file size was pretty big. Another thing I didn't like, was that it was by far too dark. Mostly, I have to agree with the opinions of others. Pretty disappointing having in mind that you've put a lot effort into the quality.

Keep improving, good luck with your next movie : )
nice, you should make my movie someday
Got to be honest :)

Everyone says Max and fredd and co. are the best moviemakers so far but for me you're getting better and better each day. And some day you'll get better than them without any doubts even tho you made those stupid mistakes!

Keep it up!
Think you misread what i wrote.
What are you trying to say?
intro was fuckin nice!
loled at radar!
realy nice movie, also because its different compared to the rest

Big thanks to blitZ for making this movie in such a short time, I see alot of good replies :)

GG blitZ <3
QuoteEminem feat Nate Dogg - Till I Collapse

you fucked up the song -.-
lagging cams, sync was shit :D bad frags imo, didnt like the config, too much cutscenes etc.
intro was nice but destiny has shown it already to me :D
not bad only missed a shoutout :O

but ye first song was kinda shit

but overall was atleast 7.5/10
ouu ye :[

nice intro
nice movie + realy funny actions

cheers eujen
tnx dude :)

Really looking forward to your movie! ^^

I'm going to make a movie myself soon, so give me inspiration :D
hahhha will be amazing :) luck/ skil/l brain all together in 1 movie!!!!!!
haahhhahah i would call this luck if i would do this 1/50 games but not every 20th game this is skill then :) <3
without a doubt the best intro i've seen so far
+1 for intro
<3 adeto and blitz
It was watchable :)
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