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warholic the movie 2


Creator: Korea, Republic of ReMinD
intro by Korea, Republic of nawi


Korea, Republic of ReMinD
Korea, Republic of ponte
Korea, Republic of rev0c
Korea, Republic of fRust
Korea, Republic of miguel

My first fragmovie
had been released @ July 22, 2009
Very good quality & frags

Good Job ;)
nice criss angel music man :D

5.32 : aweSome frag-scene. :)
Didn't expect evil girly music in korean fragmovie , but oh well, well done.
I got to be honest this is perhaps one of the best made ET movies of all time.
this second song is from justice, right?

well, about the video, wasnt too bad. good quality (at least i think it is, the stream was shit) some good frags, nice sync, good colors.
but: it seemed to me like all the frags are made vs. 5 teams max, they appear again and again.
nice work and frags
Always a pleasure to watch your frag vids. :D
Liked it, nice colors nice music, too bad for stream quality
how many frags of include opponents were in the movie :p
i dont care about it. i just dont wanna use the frags vs low teams :d
I enjoyed it
Korea, Republic of ponte <3

Very good movie, thanks for the repost :-)
nice movie, good quality, only braundorf was a little to dark imo :)
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