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Setup's minimovie


2nd movie made by spaki.

I hope you enjoy it.
rly nice movie and nice frags. setup <3
not so stolen music and not so stolen ideas

music is in half of cod4 movies and i guess in few ET movies(? can't remember the name/s) + revive thingie is in team-parodia movie (Jafo's revive spree on b4 with pistol covering), so yeah, quite original you are


intro was ok, bit ugly text
some transitions were nice
quality etc blabla gud
CS-like hud is gay
Material wasn't so good (2man PF wtf?:D, to setup: i know you saved the plant but it aint movie material) some sprees were good (since i count 3 man as good)

6.5/10 max
Idk that someone else used that..
you don't , but viewers do.
WoW, I didn't know.

Oh wait, you want moviemakers to view all fragmovies from every game scene before making a movie?
yeah, not every, a respectful moviemaker understands that using overused music will cause a huge whine after, so kinda yeah, you have to be atleast a lil-bit into the scene LOL.
Primal instinct and and Parodia Magnifica are 2 of the most popular ET movies and you say that you haven´t seen them.
I like it!
+Nice Music
+Some Frags

-Inject Idea was allready used
-i wanna take this avemaria version :P
btw what you know about quality ?:(
Nice one.

+ creativity
+ quality
- music (over used)
+ cool frags

keep going ;)
nice movie well done
need ftp mirror
Nice, It was a long time ago I was actually enjoyed watching a fragmovie.
this movie sucks
HQ demo + mp3 with copilot essence, thx god its so short...
next time use 16/32 bit color ramps, thx
I see, somebody likes Lun4t1C - Primal Instinct! (not being arrogant)

But what the fuck? Seriously :-d
ye that was the one (music) :D
where's my primal instinct movie :( i own him =(
kinda weak frags

otherwise decent movie :)
Nice setup! thx for the shoutout ofc <3
Really nice quality, random camtrace at start, ok music, frags were ok, you have better frags than 2man panz setup :o)

Nice movie
Sorry but you're not very good and you wallhack.
Pop Ups ????????

image: unbenanntss
sup with popups?
setup cant count, 2+2 aint 5!
no shit ! :(
You Killed european39.6fever Kelli & europeanelite Kelli ...
PROULDY PRESENT?? nice one moviemaker

wd setup, gl
tnx vila :)
first was better ;'(
it was a nice movie
tnx petit frére
shotout to mav aswell fucking prick.
oh noes u killed Sweden eC4/WoWplayah :(
true dat. ;p
thans to everyone who have watched my movie, a big kiss for my buddie list. ;p
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